Roll Call

Matt Blazicevich - 3353, Kerry Evans - 3738, Richard Stafford - 2107, Sharon Pielaet - 5428, Ray Byerly - 2107, Josie Jewett - 4270, Lauri Olsen - 3481, Nancy Topel - 2661, Dan Wise - 2921, Dawn Watkins - 3651, Deanna Topp - 4549

Guest Speaker

President Gamble was our speaker so he started the meeting and then left.

He outlined his last year as President and said there were budget surprises but overall he was happy. He discussed the budget cycle and some items the Planning Committee would be faced with. Montana is one of 4 states that are operating in the black. Many states are facing major budget reductions. Recruiting and retention are a major goal for in-state and out-of-state students.

A letter will be forthcoming to all employees outlining the problems and solutions MSU will be facing.

He has received a plan from Athletics to operate on a balanced budget. He feels the athletic fee is part of the cost of education all students should pay.

He was not pleased to find out from the State Auditor about the accounts receivable problem in the Business Office.

He will do the dirty dishes once BUT NOT TWICE.

He discussed future issues regarding salaries, etc.
He thinks that the turnover rate of 7% per year is acceptable.
Administration needs to support all employees.
President Gamble has a strong interest in salary and being paid bimonthly.
He would like to see a committee formed to look into bimonthly payroll for all classified employees.
Rich said that the last survey showed that 61% of the employees favored bimonthly payroll.
Nancy feels that a survey should be taken before anything is done.

Rich would like MSU to look into the auto defib machine . H&PE & Athletics share 1 unit. U of M has one in their patrol cars. Will look into the cost.

Nancy also feels that the alumni students that lived in the Quads would be willing to buy new windows with a label saying who purchased them. They just haven=t been contacted.

Dee asked about rodeo being brought back to MSU and scholarships for the contestants. Pres. Gamble indicated that is a club sport at MSU and scheduling is tight.

The Athletic Director search candidates are arriving this week.

Pres. Gamble indicated that there is a search on for the Foundation Director. There is be a fund raising to start that is hoped to double the size of the Foundation. MSU needs to get active and have a plan on the table when the economy improves.

Dee asked about graduate fee waivers and Pres. Gamble said they were looking into increasing the number available.

He concluded that MSU was a great fit for him in his career. He then left for another meeting.

Old Business

The Jan. 9, 2002, minutes were approved with a correction of spelling. Sharon approved the minutes as corrected. Dan seconded the motion.

Standing Committee Reports

Affirmative Action: Sharon Pielaet
The Committee had not met.

Benefits Committee: Vicky Whitney - absent
The Inter Units meeting is being Helena today.

Employee Wellness: Diane Allen - absent.
Rich had contacted Kirk Keller to speak at our March meeting. That meeting will be during Spring Break and Kirk can=t attend. We will try to reschedule the March meeting for March 6, 2002, and see if Kirk can attend. Rich will try and schedule the Bradley Conference Room and then let everyone know.

Strategic Planning and Budget Committee: name is forthcoming from the President=s Office.

Traffic Appeals: Brenda York, Kim Rehm, Dan Wise
Dan said there was nothing new.

Dee indicated that Kim Rehm is no longer a classified employee. Rich will check and see if she needs to be replaced or can serve as a professional.

University Planning Board: Rose Waldon - absent.

New Business

  1. Discussion of Mission Statement
    Kerry Evans will email the Mission Statement to everyone and then we will review it at the next meeting. Rich Stafford thought that we needed more members present before making any changes to the statement. There are currently 11 voting members.
  2. Assistant VP for Administration and Finance
    Lowell Goetting has been hired and will start April 1.

Quest Speakers

Dawn will put CEPAC on Lowell's calendar for the April 10th meeting.