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Staff Senate Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, December 17, 2014
9:00 – 11:00 a.m.
SUB 233

X Andrew Board X Ron Brekke, Benefits X Dave Clark, CSAC X Dave Court, Budget
X Ariel Donohue, Parking Appeals X Diane Dorgan, O&E A Marie Doubrava A Sandra Fiegi
A Jacob Hahn, PTAC X Deb Harrison X Keely Holmes, Planning X Neil Jorgensen, UFPB
X Rita Larby X Kerri Marx, Benefits X Wendy McCarty, Personnel A Merry Paceley, Personnel
X Roy Pino X Joe Robbins X Amy Sadosky, Parking Appeals X Tracy Simonson, Benefits
X Sylvia Sparkman A Justin van Almelo, Facilities X Bill Van Horn, Space A Deb Wilke
A Shana Wold, Marketing            
Attendance Code Key:  X = Attended     A = Apologies for Absence                                                        Staff, Joan Ford, was present.

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  1. Call to Order.  The meeting was called to order by chair, Dave Court.  Section III. Approval of Minutes date was corrected to read November 19, 2014 instead of October 16, 2014.  Guest speakers Tom Stump, Tammie Brown, Chris Peihl, and Andy Allen were present.
  2. Approval of Minutes.  Minutes of November 19, 2014 was approved.
  3. Guest Speakers – Tom Stump, Director Residence Life/University Food Service; Tammie Brown, Chief Housing Officer; Chris Peihl, recent MSU graduate in Mechanical Engineering; and Andy Allen, Facilities Project Manager, made a presentation on the new freshman housing project.  256 freshmen are housed in family and graduate housing because there is not enough space in the current residence halls.  The new residence hall is located west of the Hedges complex and Roskie with easy access to Miller Dining Hall.    Breaking ground in mid-September MSU is in the process of building this co-ed residence hall that will house 400 freshmen students.  The LEED silver design includes double, single, and suite style room layouts. The new building will also include amenities such as resident meeting spaces, collaborative academic work areas, lounge space, a kitchen area, interior and exterior bike storage and a bike maintenance room. The new hall will open for the fall 2016 semester.  To learn more and view the live camera footage select, then under Future Students select New Residence Hall.
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Association of Shared Governance Leaders – Dave Court – met 12/2 representatives from Faculty Senate, Professional Council, Staff Senate and ASMSU discussed parking and a recent survey from parking services.
    2. Budget Council – Dave Court – met 12/16 UPdate MSU groups are working their areas, discussion continued on improving the budgeting process making it more transparent.
    3. Campus Sustainability Advisory Council – Dave Clark– met 11/19 approximately 1,000 pounds of food is being composted.  The compost is usable for non-human contact fertilizer such as hay fields; the Sustainability office is pursuing contractual arrangements.  In order to control pests the compost pile is covered with a foot of soil.  Funding was provided to a MSU graduate student to produce a 2-minute sustainability film to be shown during new student orientation.
    4. Facilities Services Advisory – Justin van Almelo – no update.
    5. MSU Benefits & IUBC – Ron Brekke, Kerri Marx, and Tracy Simonson –Mary Lachenbruch, MUS Associate Director of Benefits, provided written answers to questions raise at last month’s Senate meeting.  Link to the benefits committee reports for details.  Ron noted that the 2014 Wellness Incentive program concludes on 12/31 and the 2015 program will begin on 1/12.
    6. NAIC/CoE Expansion-Parking Subcommittee - Deb Wilke – meeting Friday.
    7. NAIC/CoE Expansion-Presentation Hall Subcommittee - Rita Larby – meeting cancelled.
    8. Outreach & Engagement Council – Diane Dorgan – meeting cancelled.
    9. Parking & Transportation Advisory – Jacob Hahn – no update.
    10. Planning Council – Keely Holmes – met and discussed coordinating the strategic plan and budgeting process, reviewing metrics for Discovery and Stewardship in particular how to incorporate professional development training offer from off-campus providers and how to capture that data into the current metric system.
    11. President’s Commission on the Status of University Women – Sylvia Sparkman –did not meet.
    12. Recreational Sports and Fitness Advisory Board – Marie Doubrava – no update.
    13. Space Management – Bill Van Horn – met 12/5 and toured Romney, building changes are dependent on the passing of HB 5, when the School of Business moves to the Jabs building space, Reid will be occupied mostly by Department of Health and Human Development; and an online space management form is close to being made available.
    14. University Facilities Planning – Neil Jorgensen – met 12/14, discussion included furniture order for Cheever DSEL Lab Space and possible architectural, mechanical and electrical modifications.  UPFB recommendations included:  Modern Languages Bamboo Wall Rack, CAC Collision Spaces Design – Cheever, VisCom, and Howard, and DSEL (Design Sandbox for Engaged Learning).  Information shared:  NAIC Update, chalking on sidewalks, and update on relocation EHHD Performance Labs.
    15. University Council – Staff Senate Chair – met 12/3 new items:  MSU Affiliated Campuses International Travel Policy and Student Code of Conduct.  Approved items  include:  Faculty Staff Waivers and Employee Background Check.
    16. Other Committee reports
  5. Old Business
    1. Staff Involvement in Dean and Department Head Reviews – no update.
    2. Tobacco Free Committee is reconvening and is seeking a representative.  The position will be advertised in January.
  6. Information Items
    1. There will be a MUSSA video conference on Wednesday, 1/7.
    2. There will be a Brown Bag Lunch with President Cruzado, Provost Potvin and V.P. Administration and Finance on Thursday, 1/8 .
  7. Public Comment. 
  8. Motion to Adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 a.m.

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, January 1, SUB 236.