MSU-Bozeman Classified Employees Personnel Advisory Committee Minutes

June 10, 1998

I.  Old Business

II.  New Business

  1. LRPB (Cec Mann) - Cec said the revised Long Range Plan has been sent to President Malone.

  2. Design Review Board (Sheron McIlhattan) - No report.

  3. Traffic Appeals (Jill Allison) - No summer meetings.

  4. Affirmative Action (Darcy Halpin) -No report.

  5. Benefits Committee (Pam Lingenfelter, Patty Gunderson & John Batson) - No report.

  6. Employee Wellness (Diane Allen) - No report.

III.  Members Concerns

Meeting adjourned..................

Helen McFaul (for Dawn Watkins)