Minutes 9/8/99


Present:            Jill Allison, Susan Alt, Carol Bittinger, Dave Eklund, Donna Gollehon, Kathy Griffith, Darcy Halpin, Roberta Kerr, Jenny Knickerbocker, Helen McFaul, Rose Waldon, & Brenda York


Absent:             Lloyd Hansen, Larry Miller, Nancy Topel, Sharon Townsend   


Introduction of new members:  Rose Waldon-from physics


Special guest: Vicky Whitney-Benefits Committee (MPEA)

}         classified /union people had a rep on the committee

}         need for more reps on the committee (classified & union)

}         each unit had 1 vote (all campus=s had equal weight)

}         only 2 campus=s have an MPEA rep; U of M and MSU

}         faculty also have reps

}         3 from MSU on 24 seat committee

}         some on union side are not university employees-good & bad points on this

}         Vicky is not on the campus committee (which has not been formed for this year, as of yet), Miles Watt-MSU Benefits committee

}         pushing for continuity so better understanding of issues being voted on

}         Carol/new chair will call Miles about suggestions on finding classified rep=s on MSU Benefits committee

}         things are still very much up in the air about structure and rep=s on the main committee in Helena (union exempt fall under admin side)

}         want to meet more than 2 times a year; meeting 2 times a year is a real problem

}         Kathy G. suggested Vicky call Miles and Jerry C. to get together before the retreat Sept. 16-17

}         Carol will invite Miles to come and talk to CEPAC

}         Vicky will stop back and update after retreat



I           Old Business


}         Minutes were read and approved from 5-12-99 meeting

}         e-mail/distribution lists: not done yet because of Banner change over-also many classified employees are not on campus during the summer; Carol is going to touch base with President Malone and Tom Stump about supervisor=s, dean=s & etc.,  allowing employees access to e-mail; hopefully ITC will be able to start to work on the list  soon

}         CEPAC=s role/function:      

·          bylaws need to be revamped and looked at over this next year

·          touching base with classified employees across campus

·          letting employees know that they can access CEPAC info on the WEB

}         Filling of vacancies:

·          try to use the server list for union members to announce vacancies on the committee from the clerical staff.  There are 3 openings within CEPAC

·          1 opened position from classified/professional

·          a suggestion was made to have President Malone or VP Stump include a small paragraph encouraging people to join CEPAC.  Carol will talk with President Malone

}         Professionalism:

·          Carol pointed out anything that comes out of CEPAC is not on letterhead because CEPAC does not have funds to purchase letterhead stock, thus when something is sent is does not look very professional.

·          Kathy suggested we e-mail Mike about this, as he is very good in answering his e-mail


II.        Standing Committee Reports:


}         Affirmative Action: Darcy Halpin-no report

}         Benefits Committee: ? Talk to Miles Watt

}         Employee Wellness: Diane Allen-is there even a functioning committee?

}         Long Range Planning Committee: Kathy Griffth-no report

}         President=s Committee on Strategic Planning: Roz Wortman-table until next month

}         Provost=s Calendar Committee-remove

}         Traffic Appeals: Jill Allison will be leaving the committee.  Brenda York new appointee

}         University Planning Board: No report.  Still need someone for the committee (Rose Waldon is now the committee rep 9/30/99)



III        New Business:



}         BOR representative: discussion on whether it should be the chair or an appointed representative from CEPAC

}         discussed having 2 appointed to attend that way if one cannot make it then the other is/might be available.

}         Committee members needed for the following: 

Personnel Board:          classified union (Darcy’s & Helen’s names were submitted)

                                    Classified exempt (Donna’s &  Rose’s names were submitted)

}         Update on search for VP Administration:

down to 4 candidates; onsite visits and interviews are coming up; Carol urged CEPAC members to attend one or more of them

}         New CEPAC chair:

Carol is willing to be in the chair position for one more month but after that feels someone else might be interested in the position


            discussion followed about having a vice-chair :

Suggestions were having the chair stepping down take this position, in order to have a smooth transition or vote for a vice-chair and then have the vice-chair Ashadow@ the current chair to learn procedures, etc.


Next meeting: Oct. 13, 1999  in the Bradley Conference Room in Wilson Hall


Meeting adjourned


Brenda York, Secretary