As a state agency, equipment owned by Montana State University is covered for insurance under the state of Montana Tort Claims Act. In order to assure that our assets are properly insured, they must be accurately reported to the state Risk Management & Tort Defense Division.

Prior to transporting or shipping MSU-owned equipment, email the following information to


MSU department: 

Type of equipment: 



serial number: 

Approximate value: 

When is it being shipped: 

Where is it being shipped: 

Which shipping carrier will be used:


The state also asks that the equipment is packaged by appropriate personnel who are familiar with it to make sure it’s handled properly. Our property insurance provides coverage for shipping items up to $25M but does not apply to shipments with the United States Postal Service.

Please answer the above questions even if the equipment will be traveling with you rather than a shipping carrier. In that case, you should take documentation with you stating that your group may take that specific equipment out of the country and bring it back in. Some countries are particular about the movement of property and equipment in and out of their jurisdiction. If the property was not returned to the U.S., especially if it is confiscated or retained by a foreign government, insurance coverage to replace would not apply.

University policy with regard to removal of MSU-owned property from the premises can be found in the University Business Services Property Management Manual at, specifically the 7th paragraph in the Introduction. The form that must be completed and filed with MSU Property Management is linked in the Appendices, and here: Form 1055 Equipment Off Campus Form.  Remember to notify MSU Property Management when the property/equipment is returned. This form should suffice for your taking MSU property out of the country, and per policy, anytime equipment is taken off MSU premises.