Minutes 10/13/99



I).        Old Business:


Present:  Jill Allison, Carol Bittinger, Donna Gollehon, Roberta Kerr, Nancy Topel, Sharon Townsend, Rose Waldon, Brenda York; Susan Alt, Jenny Knickerbocker, Jennifer Fennema


Absent:  Dave Eklund, Lloyd Hansen, Larry Miller


Excused:  Shani Dues, Kathy Griffith


A: Minutes from 9-8-99

*addendum of who is on personnel board

*minutes accepted and approved


B: Vacancies:

*biggest problem still missing from clerical & professional areas

*Carol talked to President Malone about this problem

-he told her to draft a short note from him and he would look it over and sign off on it, to be distributed with nomination inquiries

-cannot mandate supervisor=s to allow classified to attend but can encourage supervisor=s to do so

*Jenny Knickerbocker was going to send out letter for nominations again, along with the note from President Malone

*Carol will be sending around the draft of the note from President Malone to get opinions and changes possibly needed

*suggestions for letter:

-start with charge of CEPAC

-describe the benefit of serving on CEPAC

-Susan Alt suggested to keep it simple and include the following:

*professional development

*career development

*growth opportunity

*involvement with the campus community

*letter will be sent out over listserv for approval from members


C: E-Mail and Distribution lists:

*e-mail access; still keep pushing for every classified employee on campus to have access to e-mail

*distribution list; working on getting some lists to allow information out to everyone

-probably will not happen until the first of the year

*CEPAC listserv working well, with the exception to the people who cannot receive



D: Benefits Committee:

*Miles Watt was given verbal support for clerical help for Benefits Committee; if he does not get the support he will not head up the Benefits Committee.  Susan Alt said negotiations were continuing

*MSU Benefits Committee was held 10-11-99

-discussion at meeting about setting up the structure to represent the population of employees on campus

-vision coverage

-hearing test(s)/aides

-HMO/managed care, etc

*Carol feels that the MSU Benefits Committee does not represent the classified employees.  Susan Alt agreed and said once structure is worked out it should be more representative

* Susan felt the retreat of the Benefit Committee (state wide) was very organized and beneficial.

*maybe more from Vicky Whitney at a later date

*Carol will stay in touch with Miles about rep=s on local committee.  Also, maybe send a letter to President Malone to encourage classified rep=s on the committee


E: Personnel Board:

*President Malone appointed Donna Gollehon and Helen McFaul.  Term 2 years.


II).       Committee Reports:


A.  Affirmative Action: Darcy Halpin;no report

B.  Benefits Committee: see minutes (old business)

C.  Employee Wellness: Diane Allen; meeting on 10/12

D.  Long Range Planning Committee: Kathy Griffith; they have not met

E.  President=s Committee on Strategic Planning: Roz Wortman; wants to remain on committee-no report

F.  Traffic Appeals: Brenda York; meetings every week, going good so far.  Not many appeals as of yet

G.  University Planning Board: Rose Waldon; meeting was canceled


III).     New Business:


A: Employee Relations-Interim Policies:

*student/temp employee grievance procedure

-employers need a legitimate termination reason

-employees need some avenue to bring forth a complaint

-MSU did not have a policy for this group

-this grievance policy will be exempt for GA=s and work-study

-creating this policy was the result of a Supreme Court decision, not a complaint against MSU

-CEPAC will look over and submit any suggestions to Susan A. or Jenny K.

-policy will be given final approval from Personnel Board


*criminal background checks:

-due to recent events a pilot program is being implemented

-pro=s and con=s of doing these checks

-the following positions are under this program:


*preschool teachers

*Residence Life custodians

-new hires only

-classified only (right now)

-protecting the University students/staff and liability of institution

-just completed on the finalist

-Carol brought up the question of international hires-policy only stated within the states


B.  New Info/Questions:

*VP Candidates:

-still on going

-campus visits and interviews are continuing


*Exponent interview with Carol after BOR meeting:

-Carol was misquoted, wishes she now had not granted the interview

-asked a question about BOR increase of salary, NOT about President Malone=s or administration on campus

-article made it sound if she was answering about all the raises saying that classified were left out of raises

-Carol said BOR meeting had nothing to do with classified raises

-Carol called the Exponent and talked to the editor about the article and how it did not represent what she said

-Carol will probably not give the Exponent another interview unless it is absolutely necessary


*Meeting with Commissioner Croft on Oct. 21


*Meeting with Accreditation also coming up


*Jill Allison asked a question about clarification about the lay-off pool

-MPEA contract, says if laid off can be put into a pool

-lay-off pool employees given very strong preference if qualified for an open position that they have applied for.  Still have to go through standard procedure


*Raises go into effect Oct. 01, will be in Nov. 11 checks. 3%/hr plus $.20/hr


*BOR meeting:

-Committee being put together to look over the classification system

-committee will be made up of a variety of members



-Employee Relations will look at how to improve the response when answering questions from employees/employers wondering about the status of their upgrades

-upgrades are still taking months because of the increase volume of upgrades.  Wendy wants to look over everything carefully to make sure those positions deserving an upgrade receive them, etc.


C.  Restructuring CEPAC:


*look over by-laws and write up any changes that could be suggested in making

*some of the policies do need to be changed, fairly old/outdated

*possible target areas: membership, representation ideas, role of officers, etc.

*look over 3 handouts from Carol and think about suggestions

*discuss next meeting


Next Meeting:   Nov. 10, 1999 @ Bradley Conference Center, Wilson Hall


Brenda York