April 8, 1998

TO: University Budget Committee

FROM: Classified Employees Personnel Advisory Committee (CEPAC)

SUBJECT: FY 1999 Budget

CEPAC wishes to express support of each functional area of the university which contributes to its mission of instruction, research and service to both the institution and the public. While we recognize instruction to be the main focus of our institution of higher education, the non-instructional areas contribute in large measure to the service and research areas. Without the support of functional areas such as the Business Office and Payroll, not only would employees not have a paycheck, but students would not have a way to pay to be registered for classes. Facilities Services maintains our classroom environment, without them, there would be no place to teach the classes. We feel it is important that we all need to work together in considering budget items. We do not believe a single area, such as faculty should be protected.

In looking ahead to budget issues for FY 1999, we believe ALL programs within the general operating budget must be reviewed and considered in the scope of possible reductions. The instruction program has been sheltered during the base cuts of FY 1998. However, we as classified employees, representing all aspects of the university, believe it would be inappropriate to exempt instruction from the scrutiny of review. We do not believe it is feasible for the other seven programs to carry the full burden of impending reductions and maintain the mission set forth. CEPAC members are an integral part of this university. We're everywhere and in every setting. We lend ourselves to strengthening each of the areas we're associated with. When departments have weak support staff, it's amazing how paralyzing and frustrating that can be to a department strong in administration, faculty, or students.

We would like to offer the following suggestions for you to consider in balancing the budget.

Consider lowering the tuition flat spot to 12 credits instead of the current 14.

Assess class availability to determine that student needs are being met.

Create a more disciplined freshman atmosphere. One idea is to eliminate co-ed freshman dorms.

Consider other areas to reduce the incentive to party rather than study.

Make registration and class availability more user friendly to the part-time and non- traditional student.

We feel it would be very helpful if the entire budget were placed on the web. If more people had a better understanding of all funds, there would be less questions and perhaps more productive input into budget questions.