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Internationalization Laboratory Committee Reports

On 12/23/2011 International Programs Committee was renamed Internationalization Laboratory Committee . For years prior to FY05, please see Staff Senate meeting Minutes.

January 31, 2012, MSU Internationalization Laboratory, Committee Structure,

Internationalization Laboratory Committee (aka International Programs Committee)
• Fulfill Internationalization Laboratory Charge from Provost
• Supervise work of IL project Working Groups
Members: Robert Marley (Engin), Chair; Norm Peterson (OIP), Vice Chair; Susan Benne (OIP); Matt Caires (Stud); Deidre Combs (OIP); Debra DeBode (OIP); Troy Duker (ASMSU); Carl Fox (Grad Ed); Marty Frick (Ag Ed); Patricia Ingraham (Ed); Bridget Kevane (Mod Lang); Elizabeth Kinion (Nurs); Myleen Leary (Bus); Jo Packham (HR); John Paxton (Engin); Janelle Rasmussen (OIP); Jim Rimpau (Plan & Anal); Yvonne Rudman (OIP); David Singel (Prov); Mark Skidmore (Ear Sci); Doug Steele (Ext); Karen Steele (Univ Stud); Paul Stoy (LRES); Estela Villasenor (Fin Aid); Greg Young (Mus).

Goals and Learning Outcomes Task Force
• Develop overall goals for MSU internationalization
• Develop specific international learning outcomes for MSU students
Members: Greg Young (Music), Chair; Carina Beck (Stu Emp); Brenna Boyd (OIP); Deidre Combs (OIP); Makiko Diehl (OIP); Troy Duker (ASMSU); Ada Giusti (Mod Lang); Patricia Ingraham (HH&D); Paul LaChapelle (Pol Sci); Janelle Rasmussen (OIP); Bob Rydell (Hist); Mark Skidmore (Geo); Karen Steele (NSE); Estela Villasenor (Sen).

Activity and Budget Review Task Force
• Collect existing data regarding international dimensions of MSU
• Identify additional needed data for IL and conduct necessary survey activities
• Collect budget data and develop cost/benefit analysis
Members: Jo Packham (HR), Chair; Debra DeBode (OIP); Susan Benne (OIP); Bridget Kevane (Mod Lang); Elizabeth Kinion (Nurs); John Paxton (Engin); Jim Rimpau (Plan & Anal).
Action Plan Task Force
• Develop detailed Action Plan to attain international goals and achieve learning outcomes
Members: Marty Frick (Ag), Chair, others to be appointed

Implementation Task Force
• Oversee implementation of Action Plan at MSU
• Maintain relationships with key MSU leadership entities
Members: To be appointed

January 18, 2012, as reported at the Staff Senate meeting. International Programs is taking part in a national program sponsored by the American Council on Education called the Internationalization Laboratory.  Participation in the Lab is to assure that we are providing our students with international skills and knowledge.  And preparing our graduates for the "borderless careers" they will enter.

December 23, 2011, Martha Potvin charged the ILC to develop a strategic plan, see memo at

October 10, 2011, the International Program Committee met per Estela.  The Committee is developing a strategic plan for an internationalization laboratory to integrate service, learning and teaching for our multi-culture environment. 

As reported at the March 16, 2011Staff Senate meeting, International Programs Commitee, as reported by Pam Fraser, the committee is in the process of drafting to certificates.  One for International Engineering and the other for Global Action.

As reported at the April 23, 2010 Staff Senate meeting, International Programs Commitee, as reported by Pam Fraser, the committee is working on issues regarding a declining enrollment by international students, declining resource availability, and enrolled students struggling with the English language.


November 26, 2008 I was unable to attend the meeting, but this is a summary of the minutes that I received.

Norm Peterson updated the committee about some good and bad news. Good things discussed were: new Global Climate Change Class being offered in the Spring. Enrollment of international students is above and beyond what was expected. A sad item was the death of a MSU student studying in Australia.

The Director of Study Abroad search is progressing. 3 candidates have been interviewed. No one has been chosen yet.

