Roll Call

Matt Blazicevich - 3353, Kerry Evans - 3738, Richard Stafford - 2107, Sharon Pielaet - 5428, Ray Byerly - 2107, Nancy Topel - 2661, Chris Arterburn - 3651, Verna Badgley - 2711, Deanna Topp - 4549.

Guest Speaker

Kirk Keller - MSU Wellness Director

Spring Wellness Fair will be held on March 19 from 7-9 a.m. in the SUB Ballrooms.
Kirk asked what is it that each of us would like to accomplish in our lifetime?
Who is the health insurance company for the health care plan provided to the employees, retiree and families of the Montana University System?
The new Classified Representative on the MSU Health Insurance Plan is Verna Badgley phone 2711.
MSU is well represented and are well informed.
Wellness has been part of MSU for 14 years and 3 years ago took a 50% cut in their budget.
Diane Allen is the Representative on the Advisory Committee.
The screening package is made available to each employee.
Approximately 2,000 blood draws are done at each wellness screening held Spring and Fall.
900 flu shots were given in December 2001.
Health insurance covers 2,200 employees, 500 retirees and 2,700 spouses at MSU.
Wellness Office Hours are 8-12 in Room 225 Romney, phone: 994-6348.
Thanks Kirk for a job well done.

Old Business

The Feb. 13, 2002, minutes were approved and seconded.

Standing Committee Reports

Affirmative Action: Sharon Pielaet
The Committee had not met.

Benefits Committee: Verna Badgley
MUS had a meeting informing all employees for the increase in insurance costs effective July 1, 02.

Chris Arterburn, Payroll Benefits, said there would be monthly Premium Plan increases of
Employee + spouse - $22.99
Employee + children - $22.15
Employee + family - $26.66
Retiree would increase by $41

Employee Wellness: Diane Allen - absent.

Strategic Planning and Budget Committee: no member yet.

Traffic Appeals: Brenda York, Kim Rehm, Dan Wise - absent.

University Planning Board: Rose Waldon - absent.

New Business

  1. Kerry Evans said the Traffic Appeals member would be selected by the President after a list of names are presented by CEPAC.
    Kim Rehm is now on a professional appoint.
    Brenda York's term expires in June 2002.
    Dan Wise's term expired June 2001.
    The Traffic Appeals Committee meets from 10-11 a.m. on every other Tuesday.
  2. Richard Stafford will contact Tom Stump regarding allowing employees to attend the Wellness Fair on March 19, 2002. It is hard for food service employees to take time to attend. CEPAC would like a clarification on the attendance at the Wellness Fair.
  3. Fiscal budget for the 2003-2004 year will be finalized at the May 23, 2002, Board of Regents meeting in Dillon.
  4. Employee Recognition nominations are due March 15.
  5. Lowell Goetting, Assistant VP for Administration and Finance may be a possible speaker for our April 10, 2002, meeting. Information is needed regarding payroll changes if Lowell can't attend.