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Staff Senate

Staff Senate Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, April 16, 2014
9:00 – 11:00 a.m.
SUB 168

x Andrew Board x Phyllis Bock x Ron Brekke, Benefits x Dave Court, Budget
x Ariel Donohue, Pres Comm x Diane Dorgan, O&E x Jill Flores, CSAC a Jacob Hahn, PTAC
a Mandy Hansen, UFPB a Deb Harrison x Kerri Marx, Benefits x Wendy McCarty, Personnel
x Linda McDonald x Merry Paceley, Personnel a Roy Pino x Joe Robbins
x Amy Sadosky, Parking Appeals x Sylvia Sparkman x Justin van Almelo, Facilities x Bill Van Horn, Space
x Deb Wilke x Eric Wold, Rec Sports x Shana Wold, Planning & Univ    

Attendance Code Key:  X = Attended     A = Apologies for Absence                                                        Staff, Joan Ford, was present.

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  1. Call to Order.  The meeting was called to order by chair, Shana Wold.  Two corrections to the agenda were made: removing one item under new business and one announcement under information items.  Guest Cathy Hasenpflug, HR was present.
  2. Announcements.  Andrew Board, Painter, will be finishing O.P. Taylor’s term.  Mike Hansen is graduating from MSU and moving to Nevada the opening on Parking Appeals Board will be advertised.  Julie Heard accepted the position of Assistant to the Provost which is a professional classification the opening on MSU Benefits Committee will be advertised.
  3. Approval of Minutes.  Minutes of March 19, 2014 were approved.
  4. Guest Speaker – Cathy Hasenpflug, HR Operations, introduced the Jumpstart program.  The purpose of Jumpstart is to streamline the on-boarding of new employees.  The team identified in-processing items that should be done by HR and those done by departments and have been piloting this new process with Facilities, Auxiliaries, and have begun expansion into other departments.  HR’s goal is to welcome new employees, assure they have all required paper work and forms signed and completed, and answer questions of importance of like how and when they get paid, time off, benefits, etc.  A check list system is started by HR and continued by departments with the intention of having the complete employment package for each new hire in a timely manner. 
  5. Committee Reports
    1. Association of Shared Governance Leaders – Shana Wold – met 4/14, the new ASMSU chair and vice chair talked about their goals for ASMSU in the coming year.  Their theme is “one campus, one community”.  Professional Council is hosting a professional development session on conflict resolution.
    2. Budget Council – Dave Court – met 3/25 discussion included ITC, Athletics and Research and the Council’s elections and membership.
    3. Campus Sustainability Advisory Council – Jill Flores – met 4/9, the month of April is Earth Month, see for a list of events.
    4. Facilities Services Advisory – Justin van Almelo – met, discussion was around the Norm Asbjornson building and concerns coming from the public sessions.
    5. Fitness Center Oversight Committee & Recreation Sports Advisory Board – Eric Wold – no report.
    6. MSU Benefits & IUBC – Ron Brekke and Kerri Marx – highlighted plan changes and noted Choices open enrollment started 4/15 and runs through 5/15.
    7. Outreach & Engagement Council – Diane Dorgan – no update.
    8. Parking & Transportation Advisory – Jacob Hahn – no update. 
    9. Planning Council –Shana Wold – did not meet.
    10. President’s Commission on the Status of University Women – Ariel Donohue – met 3/31 and plan to provide child care during commencement, an ADVANCE program grant is sponsoring services, they will be reviewing MSU policy this coming fall.
    11. Space Management – Bill Van Horn – met 4/4 discussed space in Gaines Hall, the space management policy was approved, working on an annual space audit, the Ad Astra program seems to be working, and the future use of Reid Hall is beginning in anticipation of COB moving into new Jabs building.
    12. University Facilities Planning – Mandy Hansen – no report.
    13. University Council – Staff Senate Chair – met 4/2, new items included Reporting Suspected Legal, Regulatory or Policy Violations Policy and Metric Change Proposals; the Revision of Administrative Fee Policy was approved; and Informational Items included MSU Compliance Hotline and Choices – Employee Benefits Program.
    14. Work Life Integration Task Force – Phyllis Bock – met, Phyllis was unable to attend.
    15. Other Committee reports
  6. Old Business
    1. Years of Service Ceremony – Shana Wold, Dave Court, Kerri Marx, and Joan Ford – met 4/15.  The first ceremony is scheduled for Friday, 10/3 from noon to 3 p.m.  Responsibility for this and future ceremonies will be shared between Staff Senate and Professional Council with HR providing data support.  Kerri agreed to chair the planning of the first ceremony.  The team has scheduled weekly meetings.  Next week the team anticipates getting first crack at the data.  Sylvia and Jill volunteered to assist in planning.
  7. Information Items
    1. Staff Senate elections are underway.  The timeline for the final ballot was extended to seek additional volunteers for the secretarial/clerical group.  In addition to elections, committee turnover will be happening in June or at the being of the academic year.  Senators were asked to encourage co-workers to apply.
    2. Getting to know your fellow Senators
      1. Ron Brekke – grew up in Bozeman attended both High School and MSU.  After serving in the Army he lived out of state until 2003 then moved back to Bozeman.  He began working at MSU in 2004.
      2. Eric Wold – came to MSU in 2000 received his undergraduate and graduate degrees.  He is a student systems specialist supporting all four MSU campuses for the Financial Aid teams, Registrar’s Office, and more.
    3. Next month Andrew Board will speak during the getting to know your fellow Senators section of the agenda.
  8. Motion to Adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 10:45 a.m.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at 9:00 a.m., SUB 236 – rescheduled from May 21