February 12, 2003

Roll Call:

Unable to Attend: Rich Stafford, Dawn Watkins, Matt Blazievich, Rose Waldon, Sharon Pielaet, Sara France, Cindy Bridgewater.

The January 8, 2003 minutes will be approved at the next meeting.


Affirmative Action--Sharon Pielaet
No report

Benefits Committee--Carol Shannon
The Benefits Committee plans to hold meetings on February 26, 2003 at 12:00, 2:00 & 4:00 to discuss the option for subsidizing the cost of health insurance for lower paid employees, which has been proposed by the board of regent member John Mercer. The meeting is to coincide with Glen Leavitt, who is the Director of Benefits for the University System. The InterUnits of the University system will meet the first week of March to determine the Benefits program for the next year. The consensus of the CEPAC committee is that an email and flier should be sent to all of the staff regarding the subsidizing proposal before the February meeting. It was suggested that this information should come from Don Mathre and President Gamble's office. The Benefits committee will discuss changes in prescription coverage. A proposed increase of ten dollars on the medical insurance of employees with dependents. Jeannette Radcliff expressed concerns to the Benefit's committee that with funding being cut that it will affect the wellness intramural program; the committee recommended that she work with Kirk Keller of Wellness to brain storm.

Personnel--Sharon-Pielaet and Rich Stafford
No report.

Traffic Appeals--Dan Wise
Nothing new to report.


Bonnie White
Report on the Montana legislative joint education sub committee that visited the MSU Campus, January 29, 2003. The three groups from campus presented their concerns to the committee. The faculty committee had a prepared statement that was presented to the legislative committee and was read to the CEPAC committee. Jim Mitchell repre- senting the Professional Committee expressed concern that MSU was not keeping up with the salaries in competing with the private sector and will lose personnel to higher paying jobs. Rich Stafford Chair of CEPAC explained to the committee the people who are the classified employees. He talked about fee waivers for families of MSU employees and he talked about the TIP Incentive Award Program-to improve productivity. The sub committee members indicated the legislature is considering giving $44 this year and $55 next year toward the health insurance for university employees, this has been recommended by the Governor.

Susan Alt
Came to the CEPAC meeting and wanted to get feed back concerning the proposed subsidizing program and the planned Benefits campus wide meeting. Susan Indicated that it would be difficult for employee relations to administrate the program and to determine what employees should be subsidized. Buck consulting firm reported that the University Health Benefits is in the black. There was discussion about a bill in the legislature that would give University employees a 4% raise. Susan was questioned concerning the proposal to pay every two weeks instead of monthly. The proposal was sent to President Gamble and the present indication was that it would be very costly to change from the present pay plan. There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.