Montana State University




Staff Senate Meeting Agenda
Wednesday, September 17, 2014
9:00 – 11:00 a.m.
SUB 233

Andrew Board Ron Brekke Dave Court Ariel Donohue Diane Dorgan Marie Doubrava Jacob Hahn
Deb Harrison Keely Holmes Neil Jorgensen Kerri Marx Wendy McCarty Merry Paceley Roy Pino
Joe Robbins Amy Sadosky Tracy Simonson Sylvia Sparkman Justin van Almelo Bill Van Horn Deb Wilke
Shana Wold            

  1. Call to Order, Additions or Corrections to the Agenda
  2. Approval of Minutes of August 20, 2014
  3. Guest Speaker - Marci Torres, Director of Health Promotions, topic: Alcohol & Sexual Assault Prevention
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Association of Shared Governance Leaders – Staff Senate Chair
    2. Budget Council – Dave Court
    3. Campus Sustainability Advisory Council – Vacant
    4. Facilities Services Advisory – Justin van Almelo
    5. MSU Benefits & IUBC – Ron Brekke, Kerri Marx, and Tracy Simonson
    6. Outreach & Engagement Council – Diane Dorgan
    7. Parking & Transportation Advisory – Jacob Hahn
    8. Planning Council –Keely Holmes
    9. President’s Commission on the Status of University Women – Sylvia Sparkman
    10. Recreational Sports and Fitness Advisory Board – Marie Doubrava
    11. Space Management – Bill Van Horn
    12. University Facilities Planning Board – Neil Jorgensen
    13. University Council – Staff Senate Chair
    14. Other Committee reports
      1. College of Engineering Expansion (Norm Asbjornson Innovation Center) Parking Garage Sub-Committee - Deb Wilke
      2. (NAIC) Presentation Hall Sub-Committee - Rita Larby
  5. Old Business
    1. Years of Service – Shana Wold, Dave Court, Kerri Marx, and Joan Ford
  6. New Business
    1. Staff Involvement on Dean/Dept. Head Reviews – Shana Wold
  7. Information Items
    1. Guest Speaker – Tom Stump, Director Auxiliary Services, 11/19 Senate meeting presentation on the  New Freshman Housing Complex
  8. Updates and Other Business

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, October 15, Reid Hall room 415