DECEMBER 11, 2002

Roll Call:

Unable to Attend: Cindy Bridgewater, Bob O'Driscoll, Rose Waldon.

The September 25, 2002 minutes were approved and seconded. The October 9, 2002 minutes were approved and seconded with the correction of one spelling error. The November 14, 2002 minutes still need to be read and approved.


Benefits Committee - Carol Shannon

Carol said the MSU Benefits Committee met on Dec. 10th. There was a discussion regarding the Nov. 19th Interunits Benefits meeting. They are predicting we could have a surplus for the year 2003-2004 if the state increases their contribution by $44/month as currently planned. The committee is looking at trends and considering some issues such as, retiree issues as related to the plan, eg their premiums going up fast since the state does not contribute anything to their premiums and basing premiums on salary level. Any changes would be as of July 2004. Costs of our plan are related to how much the program is used. Even though we are covered, it is our money. People should think about expenditure, don't take unnecessary tests; blood draws can be done at MSU versus the hospital, etc. Look at options. Carol reported that the Wellness Fair was a big success.

Click here for further details of the Interunits Benefits meeting of November 19, 2002

For details of the Montana Medical Savings Account, visit .

No reports from any of the other standing committees.


Kerry Evans presented three new Personnel & Payroll Policies for review.

460.00 Criminal History Records Check: Some positions have had criminal history background checks done in the past, such as police officers, cashiers, and residence hall custodians. This policy was developed through Legislative Audit. Criminal history checks would be done if an employee were new to a position. This policy was approved as is.

980.00 Overpayment and Underpayments: There was a discussion regarding this policy. Employees must repay the full amount of any overpayment regardless of the cause of overpayment. Some employees don't always know what their base salary should be. Departments need to reconcile payroll. This policy was approved as is.

1240.00 Progress Discipline: MPEA asked for a written policy. There are grievance procedures in place. Under section C: Reasons Employees May Be Subject to Discipline and Discharge, 1-4 are rather gray issues. It was suggested that 1) failure to perform job duties in a satisfactory manner be changed to failure to perform job duties as outlined in the job description. Kerry will look into revision of wording.

There was a discussion on how we (CEPAC) can get everyone more informed. The staff bulletin will announce changes in policy.

Kerry Evans will be sending out a copy of the incentive pay policy approved by PEC. Incentive pay in different from achievement pay, which is related to MAP.

President Gamble said there would be money available for MAP bonuses.

The question was brought up that if wages were frozen, how would that effect MAP achievement pay?
Bonus Programs in place:

  1. Employee Recognition Award $500
  2. MAP Lump Sum
  3. Incentive Pay

Please send comments to Kerry Evans on policies.

Rich Stafford reported on the Board of Regents meeting. Regent Mercer is requiring campuses to create incentive pay. Also requiring Presidents Gamble and Dennison to document and log conversation with state representatives. Rich will be the spokesman for all four campuses at the January Board of Regents meeting. Rich requested that we send him any issues that need to be reported.

Rich also reported that PEC discussed: national trends show state funding is down; scholarship funds for Montana students; MSU is a good market for out of state students but we are losing Montana students; help the timber industry reorganize, compete with Canada.


Rich met with Tom Stump regarding use of sick leave for attending the Wellness Fair. There is a new policy for custodians. They do not need to use sick leave, just coordinate time off with their supervisor. Residence Life will go through time cards and anyone charged sick leave would be reimbursed.

Dan Wise brought up the fact that some lump sum bonuses that were supported by the department head have been denied when submitted to Personnel and Payroll. It was suggested that instead of the lump sum bonus the employee just receive overtime pay. There was a discussion on how that suggestion contradicts MAP. President Gamble had stated that he wanted to hear about any individual cases that were denied. The committee suggested the department head should address the issue with President Gamble first and then we could follow up.

Ray Byerly asked how groups not currently under MAP would be affected.


Due to the time, there was no discussion on new business.