MSU-Bozeman Classified Employees Personnel Advisory Committee Minutes
					August 13, 1997

I.	Old Business-The minutes were approved from previous meeting....

II.	New Business

	A.	Connie Hupka was elected as the new Chairperson..Dawn will remain as the 
		secretary  (if she speeds up on the minutes) and Sheron will remain as 
		the assistant to the Chairperson.

	B.	Committee Vacancy-

		Need a replacement for Mark Cusack (Skilled Crafts).  Vicki Lutz has 
		resigned from the University (Service Maintenance).  Norma was the 
		representitive on the Traffic Appeals... will need to replace. Connie will 
		be discussing this with Colleen.

	C.	LRPB-  on vacation!!

	D.	UFPUB-Connie attended one meeting and Sheron the other...first 
		Connie's update.  Meeting was held discussing the new building to 
		be built..was to be built where Hamilton Hall is but has become too big.  
		Fund raising is going so well the building is growing!  Talked about the 
		new sites for the building:

			-Gaines Hall area
			-Hamilton Hall (too small)
			-Cleveland Street

		Will probably be built on the old Cleveland street (the one with the new 
		grass on it!).  Connie gave more detail on the new building which will 
		include skyways for both animals and humans.  This building has 
		received grant monies from many sources.  Will build the size of the 
		building as the money comes in.  Hamilton Hall will be torn down 
		regardless of whether the new building is placed there...Connie thought 
		it sounded very exciting for the University to have such a building.

		Sheron's update-This meeting was held to discuss the final stages of 
		the tunnel.  Contruction will begin again in the spring ending in Jan of 99.  
		There was discussion on the concerns of tearing up around the sub.  
		Building supers were invited to this meeting to voice their concerns.  
		Deliveries seem to be a big concern.  Sheron told of some of the closures:

			Grant and 11th closed 30 to 60 days
			7th and Grant-minimum.

		Staging will be in the North fieldhouse parking lot. (Hope no one bought 
		parking stickers for this area!)

	E. Parking Committee-No report

	F. Affirmative Action-No report

	G. Benefits Committee-Meeting will be held in September

	H. Employee Wellness-No meeting since May

III. 	Members Concerns

	Patti G. was questioned about the union meetings.  Said there was to be an 
	announcement at the September union meeting.  Carol B. asked about putting 
	the CEPAC minutes on the WEB.  As soon as Dawn has her witts about her the 
	minutes will be delivered in a more timely manner and Carol will see about putting 
	them out on the WEB with the hope that more classified people will have access 
	to them.	

Meeting adjourned.....