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Staff Senate Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, July 16 2014
9:00 – 11:00 a.m.
Reid Hall 415

X Andrew Board X Ron Brekke, Benefits X Dave Court, Budget X Ariel Donohue, Pres Comm
X Diane Dorgan, O&E A Jill Flores, CSAC A Jacob Hahn, PTAC A Mandy Hansen, UFPB
X Deb Harrison X Kerri Marx, Benefits X Wendy McCarty, Personnel X Linda McDonald
A Merry Paceley, Personnel A Roy Pino X Joe Robbins A Amy Sadosky, Parking Appeals
X Sylvia Sparkman X Justin van Almelo, Facilities A Bill Van Horn, Space X Deb Wilke
A Eric Wold, Rec Sports X Shana Wold, Planning & Univ        

Attendance Code Key:  X = Attended     A = Apologies for Absence                                                        Staff, Joan Ford, was absent..

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  1. Call to Order.  The meeting was called to order by vice chair, Dave Court.  Guest Sandra Fiegi and Rita Larby were present.
  2. Approval of Minutes.  Minutes of June 18, 2014 were approved.
  3. Confirmation of representatives to committees.  Ariel Donohue was approved by Pres. Cruzado on 6/19 to the Parking Appeals Board and confirmed by the Senators.  Sylvia Sparkman was confirmed by Senators the President’s Commission on the Status of University Women Senate.
  4. Committee Reports
    1. Association of Shared Governance Leaders – Shana Wold – did not meet. 
    2. Budget Council – Dave Court – did not meet.
    3. Campus Sustainability Advisory Council – Jill Flores – meeting at same time as Staff Senate.
    4. Facilities Services Advisory – Justin van Almelo – did not meet.
    5. Fitness Center Oversight Committee & Recreation Sports Advisory Board – Eric Wold – did not meet.
    6. MSU Benefits & IUBC – Ron Brekke and Kerri Marx – did not meet.  Wellness launched “Discover Your Own Path to Wellness”.  Sign up to participate in MUS Wellness and earn points towards rewards.  You have until December 31, 2014 to journey through the program levels and earn rewards.  You can earn a Fitbit One, a $250/$500* incentive account contribution, a $50 Amazon Gift Card and be entered into a January 2015 raffle to win one of four $500 REI gift cards.
    7. Outreach & Engagement Council – Diane Dorgan – meet and discussed membership.
    8. Parking & Transportation Advisory – Jacob Hahn – did not meet.
    9. Planning Council –Shana Wold –meet and introduced new Faculty and Professional Council members.
    10. President’s Commission on the Status of University Women – Ariel Donohue – no report.
    11. Space Management – Bill Van Horn – did not meet.
    12. University Facilities Planning – Vacant – did not meet.
    13. University Council – Staff Senate Chair – did not meet.
    14. Other Committee reports
  5. Old Business
    1. Years of Service Ceremony – Shana Wold, Dave Court, Kerri Marx, and Joan Ford – Amber is close to having the data report done.  She is found 40 people with missing campus addresses and updated the criterion for the termination date field.  Need to follow up with Terry on his discussion with the President, next meeting is Wed. July 23 with new YOS task force members and Julie from University Communications to discuss marketing, invitations, booklet, and other marketing materials.  The ceremony is scheduled for Friday, October 3rd in the afternoon. 
  6. New Business.  No new business.
  7. Information Items
    1. New voice message system cut over is July 23.
    2. Committee Openings to be advertised are:  Fitness Center Oversight Committee & Recreation Sports Advisory Board, MSU Benefits & IUBC, Planning Council, and University Facilities Planning.
    3. Outgoing chair, Shana, thanked the Senators for their support and assistance.
  8. Public Comment.  No public comment.
  9. Motion to Adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:52 a.m.

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, August 20, 2014, Wilson Hall, Bradley Conference Room 2-257.