Roll Call

Matt Blazicevich - 3353, Kerry Evans - 3738, Richard Stafford - 2107, Sharon Pielaet - 5428, Ray Byerly - 2107, Nancy Topel - 2661, Verna Badgley - 2711, Josie Jewett - 4270, Rose Waldon - 6186, Dawn Watkins - 3651, Susan Alt - 3651, Deanna Topp - 4549.

Guest Speaker

Lowell Goetting - Asst. VP for Admin. & Finance

Lowell discussed the Payroll Frequency Feasibility Committee that will conduct a fact finding mission by January 2003 to present to President Gamble.

There will be several trips to adjacent units and find out how Missoula and Butte are handling payroll issues on their campuses.

The committee will meet 2-3 times a week for 3 hours to complete all the tasks ahead.

The committee will have the following members:
Lowell Goetting
Susan Alt
Dawn Watkins
A representative from CEPAC, PEPAC and Faculty Council.

Lowell would like a CEPAC representative selected by Friday, April 12, 2002.

Old Business

The March 6, 2002, minutes were approved and seconded.

Richard Stafford had visited with Tom Stump after our March meeting regarding the Food Service employees attendance at the March Wellness Fair. He said that all employees would be allowed one hour of time to attend.

Standing Committee Reports

Affirmative Action: Sharon Pielaet
The Committee has not met.

Benefits Committee: Verna Badgley
April 15, 2002 - BC/BS will be on campus to discuss July 1, 2002, changes in Choices. Meetings to be held in Sub Ballroom D at 9 and 10:30 a.m.

April 17 & 18, 2002, PERS will be on campus for meetings.

Employee Wellness: Diane Allen - absent.

Strategic Planning and Budget Committee: Betsy Centa - absent.

Traffic Appeals: Dan Wise
Parking lot by Facility Services will be blacktopped this summer. Hamilton lot will be resurfaced. Fieldhouse gravel lot will be blacktopped. CEPEC needs to forward 3 names to serve on Traffic Appeals. Dan would like his name to be submitted to remain on the committee. Josie Jewett would also like her name to be forwarded.

University Planning Board: Rose Waldon
Gaines remodel is going well. EPS has a new sculpture by Gary Bates that is being put up this week.

Space Committee: Rose Waldon
EPS, Roberts and Cobleigh are on a pilot project for future. The committee is looking into the FTE per square foot of space taken up by faculty. It was present that 120 sq. ft. for faculty offices and then a lab size for research is to be determined.

New Business

  1. Committee Nominations
    Personnel Board - Dan Wise & Sharon Pielaet
    Review policy and are a grievance hearing board for professional and union exempt employees.
    ITC Advisory Committee - CEPEC forwarded Dan House's name to the President.
    Debt Planning and Management Committee
    3 names will be forwarded to Rich Stafford. Rich will attend the Friday, April 12 meeting.
  2. April 17 at 11 a.m., CEPAC will attend the biennial evaluation of President Geoff Gamble by Commissioner of Higher Education, Richard Crofts. The meeting will be in the President's Conference Room, Montana Hall.
  3. MAP - Donna Gollehon had sent Rich an email regarding Map. Susan Alt will contact Donna and answer her question.
  4. Driving Forms: Some employees questioning signing the forms. It is state law and if they don't want to sign them comment on the back side of the form and return it to Payroll.
  5. Kerry Evans handed out a list of Nominees for the 2002 Employee Recognition Awards to be held on Tuesday, April 30, at 2 p.m. in Sub Ballroom A. Congratulations to all those nominees.
  6. New CEPEC members will be invited to the May 8th CEPAC meeting.
  7. Richard Stafford will attend the May 23 Board of Regents meeting to be held in Dillon.