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August 11, 2004

Roll Call


Sheron McIlhattan moved that the minutes of the July 14, 2004 meeting be approved and the motion passed.


TIP Incentive Award Program Committee - Sara France reported that the committee met in June and she understands that the scheme will be operational very soon.

MAP Advisory Committee - Sara France reported that the subcommittee had produced a short and to the point informational statement about goal setting which has been circulated. The subcommittee is slated to present its design for a web application of information, guidelines, and instructions for the performance evaluation component of MAP to the whole committee on August 13th.

Bob O'Driscoll asked whether any discussion was taking place following completion of the MAP pay options cycle, with particular reference to usage of the centralized funding for lump sum bonuses. Sara reported that numbers had been circulated and that she would obtain them for CEPAC.

Health Insurance Subsidy Task Force - Dawn Watkins reported that recommendations are slated for presentation to the I.U.B.C. in September.

MSU Labor Management Committee - Susan Alt confirmed the next meeting as scheduled for September 14th.

MUS Labor Management Committee - Susan Alt confirmed the next meeting as being postponed until October, 2004.

Strategic Planning and Budget Committee - Bonnie White reported that CEPAC has been asked to submit nominees for the classified vacancy on this committee. Names have been requested by early next week. Sara France was asked to make the usual announcement on the classified listserv.

Tactical Teams - Goal II, 5 Year Vision - Kathy Hendricks, Chair of the Staff Team, and Susan Alt, Chair of the Professional Team presented information on the creation of these brainstorming groups. They asked for CEPAC's nominations - to forward to President Gamble via VP Roloff. The significant commitment being asked of Team members, and the intense time frame were reviewed. CEPAC will post an announcement in areas appropriate to staff who do not commonly use e-mail, and to announce the same information via the classified listserv. Upon receipt of volunteers, CEPAC members will contact each person to answer questions and to further discuss their interest in each tactical team. Names will then be forwarded to Kathy and Susan.

Benefits Committee - Jodie DeLay and Carol Shannon gave an update to the May 12, 2004 report. Brief history: the administration of the university system's health insurance program was put out to bid for a new contract commencing July 1, 2004, as the previous contract was expiring. Allegiance received the most points in the RFP process and was recommended as the successful bid. Blue Cross Blue Shield submitted a counter bid and matched the costs offered by Allegiance. Due to concerns about Allegiance's coverage, including an insufficient network of providers in Bozeman, MSU requested confirmation of the contract be delayed. Blue Cross Blue Shield was given a one year contract extension at the lower bid price until June of 2005. The inter-units benefit committee has been asked to give a recommendation to Commissioner Stearns at the end of October as to whether Allegiance has built a satisfactory network in the Bozeman area and responded to other issues, or whether the contract should be re-bid. Jodie and Carol reported that meetings are scheduled to pursue complete and accurate communication around this issue, and to ensure MSU has opportunity to review the network documentation. Jodie and Carol will contact CEPAC officers when there are further updates and work with CEPAC to inform staff of any changes in the program's administration.


Invitations to guests for Fall meetings - Sara France confirmed that Craig Roloff (VP for Admin and Finance) will attend CEPAC's September 15th meeting, and Quint Nyman (MPEA) the October 13th meeting. Both guests will be present from 10-11 am and have been invited for conversation with CEPAC members and meeting attendees. Bonnie White reported that she would contact the ASMSU president, and the Student Regent inviting them to attend any/all meetings. At some time in the future, CEPAC would like to officially invite their conversation and participation in a meeting, also.

Electronic Elections - Kerry Evans reported that she and Sara France met with Allen Porter yesterday. Allen considered it possible to have a system be operational in time for CEPAC's spring 2005 elections. Fees for setting up this program appear minimal, if any exist at all. Allen will confirm. Kerry will provide Allen with the basic data necessary for the software to produce ballots in the next two weeks. Allen demonstrated a similar system currently operating for ASMSU from which CEPAC's would be adapted. Kerry and Sara thought this most appropriate for CEPAC's needs. They discussed with Allen the logistics of CEPAC assisting staff, unpracticed in the use of computers, in making their ballot selections, and no insurmountable problems were foreseen.

Administrative Support for CEPAC - Sara France requested that, if non-public information was to be disclosed in reporting on this subject, she be allowed time to leave the room to avoid potential conflict of interest as a possible applicant for the job. Bob O'Driscoll replied that nothing confidential would be discussed. He reported that the job announcement will be posted in the next couple of days, possibly as soon as this afternoon. It will be a campus only search. A selection committee was formed: Bob O'Driscoll, Bonnie White, Kerry Evans, Genevieve Burmeister, Robert Lack. Candidates will be interviewed by the selection committee, and by CEPAC as a whole. The selection committee will discuss whether or not to invite other participants to the interview process. Bonnie and Bob will follow up with Jim Rimpau on office space allocation, and with President Gamble's office on funding the office set up.

November Board of Regents Meeting - discussion was deferred to the September meeting.


FY04 Budget - Sara France reported some small additional charges to the budget since the report in May: Bonnie White's expenses in attending the July Board of Regents' meeting, and refreshments at CEPAC's June meeting.

Comments Box

  1. an anonymous comment was received about job advancement under the MAP program. The substance of the message was considered similar to comments already been considered by the MAP Advisory Committee.
  2. An identified author had written asking for confirmation of achievement pay eligibility. Sara France has researched the answer and CEPAC authorized her to pass it on with the suggestion that further questions be directed to Laura Underkofler.
  3. An identified suggestion had been sent to Sara (by e-mail rather than via the comments box) that CEPAC include fee waiver eligibility for retirees with the other recommendations being made to MUS Labor Management Committee. CEPAC will consider this suggestion and discuss next meeting.

Goals for 2004-05 - this item was deferred to the September meeting but Bob O'Driscoll charged the Committee to come prepared with goal ideas.


Election of Officers - with CEPAC members still absent, it was agreed to postpone the paper ballot election of officers until September.

September meeting - change of date - it was noted that the September meeting has been moved to September 15 (as per "Invitations to guests for Fall meetings" section of the July 14, 2004 minutes). Sara France undertook to advertize the change in the staff bulletin and over the classified listserv.

Letter from Commissioner Stearns - Bonnie White reported receiving a letter from Commissioner Stearns thanking CEPAC for "preparing such good materials" for the July Board of Regents meeting. She goes on to say that she agrees that "shared governance is making a big difference in staff 'ownership' of their campus".

There being no other business, the meeting closed at 11.00 am.


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