September 10, 2003

Roll Call


It was noted that Cindy Bridgewater resigned and Matt Blazicevich term expired so we will need to find replacements.

There was discussion on several items in the previous minutes.

Bonnie White will follow up with Craig Roloff on Rich Stafford's request for information regarding the potential number of participants (on the Bozeman campus) in the proposed health insurance subsidy.

The fee waiver for classified staff and/or their families continues to be as issue. The question of whether the fee waiver can be used by other family members if passed over by the employee is what's being proposed; it hasn't been passed.

Along with the fee waiver is the availability of classes for classified staff. Some of our classified employees don't have access to computers and CEPAC doesn't have funds available to do a mailing. We want to do a survey to determine several things. Are people interested in classes after hours or online? If so, what classes are available? What restrictions keep employees from utilizing the fee waiver benefit?

We discussed ways to get more input from our constituents. The more we (CEPAC) contact people; they will become familiar with our committee. Hopefully they would feel more comfortable to bring up any issues of concern. Sara France will do some investigation into doing a staff survey. Diane Wyn said in order to reach all new employees; the telephone database needs to be updated by departments. Dawn Watkins will check into sending a new hire list to Telephone Services.

The feasibility study of staff being paid twice a month has been completed. Dawn Watkins advised Craig Roloff is reviewing it.

It was decided we would ask President Gamble to attend the November meeting. We want to have our goals lined out (see below).


Sharon Pielaet moved that the May 14, 2003 minutes be approved as read. Ellen Huber seconded and the minutes were approved.


Chair - Bonnie White, as Chair-Elect from last year, will become Chair
Chair-Elect - Bob O'Driscoll was elected.
Secretary - Sara France was elected.
Committee Manager - Ray Byerly and Rick Patera were elected co-managers.


Diane Wyn brought up the fact that union exempt classified staff needs to be informed of union related issues once they are in place. Kerry Evans said this information is sent to Deans, Directors, and Department Heads. All information needs to be passed on to supervisors. It was also brought up that non-voting members do not get union information even though they pay union dues.

Establishment of Goals for the Year

  1. Continue lines of communication with classified employees
  2. Make sure every employee has an email account and access to a computer to be part of communication network. Get clarification on when they can access email.
  3. Make sure campus information is distributed.
  4. Pursue funding source for committee to do mailings, etc.
  5. Tuition fee waiver for staff and family
  6. Further understand MAP - link to Personnel; communication and perception - are they more "pro-administration" than pro-classified?
  7. Promote feedback from constituents - one suggestion was a campus-wide list serve for classified employees

Due to the time, it was decided to continue the discussion on goals to the next meeting. Meeting was adjourned.


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