MSU-Bozeman Classified Employees Personnel Advisory Committee Minutes

September 9, 1998

I.  Old Business

II.  New Business

  • 1. Introductions were made as new members were present.

  • 2. Reappointments:

  • 3. Susan Alt stated that she has a commitment to CEPAC. The purpose of CEPAC is communication between it and the administration. Our role is to give input on personnel policies and procedures, be the advocate for classified employees. Some issues presently being worked on by Susan's office has something to do with driver's licenses, tickets etc. Also working on updating the Termination Check-List. Some want to make it much easier, yet most everyone felt it was an employee's responsibility to tend to what needed to be done before leaving MSU employment. Susan is also working on lifting the 5 day LWP rule in connection with sick leave.-----Sharon M. asked that there be an accurate listing of CEPAC members and their terms. This should be put out on the web plus a list of the committies that CEPAC members serve on and who is serving on what committee presently.

  • 4. Cec Mann has retired from the Long Range Planning Committee. This is a 3 year term and their work will be integrated with the Strategic Planning Committee. VPs and Faculty also serve on this committee. Let Connie know if you are interested. Bluette Phillips said she would be.

  • 5. Diane Allen is being replaced by Helen McFaul on the Provost's Calendar Committee to put together the master calendar. There is not a big time commitment for this committee.

  • 6. Connie is so involved with Banner that she is not going to be able to continue as President. Carol Bittinger is going to take over. It was suggested that we have a mentoring program on-going at all times to allow someone new to step into the President's role easily w/o a lot of problems or disruption.

  • 7. Dawn is so involved with Banner that she too is not going to be able to continue as Secretary. Bluette Phillips is taking over.

  • 8. It was suggested, and everyone seemed to agree it was a good idea, to vote for CEPAC committee members in early April so the new members could attend the meeting in May. Otherwise there seems to be too big of a gap when the committee is not fully staffed.

  • 9. University Facilities Planning Board Report: Sheron M. said they have been working for 1-2 years on construction guidelines for future construction on campus. There will be a university design guidelines outline for contractors to look at. If you have any comments or suggestions please submit them to Sheron in writing.

  • 10. Something was suggested in relationship to a term check-list for Susan Alt.

  • 11. The Wellness budget was drastically cut and services have been reduced greatly.

  • 12. In future we will go back to an original plan last year where committee representatives from CEPAC will submit in writing their reports to CEPAC.

  • 13. President Malone arrived for a long, interesting discussion.

  • 14. Someone stated they didn't feel that Bozeman had any idea of the economic impact Classified employees have on the area. We are an integral part of the valley and some how we need to make Bozeman aware of our impact. Diane A suggested we get stickers to put on our checks each time we write one stating that we are an MSU Classified employee supporting their business.

  • 15. If you have any suggestions for agenda items get them to Carol B ASAP for our next meeting.

    Meeting adjourned..................

    And so it goes..... Submitted by Bluette Phillips, Secretary.