October 8, 2003

Roll Call


Nancy Topel moved that the minutes of the September 10, 2003 meeting be approved. Ellen Huber seconded, and the motion passed.


Kerry Evans was absent, and no information was available regarding replacing Cindy Bridgewater or Matt Blazicevich on the Committee.

No information has been forthcoming from Craig Roloff regarding the health insurance subsidy issue.

No further information was available to the meeting regarding the possibility of staff being paid twice a month.

President Gamble will attend CEPAC's December meeting.

It was agreed that the Secretary would pass on to Susan Alt, Director, Personnel & Payroll the report that union exempt employees may not be receiving notification of policy changes following contract ratification.


Affirmative Action Committee: Sharon Pielaet reported that she is a member of this committee but had never been called to serve. Sharon spoke recently to Marj Brown in Affirmative Action to make sure that she had missed no meetings. Marj explained that there had been no policy changes, nor personnel issues, to discuss and, therefore, the committee had not met. However, Marj had said that once Affirmative Action has moved to its new office, and has more staff, the committee is likely to meet on a regular basis.

Benefits Committee: Carol Shannon reported that the Benefits Committee meets next week.

Space Management Committee: Rose Waldon had submitted a written report of the Space Management Committee's meeting of October 3, 2003. The Committee had approved the use of a software package for classroom/event scheduling and the matter has been passed to the President's office for approval. The Analytical Lab will not be moving to Marsh lab due to a conflict with chemicals and insect growth in the entomology area. Entomology will be moving to Marsh Lab from leon Johnson Hall and will retain use of the Insect Research Labs North and South. A general discussion was help on a policy for classroom use (eg turning over a classroom for departmental use). It was decided that each case should be handled on a case-by-case basis.

The University Facilities Planning Board: Rose Waldon submitted a note in this regard also. The Board is still discussing the antenna policy.


Last month's suggestions for goals for the year were reviewed, discussed, and refined. Sara France moved, Sharon Pielaet seconded, and the Committee approved the adoption of the following goals:
  1. Continue lines of communication with classified employees; promote feedback from constituents; make sure campus information is distributed; ensure that every employee has an email account and access to a computer.
  2. Pursue funding source for the Committee.
  3. Pursue the possibility of amendments to the Board of Regents policy regarding the staff/faculty fee waiver.
  4. Further understand MAP.
Bob O'Driscoll requested each Committee member bring to the November 12th meeting information/suggestions necessary to facilitate: Carol Shannon made several helpful suggestions regarding various goals. These included advertising in the Staff Bulletin (to increase campus awareness of CEPAC's work), pursuing communication with the Faculty Council (to perhaps link our efforts on common issues, such as the fee waiver amendments), and maintaining regular meetings between the CEPAC Chair and President Gamble (to enhance two-way communications between staff and administrators).


As the meeting progressed, a list of items for discussion with Dr Gamble in December was compiled: Bonnie White reported that a Board of Regents meeting will be held on campus in November. The Committee agreed that details of the public portions of the Regents' visit should be advertised. The Secretary will make an announcement, and include the information on the web site.

Bonnie White also reported her election to the FMCS Grant Committee (a labor management group). The first meeting is in Helena on October 15th (if Bonnie is unable to attend, Bob O'Driscoll will substitute). Information about the committee suggests that it might be another forum in which to raise several of the items before CEPAC, such as the fee waiver amendment.

Carol Shannon brought CEPAC's attention to increasing concern on campus over the vulnerability of non-public information, especially employees' and students' social security numbers. Gretchen Gilkey remarked that the Personnel and Payroll Department is pursuing methods to increase security, and Carol said she has met with Susan Alt in this regard.

Sara France reported on the outcome of the Fee Waiver Survey thus far (see attached documentation). Sara agreed to draft CEPAC's letter to Dr Gamble in response to his May 14th request for information in this regard. The Committee thanked Sara for conducting the survey, and preparing the feedback for discussion. It was agreed that the report of the survey would be made available on the web site, and that an announcement would be made drawing people's attention to the additional information (subsequent to our original announcement) now available. A discussion was held over how the Committee wished to respond to certain participants' questions raised via the survey. It was agreed that CEPAC has no mediation role between classified staff, their supervisors, or the administration as a whole. Rather, that CEPAC is intended to promote and facilitate communications. Sara was asked to reply to these respondents appropriately.

It was evident that many people would like the fee waiver to be transferable to family members, and that part-time staff would like at least a pro-rated benefit. Also, a wish for Extended Studies/Continuing Education courses to be included was voiced. CEPAC will use this feedback in its efforts to negotiate amendments to the Board of Regents fee waiver policy.

There being no other business, Nancy Topel moved that the meeting be adjourned. Ellen Huber seconded, and the motion passed.


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