Committee members discussed how to connect the OIP with the different colleges of MSU. Some suggestions were: Meet with faculty members at different times throughout the year during the colleges weekly or bi-weekly meeting to discussed OIP matters. OIP needs to know more about the colleges changes in their academic programs.

Members discussed designing a template for the OIP to have that would contain information about the colleges' academic programs that we need to keep current on in the OIP.

The committee discussed the problem with the G.S. Minor, the capstone seminar. There is not enough interest at the moment for a seminar solely dedicated to the G.S. Minor. At this time there are 1-2 students a semester in the capstone class. These students are being put in a capstone class in University Studies. Some suggestions to remedy this were: An OIP staff member could teach the seminar. Students could go to Washington DC for capstone experience.

Lastly, the committee discussed the Internationalization Plan. Members discussed giving the plan a 'refresh'.

Norm Peterson informed the committed about the next meeting on December 16th. The committee with be taking part in an A.C.E. webinar. I will be attending this meeting.

Judy Van Andel reports: The Global Studies Program Review Committee met Wednesday, August 20, 2008. I was appointed to this subcommittee at the February meeting. Marty Frick, Diane Donnelly, Norm Peterson, and I are the members.

Jeff Adams attended to explain the basic procedures of the program review. The report is due to the Commissioner's Office on October 15.

The initial discussions of the tasks led to several topics for review and recommendations.

  • Consideration of giving some credit for CLEP exams toward the minor's credit requirement
  • Review of the number of credits (currently 3) that can count toward both the major and the minor
  • Consideration of a 1 credit senior seminar instead of a 3 credit capstone course which would help to eliminate the problem of limited capacity for independent study courses
  • Consideration of new approaches to meeting the language competency requirements to incorporate minor languages learned in countries such as Croatia or Norway
  • Sharing the list of courses with the Global & Multicultural Studies major in Liberal Studies

The review process could include interviews with student who study abroad but do not apply for the minor.

The final review will be presented to the full International Program Committee for approval.

Assignments will be made via email by Norm Peterson.

The International Program Committee met again on Wednesday, February 27, 2008. The agenda consisted the prioritized actions for IPC for this academic year.

There was an announcement that International Programs has been awarded $1,000,000 for leadership exchanges for Middle East students during the summer for the next three years. This has been a successful program in the past.

The SWOT analysis has begun, but the final analysis is waiting for more completed surveys from the committee and a separate analysis for data from the IP staff.

There was a simple explanation of the MSU reallocation model. After time for questions and answers, the discussion centered on how it might affect IP since it concentrates on FTE (full time equivalent) student calculations which are complex since there are no FTE students in IP! One suggestion was to consider 15 credit hours/ semester for study abroad students to benefit the entire university. We brainstormed ways to reward departments for study abroad participation. There was consensus that other universities might provide some possible policies to review rather than start from scratch.

A subcommittee was formed to review the Global Studies Minor. I will be a member of that committee of four. We will meet before the next IPC meeting.

The final discussion was about ways that IP could participate and receive funding during the coming capital campaign. The first step suggested was that Norm, Director of IP, meet with Connie Talbott. One project might be a teaching/learning center building that would include IP and a global "lounge" with media connections around the world available in several languages.

Discussion of the NAFSA report on institutional management of study abroad was tabled, but members received copies of the report to review. Please contact me if you would like to see this report.

The next meeting is planned for Wednesday, April 2, 11:00 AM.

November 26, 2007
Several new ideas were discussed as possible strategies to consider strengthening the international programs on campus. These included: Look at the impact of OPI recruitment and review the FTE formulas used. Do an inventory of international activities in each college and department. Have the OIP staff do an initial SWAT analysis for the next meeting which would be included external evidence for comparing. Find a mechanism for receiving donations through the MSU capital campaigns. Tie the IPC goals and strategies to the accreditation review two years from now.

These ideas were added to the list of priority activity areas for this academic year. Each member was then assigned to prioritize the list individually before the next meeting to be in January. An advanced draft of the Strategic Plan will also be available at that meeting. I did learn that the Strategic Plan, as a whole, does not need formal approval; only some actions would require approval at other levels. Thus, advocacy activities may be a priority.

