MSU-Bozeman Classified Employees Personnel Advisory Committee Minutes

December 10, 1997

I.  Old Business

II.  New Business

  1. LRPB-No report

  2. Design Review Board-During the November meeting the Mission Statement was discussed. Several proposals have been submitted to the President and they have not been signed. There was also talk of disbanning as the committee questions the need for UFPUB. The committee asked President Malone to attend a meeting. Went over some concerns of the committee and he said he had no problem with the committee or their duties.Minutes shows the guidelines. This committee deals with enviromental issues. Wants more involvement from the campus-Campus Pride Program. One issue is the "cow paths" and what to do about stopping people from walking on the lawn.

  3. Traffic Appeals-Jill said they are interesting meetings and they will be done until next semster. There were questions raised about lot plowing and reserve parking. Jill will be looking into both issuses. It was decided by the committee to appoint some CEPAC members to make recommendations to the traffice appeals committee. The members are as follows:

    -Jill Allison
    -Patty Ford
    -Karla Mills
    -Bluette Phillips

  4. Affirmative Action-No report

  5. Benefits Committee-No meeting. Lloyd Hansen asked about the money that Wellness was costing the University System. Patty gave a brief review on where the medical plan in losing money. Last year it appears it was due to babies. Patty also mentioned that there is going to be a consultant review of the medical plan. Periodically the consultant is put out to bid. The state is also looking at reviewing their consultant. It has been proposed that the state and University System share a consultant. Patty still feels that the University has a better medical plan than the state and would like to see us stay on our own.

  6. Employee Wellness-Kirk reported that the excerise plan with the hospital is on hold for the time being. The hospital is moving towards Community Health Center. The hospital is also concerned about making waves with the sports centers downtown. Young at Heart needs a new person to work with the Senior Center. Also discussed the Choices's survey and thought the numbers were confusing.

III.  Members Concerns

Meeting adjourned..................

Dawn Watkins, CEPAC secretary