MSU-Bozeman Classified Employees Personnel Advisory Committee Minutes

March 10, 1999

I. Guest speaker today was President Malone. He gave us an overview of how the university system was faring so far with the legislature. GOOD NEWS: The WAMI repay bill was defeated and the university system is exempted from the firearm law. BAD NEWS: Money for National Guard Scholarships (1/4 million) and state support for tribal colleges ($900,000) would be coming out of the MUS funding. Also, there was no new funding for utilities and matching monies for research was in question. We are at the low point and will have to wait until the second half of the session to see if the money is restored. The pay plan is currently only funded at 2/3. They are getting ready to search for the VP Admin position and will need a representative from the classified staff. He did say that we are finishing this fiscal year in good shape.

II.  Old Business

III.  Standing Committee Reports
Because of lack of time and lack of attendance by many of the members who are on committees we did not spend much time in this area. Roz Wortman did send me the lengthy minutes of the last meeting but since the SPBC is supposed to have a retreat next month and they are only in the information gathering stage right now, I am not going to include the minutes at this time. I am going to come up with a form for people to complete to summarize any committee information. Hopefully this will help CEPAC to get the information in a timely manner.

III.  New Business:

With no other concerns the meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM.

Carol Bittinger