MSU-Bozeman Classified Employees Personnel Advisory Committee Minutes
					September 10, 1997

I.	Old Business

	-The minutes from previous meeting were approved.
	-Mark Cusack's replacement is Lloyd Hansen.
	-Vicki Lutz has resigned-can go back to previous group election.
	-Connie has looked for the policy of procedure.
	-Custodians are short staffed but should be represented on CEPAC. Sharon 
		Townsend was suggested (and since accepted the position).
	-Norma T. was representative for traffic appeals.  Darcy shared her experience on 
		the board and said it was  very time consuming.  Jill Allison said she would 
		replace Norma.
	-Carol Bittinger reported that the minutes could be put on the Web if done in a timely 
		manner...secretary will try!!

II.	New Business

	A.	Talked about meeting with Mr. Crofts.  Carol expressed that she was 
		disappointed with the meeting.  John Batson discussed the comparison of the 
		school district and the Board of Regents and finding little difference.  The 
		school board has given their custodians at least $2/hr more.  Board of Regents 
		could do the same.  Connie asked how we as a group could be more pro active. 
		We know people are very unhappy and we are getting alot of complaints but what 
		could we do in a positive way.   Bluette stated she felt paper announcements were 
		not getting to people in time and that not everyone has access to e-mail. Thought 
		we may need to have more building reps at union meetings.  It was also talked 
		about having a CEPAC member go to the Board of Regents meetings.  

		We then held a lengthy discussion on the proposed "merit pay" for the classified 
		people.  I don't think I have to go into big detail on how people feel about this idea.  
		Cathy Conover explained the proposal from her position and how the it went with 
		the other members present on the negotiations team.  She felt the offer was made 
		in good faith to let the people know that the Board of Regents wanted to do 
		something for them.  Basically we either take the offer or go on strike.  

	B.	LRPB-no report

	C.	UFPUB-Sheron arrived late after attending a meeting for UFPUB.  Talked about 
		signs that have been placed on campus.  The committee has a problem with some 
		of the signs that have been placed around campus.  There will be a sign policy 
		developed.  Have had some major vandalism  with some of the landscaping.  This 
		includes someone driving on the new sod and cow paths.  Some ideas to help the 

			more students therefore we need more grounds maintenance
			improved enforcement
			public relations, get people to want to be proud of the new landscaping

	D.	Parking committee-no report.  Helen asked about crosswalks on 11th.  Will talk to 
		Sheron about this.

	E.	Affirmative Action-No report.
	F.	Benefits Committee-had a meeting the day before.  Jerry reported that "Choices" 
		was going well... Payroll did a good job.  Kirk Keller gave a report on Wellness and 
		showed a new video promoting  Wellness.  Dave Evenson has resigned and will be 
		replaced in a month or so.  It was also discussed that Inerunits will have another 
		classified rep and that there is hope that Missoula will follow suit and place a 
		classified person on there. 

	G.	Wellness-Diane had some stong feelings :-) about not being able to use the circuit 
		room at noon when wellness was not holding class.  Diane has not purchased a 
		locker and was denied access.  She has talked to Kirk and they are looking at the 
		situation.  The committee also asked that Wellness look at having classes during 

III.	Members Concerns

	-Cathy stated that the state law has changed.  Someone who terminates for cause must be 
		paid on next payroll or the 15th day.  We looked at the new language.  

	-next meeting Reva Parker will be here from VRI

Meeting adjourned..................