I). Old Business:

-the "group" will keep abreast of legislative matters, even in off years

-Donna will meet with Cathy Conover to see if she is interested, as she would have to over see the committee

-Donna informed them that CEPAC would not support it

-UGC was unhappy but Donna explained that this would become a 2-tier plan because of hourly classifieds not being able to put in hours until the last of the month

-UGC tabled the resolution to look into including all classified personnel


II). Standing Committee Reports:

No reports received from Josie or Shani this month.

III). New Business:

-they want to ask for 8% each year

-increase in state contribution in benefits

-pay raises to go into effect on July 1 instead of Oct. 1

-other state employees have already settled for a 4% increase a year and 35.00 first year increase in state contribution to benefits and 41.00 the second year

-MPEA (university employees) are being asked not to ratify


Next meeting Jan. 10, 2001 in the Bradley Conference Room