Roll Call

Rose Waldon, Nancy Topel, Lisa Crow, Kerri Marx, Dawn Watkins, Matt Blazicevich, Jane Herbes, Kerry Evans, Richard Stafford, Dan Wise, Sharon Pielaet, Ray Byerly, Vicky Whitney, Deanna Topp.

Election of officers

Election to Space Planning Committee

After some discussion, submit the names of Dan Wise and Rose Waldon to the President.

Old Business

5/9/01 Minutes needed from Brenda York, Secretary

Rich Stafford was going to contact Brenda and get the minutes. If Brenda did not have them, then possibly Donna Gollehon, Chair.

9/12/01 Minutes corrected to read 10/10/01 minutes.

E-mail accounts: Rich emailed the four custodian managers regarding access to email for all custodians.

Checking access to computers not necessary but maybe a cental point to post notices.

Committee Positions

Update CEPAC WEB site: Contact Carol Shannon at ITC - 994-5087.

Standing Committee Reports

Affirmative Action: Darcy Halpin
Darcy is retiring and Sharon Pielaet will replace Darcy. Jan. 1, 2002.

Benefits Committee: Vicky Whitney, Peter Boharski
Vicky has a new position and is stepping down and needs replaced.

Vicky Whitney reported on the Benefits Committee meeting held at MSU on Nov. 1, 2001. Vicky votes in Helena but not at the MSU Campus level.

Ridgeway Mail Service in Stevensville, MT is also an option for the pharmacy plan. They do need new prescriptions and payment up front.

Eckert bills if prescription is less than $100 and not phoned in. If phoned it payment is required up front.

Tim Stratton, Director of the Pharmacy School at U of M, Missoula spoke to the Committee on Rising Prescription Costs. Also, how drugs become a drug and the costs involved.

CEO & Director of Bozeman Deaconess. Bozeman, Missoula, Billings and Butte share a Radiation Oncologist. Dr. isn=t a hospital employee a isn=t a Blue Cross/Blue Shield provider and therefore, the cost are in excess of $1000/week. Employees need to negotiate with BC/BS so the Oncologist=s are providers.

The Committee will look at possible medical cost increases in the spring of 2002.

Kerri Marx provided handouts from the Nov. 1 Inter-Units Benefits Committee Meeting.

Lisa Crow - MSU Retirement Person reported on the options of defined benefit and defined contribution that classified employees will have. The Professional employees at under TIAA-CREF.

Employee Wellness: Diane Allen - absent

Long Range Planning Committee: Dan Wise
Dan said that committee has be disbanded.

Strategic Planning and Budget Committee: Kathy Griffith - absent

Traffic Appeals: Brenda York, Kim Rehm, Dan Wise
Dan Wise reported that Jim Williams will check on the service parking spaces around buildings.

University Planning Board: Rose Waldon

MSU Governance Council: Rich Stafford
Rich was ill and couldn't attend.

MAP: Jane Herbes
Nov. 27-29 are mandatory sessions for all classified employees and supervisors. New employees hired between January and September 2002, are not part of the cycle for MAP. They would have to wait until the new cycle starting in October 2002.

Role Descriptions due Dec. 14, 2001. Performance Goals due Dec. 28, 2001 - a minimum of 3 goals. If employee meets all 3 goals they receive 2 % paid in Nov. 2002.

Map is separate from the raises that go in effect on November 1.

Classified Union & Classified Exempt Representatives on the Personnel Board

Kerry Evans will send out an email asking for two nominees to serve two year terms. Submission of nominees can be made to Shari McCoy in the President's Office. There will be a vote for the two members at the next CEPAC meeting on Dec. 12, 2001. There should be 1 member that is exempt and 1 that is non-exempt.

Nancy Topel addressed the artwork at the Quads. Contact the ASMSU Office regarding removal.

Quest Speaker

Jim Williams - University Police reported on the traffic appeals and open forum held on campus this fall. He presented the mission statement of University Police. Customer satisfaction.