October 23, 2007
The International Program Committee met for the first time in this academic year on Tuesday, October 23.

Since some members were new, some time was spent reviewing the IPC Mission and viewing an overview of the functioning of the Office of International Programs. It was very helpful background. Not surprisingly, perhaps, this office, as many offices on campus, has budgeting challenges. What I also learned is that only 16% of their budget comes from the state and does not even cover the salaries.

A review of the MSU Five Year Strategic Vision was included on the agenda, specifically how the IPC work fits into the Vision. This was extremely valuable for helping the committee to see the connection for our efforts.

Finally, we were all assigned to fully read the current draft of the IPC Internationalization Strategy document. The IPC priorities for this academic year can then be set at the next meeting.

May 8, 2007. Judy Van Andel reports:The International Program Committee sub committee to which I was assigned met on May 3, 2007, for about an hour. We were able to complete our task of finalizing the strategies for the internationalization of faculty and staff and the benchmarks for measuring success.

The full International Program Committee to which I am appointed met on May 8, 2007. The committee first was commended for its work. The final draft approval was postponed until fall. Consensus was reached to place the "strategy" before the "benchmark" in the table design.

Norm Peterson presented a draft of an introduction to the Montana State University Internationalization Plan. The members suggested several minor changes but expressed strong satisfaction with the document overall. One change will be to specifically mention "staff" in the rationale!

The detailed plan presented by my sub-committee was reviewed. It was suggested that it be used as a guide for setting benchmarks and for formatting by merging blocks by the other sub-committees!

The entire Office of International Programs staff will be participating in a retreat this summer to review the Montana State University Internationalization Plan. Members of the IPC will be invited to attend.

The IPC will continue to meet regularly this summer since almost no members will be absent for the summer.

April 10, 2007. Judy Van Andel reports: using the goals in the Five Year Vision, the committee continued to work on specific sub goals, benchmarks, and strategies for an MSU "internationalization plan". The format of the document was revised slightly.

I presented a complied list of suggestions for strategies for the II. Faculty and Staff goals and strategies. It was well received and some possible sub-goals categories were suggested.

Two decisions were made. First, the final document should include a clearer time line for implementation of the strategies. It may be useful to define Phases. The need for funding for implementation also needs to be clear in the final document.

The members were assigned to sub-committees to review the correlations of sub goals and strategies for a specific section of the document and to suggest a clearer time line. I will be working with Marty Frick and Mike Beehlers on the Faculty-Staff section. We are to meet before May 1. We were assigned to set a meeting date for the subcommittee and report it to the chairman by the end of the week. I plan to restructure the compiled list before that meeting.

I want to thank all of the CEPAC board members who contributed suggestions and/or comments for the strategies for staff that I presented.

March 19, 2007 The International Programs Committee met March 19. Two documents were considered.

First, as the result of work during the AY 2006-06, the MSU Bozeman Five Year Vision now includes statements about the international program goals for student, faculty and staff, curriculum, and partnership and outreach.

Using the goals in the Five Year Vision, the committee is now working on specific sub goals, benchmarks, and strategies for an MSU "internationalization plan". The document is in a spread sheet format that will also be presented in prose when it is finalized.

A need to get commitment from each college for the plan was discussed.

Most of the time was spent discussing the goal for faculty and staff though it centered mostly on faculty. Options for making more faculty members aware of using the Fulbright program for funding international growth and options for study abroad were presented. A suggestion to consider including international experience as a preference in P and T or in annual reviews was presented.

The committee members were assigned to carefully review all of the strategies, comment, and suggest any new strategies via email to Geraldine before the next meeting within the next month.

Judy Van Andel (the CEPAC-nominated rep) would welcome any suggestions for strategies to involve staff in the internationalization plan.

February 9, 2005 - Ray Byerly reported that the committee has been meeting monthly and, over a period of time, has concluded work to provide a minor in Global Studies. Issues presently being focused on include: core 2.0 diversity requirement, Capstone course, and internationalizing the university. For more information, please visit the International Programs web site at


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