February 11, 2004

Roll Call


Eileen Baker moved that the minutes of the January 14, 2004 meeting be approved. Ellen Huber seconded and the motion passed.


MUS Systemwide Labor Management Committee - Bonnie White and Sara France gave a brief report on their presentation of the MAP Survey at the 2/3/04 MUS-LMC meeting, in Helena. The meeting was interested in CEPAC's work, and asked several questions. The other campuses represented at the meeting all appeared to be dealing with similar issues and a MAP Update (from all campuses combined) will be submitted to the Board of Regents by MUS-LMC, in March as well as CEPAC's individual submission. CEPAC-equivalent representatives were present from other campuses and, together, they decided to present similar subject matter at the next Board of Regents meeting, in March. Each campus will present salary data and information regarding the number of employees who find it necessary to work more than one job to provide for their basic financial needs.

There were no other committee reports.


There was no further information regarding the insurance subsidy program.

Twice-monthly checks issue: Susan Alt reported that the preliminary submission to President Gamble had been returned to Personnel and Payroll Services for further work. A discussion took place over CEPAC's potential role in expediting an outcome to this issue, and it was agreed that no action was appropriate pending completion of the current work by Personnel and Payroll Services. Susan hoped to be able to let CEPAC know a date by which the current phase of the project might be completed, by the March 10 meeting.

It was agreed that, due to the amount of work on today's agenda, the issue of pursuing CEPAC's goals would be postponed until next meeting.

Sara France reported that, having obtained a copy of President Rourke's original letter regarding "email for everyone", CEPAC was now in a position to draft a mailing. She suggested that other pertinent information should be included on the same document. Sara was asked to prepare a draft for the March meeting. A discussion took place regarding the inadequacies of the classified staff listserv in reaching food service, residence life and facilities services staff who don't use email. Sara agreed to contact Tom Stump and John Ford to ask for mailing lists in these areas. Particular emphasis was placed on the relevance of these employees' input to the salary and multiple-jobs data currently being collected for the Board of Regents' March meeting.

Sara France reported that the MUS Labor Management Committee had spent time (2/3/04) discussing its role with regard to the dependent partial fee waiver program to be introduced this summer. MUS-LMC had pointed out that this is a pilot scheme and the Committee would have input into its future development. Sara suggested that this might be the appropriate forum through which to present the findings of CEPAC's fee waiver survey from 2003. MUS-LMC aim to discuss the matter further after enrollment figures are in from Fall 2004. CEPAC's submission should coincide with this meeting.

Fees for gymnasium facilities - a discussion took place in this regard, and with respect to a comment that had been submitted to CEPAC via the web site comments box. This lead to discussion of other comments received in a similar way. These largely focused on parking. The two discussions became intermingled when the difficulty of parking to use the gymnasium was raised. Bonnie White undertook to invite representatives from University Police, Wellness, and Intramurals and Recreation to a forthcoming meeting to address these issues more fully.

It was agreed that some of the staff's comments, received in connection with CEPAC's solicitation of salary/job data, would be useful to Dr. Gamble for his "salaries book".

It was noted that the comment period for the Five Year Plan has passed, but several Committee members had made individual comment. The final document is due to be published shortly.

Dr. Gamble had asked to be invited to return to CEPAC to discuss staff recognition celebrations. The Committee felt it would also be useful to meet with him following the March Board of Regents meeting. Bonnie White will find out whether Dr. Gamble feels the CEPAC April or May meeting would be better (depending on how quickly feedback might be available from the Regents). Whichever meeting Dr. Gamble does not use, will be offered for the wellness/parking discussion.

Susan Alt had requested, at the January meeting, CEPAC's involvement in formulating development and training programs for classified staff. She stipulated, today, that a letter to UPBAC in support of her budget adjustment request for funding for such programs would be appreciated. Sara France undertook to prepare a draft for the March meeting. A discussion then took place on the types of training that might result, and on other kinds of training (such as safety and first aid) that were already being put in place on campus).

Susan Alt delivered to the meeting a memo requesting CEPAC's nominations for two classified union representatives and one classified union exempt representative for the Bozeman MAP Advisory Committee. Candidates should be covered by the MAP program. Sara France undertook to announce the formation of the committee on the classified listserv, and CEPAC members will email nominations to Sara, or Bonnie. Sara will be out of town 2/18-27 and so Bonnie White will forward the nominations to President Gamble by the February 27th deadline.

It was noted that Professional Council are moving ahead with their survey of MAP supervisors. They had requested a copy of CEPAC's survey and the Committee hopes that a lot of the same questions will be asked so that the resulting data will be comparable.

Personnel and Payroll Services have published Flexible Pay option statistics on the web, and there is a link to it from CEPAC's MAP Survey page. A discussion took place regarding the information provided in answer to Dan McGuire's question about application sources. It was agreed that Personnel and Payroll Services hadn't been recording data with such detailed statistics in mind and what Dan had hoped to see (identification of departments involved) is not currently possible. More discussion ensued regarding the problems of funding Flexible Pay and Achievement Pay options. It was agreed that these issues should be raised with the MAP Advisory Committee.

It was noted that some outcomes from the MAP Survey that could be handled at the campus level(eg the problem of goals not encompassing a sufficient percentage of critical elements of the job); and others that would require consistency throughout the Montana University System. It was agreed, therefore, that CEPAC's March meeting would separate those items to be pursued locally and progress them to Personnel and Payroll Services immediately, with the intention of effecting some change for the next MAP cycle (in June). The remaining issues will be placed before the MAP Advisory Committee.

Due to lack of time, the meeting moved to the agenda item dealing with the draft Board of Regents letter, prepared at a special meeting 1/28. The final draft was read aloud, and final changes made. The letter will be signed by Bonnie White, as CEPAC Chair, but each Committee member's name will be listed as having approved the mailing. The annotated, numerical data will be included as an attachment, and Bonnie White asked that Sara France be credited with the document's preparation. Matt Blazicevich moved that the letter be sent as amended. Sharon Pielaet seconded and the motion passed. Sara France will send a copy to Dr. Gamble prior to mailing hard copies to each Regent, and email copies will be supplied to CEPAC members.

Susan Alt commended the Committee on its work with the MAP Survey.

Ray Byerly asked Susan Alt what impact to the campus, if any, exists as a result of the entire staff not being covered by MAP. The only issue Susan identified was that nonparticipants do not qualify for flexible pay options or achievement pay.

A very brief discussion of other items on the agenda followed, but as the time allotted for the meeting had expired, all further business was deferred to March 10.


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