Guest speaker: President Roark

-No cutting of $30.00 staff/faculty discount for parking, but parking fees will be increased

-Brenda asked about using the $30.00 toward bus pass, President Roark will look into this with ASMSU.

-E-mail for all classified employees:

-Salary increases will remain for the classified employees, will not be touched in budget cuts

-President Roark stated that we are at the "end of the rope" for budget cuts, there needs to be long range goals in place

-Kathy brought up Banner and money set-aside for implementation and training:

-Board of Regents suggested guidelines for balancing budgets, according to President Roark are the following:

-Athletics budget crunch:




I). Old Business:


II). Standing Committee Reports:

We discussed whether or not to continue the requirement that professional appointees have a minimum of a bachelorís degree. We all agreed that there should be some distinction between classified and professional positions-being the BA/BS degree.

Also reviewing the ADA compliance report for MSU. Looking at the complaints that have been made about buildings on campus and what progress has been made to bring them into compliance. If anyone has suggestions or questions on these compliance things let me know.

Our committee has also been Pro-active in doing more than just going to the meetings. We are going to have a link to the committee web page with updated information on we are currently doing, agenda items, and possibly minutes of the meetings.

  1. 1. Delivery Carts: ITC is considering purchasing and using delivery
  2. carts for transporting computers and equipment from different buildings
  3. on campus when repairs are requested.

    Before approval, UFPB would like to address certain issues:

    1. where it will be stored during 5 p.m. & 8 a.m.;

  4. 2. where and when they can be drive;
  5. 3. training of staff who drive the carts;
  6. 4. what needs is there for having the carts;
  7. 5. what type of carts (i.e. motor, electric, size);
  8. 6. would they be used instead of regular vehicles/trucks;
  9. 7. where would they be kept during work hours of 8-5.
  10. 2. Display of art, architecture and engineering student projects.
  11. UFPB approved hanging panels at Haynes (finals week only). This is a
  12. thesis project.
  13. UFPB approved display of sculpture in front of the heating plant on
  14. Sept. 21 (1 day only). This is a thesis project.
  15. 3. Permanent Art.
  16. ROTC is requesting they be allowed to paint a mural on the wall adjacent
  17. to the ROTC offices in Hamilton Hall.
  18. UFPB requests ROTC give more details on the type of mural, and if
  19. approved ROTC must be aware that they would be required to restore the
  20. walls with paint if they move, etc.
  21. 4. Challenge Course and Obstacle Course
  22. A site south of the outdoor running track by the football stadium has
  23. been recommended for consideration of an Obstacle Course and Challenge
  24. Course.
  25. After discussion, the UFPB approved the location of the two courses.
  26. 5. Antenna for AJM Johnson
  27. Mountain Resource Center has been given approval to have an antenna
  28. placed on the Roof of AJM Johnson. This was previously approved by the
  29. Abbreviated Board. Rose Waldon asked that they make sure the antenna
  30. placement does not interfere with classes held on the roof for Physics
  31. 101, 311 etc.
  32. 6. Antenna for KGLT
  33. The Abbreviated Board recommended approval of a new antenna for KGLT.
  34. 7. Antenna for Touch America
  35. Touch America has proposed a wireless networking service for Bozeman and
  36. has approached MSU for locating their equipment on campus (Leon Johnson
  37. Roof). They are proposing that this will benefit the University and
  38. details will be presented to the Planning Board.
  39. UFPB asks that we see more of their proposal, how it would benefit the
  40. university, what space requirements they need (office space for
  41. equipment), etc. UFPB would also like to know if there are departments
  42. on campus who would also benefit from the Touch America wireless
  43. networking, and invite them to the meeting when the proposal is
  44. presented so they can inquire also.
  45. 8. Naming of the Animal Resource Center.
  46. A professor on campus has suggested naming the ARC after an emeritus
  47. professor who was very instrumental in that facility.
  48. The current naming guidelines were discussed. It was suggested that the
  49. emeritus professor be contacted to make sure he wants the building named
  50. after him, and UFPB be given copies and review policies on naming of
  51. buildings.

III). New Business: