Guest Speakers:

1). Kirk Keller from Wellness-

Office is located in Romney 255

Check the hours (limited)

Most common misconception is that we are a self-insured health care plan;

Blue Cross and Blue Shield just administer the plan

Represented by the campus benefits committee, which is part of the MUS

wide inner-unit benefits committee

Wellness is here to serve employee, spouse or retiree covered by MUS system

2700/2800 covered plan members; with spouses 4000/5000

Priorities of Wellness:

1). Provide a health screening here (MSU) and around the state because of

retirees, extension, etc.

Important to remember: Wellness represents less than 2% of overall

benefits. It costs $32.04/member per year at MSU

2). Intervention:

-Can still visit Dr. McKenzie, he still will do a consultation

-New program: risk intervention for cardiac pulmonary; high-risk candidates

-Possible program in the works for high risk for high blood pressure

3). Special Projects: Big Sky ski program, self-care program, etc.

Future of Wellness:

-What role should wellness play? Hopefully, a partner role. The wellcheck

clinics will continue to be a main focus. Example of what wellcheck saves:

Nutritionist (Wellness)- $50.00

Nutritionist (Community)- $75.00 +

Blood Chem Panel (Wellness)- $16.00

Blood Chem Panel (Community)- $60.00 +, plus doctor's visit

-Value of Wellness program is essential for volunteer activities, etc.

-Possible problem coming on the horizon; managed health care systems (they

have no incentive to promote wellness)

-Wellness is attempting to offer different hours on events in order for

everyone to benefit from them

Next Wellcheck is March 21, 2000. Kirk's e-mail address for questions is:


2). Bob Lashaway: Director of Facilities Service


Facilities operation-9 different unions represented

Very diverse group

A lot of the issues only relate to Facilities-related primarily to skills

and crafts which would be in-house issues

"trade side" has to be self-supporting; supported by billable hours, so

if needed to attend meetings, like CEPAC, those hour(s) cannot be billed

Facilities does not try to restrict employees involvement but they do

have to weigh the cost & effect aspect

E-mail/distribution lists for Facilities employees: very difficult

problem. Bob, suggested posting events, minutes, etc on the Web for access

by employees. Maybe just e-mail accounts for CEPAC members over there,

which they can print, out and share with others. Also, we can e-mail Pam @

Facilities and she would also post on board.


Meeting ended: rest of agenda will be sent out on listserv or tabled until

next meeting.

Next meeting is Feb. 09, 2000 in the President's Conference Room in Montana


Brenda York

Disability, Re-entry & Veteran Services

Montana State University-Bozeman

(406) 994-2824