November 12, 2003

Roll Call


Nancy Topel moved that the minutes of the October 8, 2003 meeting be approved. Ellen Huber seconded, and the motion passed.


Kerry Evans reported that nomination forms, with respect to replacing Cindy Bridgewater and Matt Blazicevich, will be mailed today with a return deadline of November 21. Ballots will subsequently be prepared.

Dawn Watkins reported that a task force has been formed to research the health insurance subsidy issue, but has yet to meet.

Dawn Watkins reported that the possibility of staff being paid twice a month is an issue which has been passed to President Gamble.

Sara France read Susan Alt's response to Sara's email regarding communication of union policies to non-union members. Susan confirmed that dissemination of information is the responsibility of the Dean/Director/Department Head but that collective bargaining agreements are available on-line, and Personnel & Payroll Services are always available to answer contract-related questions. It was agreed that the Secretary would forward this email to Diane Wyn, who had raised the issue originally.

Sara France had prepared a document as an update to the fee waiver survey. The dominant themes communicated by the survey respondents are that they appreciate the fee waiver as a significant benefit, but would like it to: be transferable to family members; be available to part-time staff, perhaps on a pro-rated basis; and include Extended Studies/Continuing Education courses. Bonnie White will forward the written update to Dr. Gamble ahead of the December 12th meeting.

The following progress measures were applied to each Fiscal Year 2004 CEPAC goal:

  1. Continue lines of communication with classified employees
    • instigate regular updates to the MSU classified listserv, and make announcements over the listserv as necessary
    • advertise in the Staff Bulletin before each monthly meeting, and at other times as appropriate
    • regularly update and maintain the CEPAC web site
  2. promote feedback from constituents
    • provide a "comments box" on the CEAPC web site via which anyone may bring any issue to CEPAC's attention
    • make CEPAC members' contact information readily available via the web site
    • solicit reponses on special issues
  3. make sure campus information is distributed
    • CEPAC has identified employees of Residence Life and Facilities Services as most likely to experience difficulty in accessing electronic communication
    • include information about CEPAC in the literature distributed to new classified employees at new staff orientation
    • provide hard copy flyers to Residence Life and Facilities Services when deemed appropriate
  4. ensure that every employee has an email account and access to a computer
    • review previous CEPAC communications with Residence Life and Facilities Services Administrators to establish whether such services are available throughout these areas
    • include information about the availability of this resource in the literature distributed to new classified employees at new staff orientation
    • request specific funding from Dr. Gamble for a faculty/staff mailing reminding everyone that this facility is available campus-wide
  5. pursue funding source for the Committee
    • develop budget line items and costs and suggest who should administer the funds
    • present budget to President Gamble
  6. pursue the possibility of amendments to the Board of Regents policy regarding the staff/faculty fee waiver
    • research (prior to the 12/12 meeting)the impact of the MPEA contract ratification and the extent of classified staff this covers (union exempt staff?)
    • bear in mind other unions' ongoing contract negotiations
    • solicit President Gamble's input in how best to proceed with this issue
  7. further understand MAP
    • invite Martha Sellers and Laura Underkofler to a CEPAC meeting
    • CEPAC members to informally research classified employees' concerns about MAP
    • formulate specific questions for Martha and Laura

The following line items were deemed appropriate for inclusion in a budget for CEPAC:

  1. CEPAC Chair travel to Board of Regents' meetings
    • in-state meal reimbursement per deum allowances
    • State car usage, or own car mileage reimbursement as per State allowance, for meetings in Missoula, Great Falls, Helena, Havre, Billings, Dillon, Miles City, and Kalispell
    • over night lodging, as per per deum allowances, as necessary (estimated two meetings per year)
  2. CEPAC Vice Chair travel to one Board of Regents' meeting
    • (mileage as per Chair travel)
    • in-state meal reimbursement per deum allowances
    • over night lodging as per per deum allowances, as necessary (only necessary if required meeting is remote)
  3. Mailing to Classified Staff
    • bulk mailing fees
    • copying of document to mail
  4. Copies
    • copies of CEPAC documentation for distribution at Board of Regents and other meetings

The following communications were confirmed as having been established:

  1. -with classified staff
    • the CEPAC membership list and email links has been updated
    • the MSU classified listserv will be regularly updated and utilized
    • the CEPAC web site has been revamped
    • regular announcements in the Staff Bulletin have been made
  2. -the CEPAC Chair attends the monthly meetings of the Faculty Council
  3. -the CEPAC Chair and Vice Chair will schedule individual meetings with the President as necessary


MUS Systemwide Labor Management Committee - listed on the 11/12/03 agenda as FMCS Committee: Bonnie White reported on the meeting of October 15. Bonnie was invited to serve on this committee which was originally established through the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service Grant to look into the feasibility of the MAP program. The committee comprises labor and management from all campuses. It gave input at the outset of the MAP studies, and has continued to do so as the program developed. Although the grant has now run out, the committee still stands. It has special interest in MAP, but also in other issues (eg fee waivers, educational opportunities, incentive programs, supervisor training, etc). Bonnie's report next month will contain more information about the hierarchical structure of the committee and to whom it reports.

Benefits Committee: Carol Shannon sent a report from the Benefits Committee. In summary, the university system program is currently in good financial health. However, there is concern over ever increasing medical and pharmacy costs and where the benefits program will stand in about two years' time.

There were no other committee reports. Kerry Evans volunteered to produce a list of committee members so that CEPAC can ensure that all the appropriate people are included on the CEPAC listserv, and to assist Ray Byerly and Rick Patera in gathering committee reports each month.


It was noted that President Gamble had a scheduling conflict on December 10, and the December meeting has been moved to December 12, 9-11am, Bradley Conference Center. Potential classified staff participation in the December meeting was discussed. Bonnie White volunteered to reserve a larger room in Wilson Hall in case the numbers warrant more space.

A list of items for discussion with Dr Gamble was compiled:

It was recommended that Bonnie White send Dr Gamble details of our proposed agenda. She thought this might be best handled in a short, personal meeting. It was also decided that Bonnie and Bob O'Driscoll would use this meeting to present CEPAC's request for funding.

The Committee postponed discussion of how to pursue its current goals until after the December meeting.


  1. Board of Regents Meeting, November 19-21, 2003 Bonnie White will consult with Susan Alt's advice regarding the fee waiver issue in relation to the status of current union contracts (MPEA has settled, but other unions have not)
  2. Bonnie reported that the public is welcome to attend the meetings on Thursday, November 20 and lobby Regents during any scheduled breaks on the agenda.
  3. Copies of CEPAC minutes and other documentation
    • it was agreed that, to minimize copying costs, CEPAC members would download and print their own copies of minutes and other documentation from the CEPAC web site. The Chair would no longer provide copies at meetings. The Secretary will mail hard copies to Nancy Topel since electronic communications are problematic for her.
  4. To Improve Productivity (TIP) Incentive Award Program
    • Bonnie White reported having received information about the TIP program from Glenn Puffer, and also a request for a CEPAC member to serve on the awards committee as needed. CEPAC members should contact Bonnie not later than November 19 if they are interested in serving.

There being no other business, Nancy Topel moved that the meeting be adjourned. Ellen Huber seconded, and the motion passed.


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