Roll Call

Kerri Marx, Matt Blazicevich, Kerry Evans, Richard Stafford, Sharon Pielaet, Ray Byerly, Josie Jewett, Deanna Topp.

Election of Space Planning Committee

After some discussion, submit the names of Dan Wise and Rose Waldon to the President.

Old Business

Each person present received a copy of the letter from Rich Stafford to Susan Alt on documentation of the Nov. 21st meeting with Susan Alt. The Dec. 12, 2001, minutes were read, corrected and approved.

Standing Committee Reports

Affirmative Action - Sharon Pielaet
The Committee had not met.

Benefits Committee: Vicky Whitney - absent.

Employee Wellness: Diane Allen - absent.

Strategic Planning and Budget Committee: name is forthcoming from the President's Office.

Traffic Appeals: Brenda York, Kim Rehm, Dan Wise - all absent.

University Planning Board: Rose Waldon - absent.

New Business

  1. Discussion of Mission Statement:
    Kerry Evans will email the Mission Statement to everyone and then we will review it at the next meeting. Rich Stafford thought that we needed more members present before making any changes to the statement. There are currently 11 voting members.
  2. Nomination for the Personnel Board:
    The following names will be submitted to Shari McCoy in the President's Office. Jean Koelzer, Sharon Pielaet, Donna LaRue, Ray Byerly and Rich Stafford. There will be 1 member that is a union member and 1 exempt union member.
    Rich met with President Gamble and discussed the possibility of an incentive program being set up on campus.
    Dee mentioned that it would be a good idea to have the MSU web page announcement any new happenings.
    Email access on campus is now available in the SUB. Check with the ASKUS desk for access.
    Custodians can't use departmental computers. All legal postings are on the board outside the office where they pick up their keys. They may check their email before working hours on computers set up at various places around campus.

Quest Speakers

Rich will contact President Gamble and see if he can attend our Feb. meeting as a guest speaker. Kirk Keller will be invited to our March meeting.

During April and May 2002 there will be informational meetings on the defined contribution and defined benefit issues. Changes will take place on July 1, 2002.

Supplemental annuities can be changed at any time. Contact Payroll.

The next health fair will be held the end of March.

Employee recognition will be April 30, 2002. Further information forthcoming.

Jerry Coffey is trying to put together a workshop on retirement in the spring.

Updates to the CEPAC WEB site should be made by contacting Carol Shannon at ITC - 994-5087.