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July 14, 2004

Roll Call


Matt Blazicevich moved that the minutes of the June 9, 2004 meeting be approved. Genevieve Burmeister seconded and the motion passed.


Fee Waiver Issues - Sara France had circulated a draft letter for submission to the Montana University System Labor Management Committee. It was clarified that the policy amendments CEPAC is seeking are in respect to the Board of Regents' Fee Waiver Policy, and not additions to the union-negotiated dependent fee waiver pilot scheme. Sara was asked to forward the letter to MUS-LMC.

Invitations to guests for Fall meetings - Quint Nyman, MPEA, is scheduled to attend the October meeting. Craig Roloff is on leave on the date of the August meeting. Sara France explained that she had not yet offered him September as she is unable to attend the September 8th meeting and wondered whether CEPAC wished to designate a temporary secretary for September, or to reschedule the meeting. The Committee elected to hold September's meeting on the 15th and to invite Craig then. Bonnie White said that Kala French, the new student Regent, had expressed interest in meeting CEPAC members and observing a meeting. She and Sara France also reported on recent discussions they had had about inviting representatives from ASMSU. Bonnie will contact the students appropriately and encourage them to attend any meetings that suit them.

Electronic Elections - Sara France and Kerry Evans will set up an appointment to meet with Allen Porter early next month.

Administrative Support for CEPAC - Sara France reported on the status of the creation of the administrative support position. Copies of the proposal submitted to President Gamble had been circulated. Bonnie White reported that the role description has been submitted to Personnel and Payroll Services for classification. The CEPAC subcommittee working on this issue will meet with Professional and Faculty Council officers, and their administrative assistant immediately following this CEPAC meeting. To avoid potential conflict of interest, it was noted that Sara had not been involved in the creation of the role description, and left the room during its discussion, in case she chose to apply for the position at any time in the future.

July Board of Regents Meeting - Bonnie White, Bob O'Driscoll and Sara France met with President Gamble on July 1, 2004 to outline CEPAC's upcoming presentation to the Board of Regents (and to present the Administrative Support proposal). Bonnie White reported on her attendance at the Regents meeting. Missoula, Billings and Bozeman classified staff were represented. Bonnie highlighted the document previously sent to the Regents and CEPAC received many compliments on our achievements. Bonnie said she asked Regent Semmens for an update on the national salary study he had mentioned at the March meeting, to which he replied September 1, 2004. Bonnie said she went on to ask whether, should the study indicate MUS salaries to be incompatible nationally, would the Regents formulate a long term plan remedying the discrepancies. Bonnie said that Regent Semmens and Commissioner Stearns both replied yes. Bonnie reported that the MUS classified representatives afterwards discussed possible presentations for the November Regents' meeting. An idea was to arrange a bus from each campus of as many classified staff as were willing to take leave to go. With advance warning to the Regents, such attendees might speak briefly on specific issues. It was agreed that such an event would require coordination, planning and finance, and CEPAC would investigate the possibility of arranging it for Bozeman staff.


TIP Incentive Award Program Committee - Sara France reported that the committee met in June and she understands that the scheme will be operable in August.

MAP Advisory Committee - Sara France reported on three main issues of interest to CEPAC arising from June 25 meeting. (1) President Gamble has made an announcement about shared governance and leadership mentioning MAP. Sara France is under the impression that this is the announcement Susan Alt reported as forthcoming at CEPAC's June meeting. (2) MAP-AC has been invited to partner with Professional Council in its production of the MAP supervisors' survey. (3) A subcommittee was formed to produce a short and to the point informational statement about goal setting for immediate circulation. The subcommittee will eventually produce a web application of information, guidelines, and instructions for each MAP component.


Comments Box - no comments were received this month.


Election of Officers - with so many CEPAC members absent today, it was agreed to postpone the paper ballot election of officers.

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 11.00 am.


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