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I). Old Business:

    1. Minutes from Feb. approved.
    2. Status of e-mail accounts:


    1. Restructuring CEPAC:


II). Standing Committee Reports:

A). Affirmative Action-Darcy Halpin: no report

B). Benefits Committee-Vicky Whitney, Carol Bittinger, Pete Boharski: did not receive e-mail for report

C). Employee Wellness-Diane Allen: Funding does not look good, but Kirk has met with labor groups to try and develop a stronger relationship, will continue to do this. Fall 2000 exercise classes for Employee Wellness is a possibility. Kirk is working with Larry Martin to have wellness programming in the circuit room before work, during lunch and after work. The cost would be $60.00 and only employees would be able to use the equipment during these times. Looking into offering bone density screening, will submit a proposal to the Benefits committee.

D). Long Range Planning Committee-Kathy Griffith: still looking at distance learning.

E). Presidentís Committee on Strategic Planning-Roz Wortman: did not receive e-mail on report.

F). Traffic Appeals-Brenda York, Kim Rehm, Dan Wise: Appeals are down believe committee has been fairly consistent this year with their decisions. Also, brochure of regulations with important information highlighted seems to have help. Will be ticketing during Spring Break and this summer.

G). University Planning Board-Rose Waldon: working on construction sights staging areas


III). New Business:

No new business discussed.

Next meeting: April 12, 2000, Presidentís Conference room, Montana Hall at 9:00AM.