MSU Optional Full Coverage Auto

This form is used to request comprehensive/collision auto insurance coverage for your department's vehicle, or to report informational changes for vehicles already covered. Complete one form for each vehicle.

Certificate of Insurance/ Accident Report Form

This form contains guidelines about what information to collect and what to say and do at the accident scene. This form should be carried in the glove box as it also includes a Certificate of Insurance for Auto Liability.

Automobile Program

What you need to know

IMPORTANT: Please rent all vehicles with MSU Credit Card (P-Card), this will provide additional insurance on the rental vehicle.

Were you aware... that when you drive any MSU or State of Montana owned, rented, leased or borrowed motor vehicle the vehicle is covered by liability insurance with liability limits of $750,000 per claimant and $1,500,000 per occurrence. This coverage provides protection to the motor vehicle operator and the University for claims filed by third parties for property damage and personal injury arising out of use of the MSU or State motor vehicles. Most generally, State owned and MSU vehicles are not insured for physical damage (comprehensive and collision) to the vehicle. Any damage sustained by the MSU vehicle is the responsibility of the department owning the vehicle. Exceptions to this are MSU Motor Pool vehicles in which case the department renting the vehicle assumes the first $250.00 and the Motor Pool assumes the balance.

In some circumstances however, comprehensive and collision coverage can be provided for MSU vehicles. Leased, loaned, or vehicles purchased via grant funds in which comprehensive and collision coverage is required by the granting entity are some examples when this optional coverage is obtained. In these cases the departments are billed annually for this optional coverage. The current cost of comprehensive and collision coverage is approximately three percent of the vehicle’s market value. Some departments also opt to carry this coverage on University owned vehicles due to the excessive financial hardship major repairs or vehicle replacement would pose upon their program budgets. This optional coverage, administered by Safety and Risk Management, may not be provided for older vehicles or vehicles which have a market value of less than $10,000.

If you rent a vehicle while on University business, you should not purchase the optional motor vehicle coverage offered by the vehicle renting agency. This most generally is in the form of a “collision or loss damage waiver”. In these instances however, you should always make sure that “Montana State University” appears on the rental contract. The recommended way to do this is to sign your name and include “for Montana State University” on the signatory line.  By doing so, your department can pay for or reimburse you for the rental fees and is liable for the physical damage deductible of $250. You will not however, be eligible for mileage reimbursement for the business use of the rental vehiclePlease see the Facilities Services website for more informational on rental vehicles and rates.

When you travel on business, use your own personal vehicle and are eligible for mileage reimbursement, your personal automobile insurance coverage is the primary automobile insurance coverage. The University’s automobile coverage is secondary and will provide excess automobile liability coverage in the event of third party claims. No comprehensive or collision coverage is provided for your personal auto by the University’s insurance. Also, keep in mind that if you regularly use your personal auto for business use you may be required by your insurance company to obtain a “business use endorsement” to your personal auto insurance policy. This additional coverage may prevent you from being canceled by your auto insurer should you become involved in an accident while using your personal automobile for University business.

For additional information concerning automobile insurance call the Safety and Risk Management, Insurance Coordinator at 994-7870.

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