MSU-Bozeman Classified Employees Personnel Advisory Committee Minutes

January 14, 1998

I.  Old Business

II.  New Business

Jan Bosch (Foundation) needed someone to represent CEPAC on the Faculty/Staff Campaign board. Connie recommended Diane Kramarich.

  1. LRPB (Cec Mann) -No report, since they haven't met.

  2. Design Review Board (Sheron McIlhattan) - During the last meeting they set up committees to work on the mission statement. Sheron is on two of them: Historic Preservation and Environmental Issues. Others are: Campus Pedestrian Network, Positive Open Space and Environmental Issues, Outdoor Signage, Lighting, Seating, "Street" Furniture, etc., Parking and Automotive Traffic, Long Range Planning, Handicap Issues, and Maintenance & Upkeep. They did not meet over the holidays as scheduled. The next meeting will be Jan 21.

  3. Traffic Appeals (Jill Allison)-No report, since they haven't met yet. Jill said she would meet with the other members on CEPAC before the next meeting.

  4. Affirmative Action (Darcy Halpin) -No report, since they haven't met.

  5. Benefits Committee (Pam Lingenfelter, Patty Gunderson & John Batson) - No report..

  6. Employee Wellness (Diane Allen) - No report.

  7. President's Special Review Committee (Kathy Griffith) - Kathy reported that they have met with the Deans and Vice Presidents and will continue to gather information to get a handle on the budget. MSU receives approximately 68 million in state appropriated funds with total expenditures being aprroximately 212 million. They are scheduled to meet the first of February with the University Budget Committee. Connie gave some additional background information on designated and auxillary accounts. The committee will make recommendations to President Malone.

    There was a general discussion on some of the problems experienced on campus. John R. brought up the example of problems with contractor accountability on new buildings on campus.

III.  Members Concerns

Meeting adjourned..................

Carol Bittinger (temporarily sitting in for Dawn)