April 9, 2003

Roll Call:

Unable to Attend: Cindy Bridgewater, Bob O'Driscoll, and Rose Waldon


Sharon Pielaet reported that Carol Shannon has received CEPAC's announcement to classified staff and will send it as soon as Alan Porter has been able to update Banner with any new/amended classified email addresses.

Craig Roloff has not yet responded to Rich Stafford's request for information regarding the potential number of participants (on the Bozeman campus) in the proposed health insurance subsidy.

Bonnie White continues to work on composing a letter to the legislative committee, following CEPAC's loss of presentation time resulting from the committee's late arrival on campus. At a meeting (April 1) with President Gamble, Rich Stafford raised this issue, and the President apologized for the loss of time. He committed the MSU administration to making every effort to prevent future occurrences and requested the opportunity to comment on, or add to, CEPAC's letter before its dispatch to the legislative committee.

Rich Stafford reported further on his April 1st meeting with President Gamble, in which he raised the following issues:

President Gamble was supportive of the issues and CEPAC's efforts.

CEPAC members discussed the fee waiver issue in greater detail, with particular reference to the draft questionnaire submitted by Rich Howard. Rich Howard had not provided Rich Stafford with any information about how the fee waiver would work, if implemented, but Rich Stafford's understanding was that data compiled through this questionnaire would be used in conjunction with similar information gathered at regional peer institutions. The aim is to be prepared to provide supporting data as/when the fee waiver proposal proceeds towards implication. Rich reported that President Gamble was in disagreement with a faction of the Board of Regents who see the fee waiver as a "free gift". He supports the proposal as a "discount", since students whose tuition fees are waived still generate funds to the university (and provide economic benefit to the community).

Rich Howard pointed out that the logistics of sending the survey, and computing its results, have not been finalized. CEPAC members identified several inconsistencies within the wording of the questionnaire (e.g. the potentially misleading use of the term "scholarship fund" rather than fee waiver; the apparent ineligibility of children above, or below, the traditional high school/college age; the request that employees without children not participate in the survey - and yet the survey would be more productive if it included data on the numbers of employees who would never utilize such a benefit, etc).


One amendment to the minutes of the March 13, 2003 minutes was proposed (inclusion of the fact that the January and February meeting minutes were approved). Rich Stafford moved that, with this amendment, the minutes be approved. Dan Wise seconded, and the minutes were approved.


Affirmative Action - Sharon Pielaet

The committee has not met; nothing to report.

Benefits Committee/Employee Wellness - Dawn Watkins

Re-enrollment for Choices will soon be due. Personnel and Payroll Services are offering two types of seminar: April 17, an informational session on the changes to the Choices plan; May 5-16, several "question/answer" sessions to assist employees complete their Choices enrollment paperwork. As usual, employees making no changes to their benefits need take no action.

There followed a discussion of possible budget cuts for FY04 and their potential impact on staffing levels, as well as about the MAP program in relation to reduced funding and increased workloads.

Dawn reported that one classified, one professional and one faculty employee were soon to be proposed to the President (and then the Commissioner) to participate in the task force being set up to investigate the health benefits' subsidy proposal.

Traffic Appeals - Dan Wise

Campus Police are being more consistent with ticketing, and the advance warning of towing has been very effective. CEPAC raised the question of infringements to the bicycle riding rules, on campus, and Dan acknowledged awareness of the problem.

University Planning Board

The Chair of the UPB has requested that Rose Waldon be permitted to extend her term of committee membership. CEPAC discussed the request. The time of the UPB meetings conflict with those of CEPAC and so Rose cannot attend both. Dan Wise moved that Rose be asked to remove herself from one committee or the other. Ray Byerly seconded, Rich Stafford was in favor and the motion passed. Rich Stafford will contact Rose in this respect.

Click here for the Board's March Minutes.

Space Management Committee

Click here for the Committee's April Minutes.


Rich Stafford had previously emailed Joyce Scott's (Deputy Commissioner for Academic and Student Affairs) March 21st letter to CEPAC members. He asked for comment. Ms. Scott is requesting three-four names of people willing to participate in interviewing Commissioner candidates, in Helena, mid-May/June. Some members had voiced interest, depending on exact dates. Rich suggested that CEPAC be represented by at least one member who will be on the committee next year, and so able to report back. The CEPAC members present felt that we should have more exact information regarding the dates and time commitment before recommending anyone to the task. Rich will contact Ms. Scott.

There being no other new business, the meeting was closed.


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