1. Politely request that the Regulatory Representative provide you with proper identification and ask them what they intend to inspect.
  2. Contact the following departments/individuals notifying them that  an unannounced inspector is on premise to conduct an inspection.  If these individuals are not available, please leave a message for each with the information listed in 2b:
    1. Contact:
      1. Department Head
      2. Departmental Safety Coordinator
      3. Safety and Risk Management (x7870)
    2. Leave Messages with:
      1. Your Name
      2. Your Phone Number
      3. Inspector’s Name
      4. Inspector’s Employer (Organization Name)
      5. What will be inspected
      6. The current time
  3. If one or more of the above individuals can participate in a timely fashion, try to wait with the representative in an indoor waiting location, offering them available beverages and restroom until the other parties have arrived.
  4. If none of the above individuals are available, find at least 1 other MSU employee to accompany you and the inspector (Minimum of 2 MSU employees shall be present for inspections).
  5. Conduct a pre-inspection discussion, documenting:
    1. The reason for the unannounced inspection (complaint, observed problems, or just random).
    2. The work areas to be inspected.
    3. Any specific materials, operations, or equipment to be targeted.
    4. The expected amount of time the inspector would like to spend on site.
    5. Request the inspector provide an estimated time within which the inspector's report will be made available.
    6. Take good notes of the areas and operations inspected, making note of any specific concerns or comments expressed by the inspector.
    7. If they will need any specific documentation from MSU.
  6. Contact Safety and Risk Management (unless they were present for the inspection – x7870) after the inspection to convey all notes and inspector requests.

Regulatory agencies that may conduct inspections, either announced or unannounced include, but are not necessarily limited to the following agencies:

  1. Montana Department of Environmental Quality
  2. Montana Department of Labor and Industry – Safety Bureau
  3. Montana State Fire Marshal
  4. Bozeman Fire Department
  5. U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  6. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  7. Bozeman Utilities – Water and Sewer Dept.