MSU-Bozeman Classified Employees Personnel Advisory Committee Minutes

February 11, 1998

I.  Old Business

II.  New Business

  1. LRPB (Cec Mann) - Cec has attended meetings every week. There have been reports given on the following issues: Telecommunication, Recruitment, Summer School, and Linking Schools. The report for the Summer School issue was from 20 years ago. Most information still true for the most part. Cec is having to produce a report on how to retain students at MSU.

  2. Design Review Board (Sheron McIlhattan) - The committee is working on a Statement of Purpose. Also working on guidelines to be used for any projects on campus. Sheron will bring this to CEPAC when it is completed.

  3. Traffic Appeals (Jill Allison) - Bluette gave a report on the expensive parking lot across from Culbertson. They will be selling these stalls for 1/2 price. This lot is 1/2 to 2/3 empty everyday. Anyone with an expensive sticker can park wherever they wish. Discussion was held on the bochure that is handed out for parking rules. The committee is concerned that there isn't enough information in there or that no one is reading the small print. Traffic Appeal meets every Tuesday morning and hears between 10 and 12 appeals. It was felt by the committee that there are some parking issues that should be addressed to Mr. Specter at the next CEPAC meeting. It was also suggested that a survey be done to see if they could get kids to park in the outer lots. You have 7 days in which to appeal a traffic ticket.

  4. Affirmative Action (Darcy Halpin) -No report.

  5. Benefits Committee (Pam Lingenfelter, Patty Gunderson & John Batson) - Committee is advertising the "Sound Money" program. It will be in the EPS building room 103. Will be a radio program from 4-5:30 on February 18th.

  6. Employee Wellness (Diane Allen) - No report.

  7. President's Special Review Committee (Kathy Griffith) - Interview sessions are wrapping up. Will be looking at where the budget is going. Budget cuts and points of concern. Will be going for more information from certain people. Enrollment is up but the number of credits the students are taking is falling. Late adds are not figured into the numbers.

III.  Members Concerns

Meeting adjourned..................

Dawn Watkins