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November 10, 2004 completed on November 12, 2004

Roll Call - November 10

The regular CEPAC monthly meeting time for November (11/10/04, 9-11 am) was used for a shared governance meeting with Craig Roloff (Vice President for Administration and Finance) and President Gamble. Kala French, Student Regent was also welcomed to the meeting.

Craig was accompanied by Jo Oudshoorn, Director of Division Planning and Coordination. Together, they reviewed and explained the draft Division of Administration and Finance 5-year Strategic Plan, how it was derived and the process by which it will be refined and implemented. Due to the abstract nature of many of the strategies, it is not possible to define a schedule for implementation. However, Jo described an anticipated system of timely review and refinement for each item within the plan.

The meeting noted that the newly-created CEPAC office is contained within the Division of Administration and Finance, although not at a departmental level. Craig felt that CEPAC should now be involved in appropriate divisional retreats to offer another point of view. He said it was logical to have CEPAC involved in specific strategies. CEPAC recognized areas within the draft document in which the committee might play a useful role and offered its assistance wherever that might aid the refinement and implementation of the plan. Craig and Jo asked for feedback and input on the plan from the classified staff. Jo, having to leave the meeting at this point, was thanked for her presentation and explanation of the plan.

Next, Craig, Susan Alt and Dawn Watkins spoke about the Payroll Frequency Task Force Report, June 2004 (to be on-line via the Personnel and Payroll Services' web site in about a week). Craig gave an overview of the history of the report and how it addresses the perceived benefit to employees, of twice monthly checks, as well as the perceived administrative costs and logistical complications imposed by the current configuration of the Banner system. Pending any progress of the recommendations of the report, Personnel and Payroll Services has already begun work enhancing PPS systems to provide a more efficient payroll. Again, Craig asked for feedback and input from the classified staff.

At this point, President Gamble joined the meeting and discussion of various topics raised by CEPAC:

Time having run out at this point, Bob O'Driscoll thanked the President, Craig Roloff, and Kala French for attending, and the meeting adjourned until November 12.

Roll Call - November 12

It was noted that Robert Lack had requested a leave of absence from his duties as a CEPAC member, though he would return in due course. The CEPAC membership had approved this leave, as well as Ray Byerly's offer to temporarily fulfill Robert's responsibilities.


Matt Blazicevich moved that the minutes of the October 13, 2004 meeting be approved. Bonnie White seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.



CEPAC-nominated representatives' submissions describing campus committee activities are available via our Committees Page.

Other updates:

Sara France reported on the new system of electronic committee reporting submissions. It has proven difficult to obtain committee reports one week in advance of each CEPAC meeting because committees' meeting schedules don't coincide. CEPAC agreed that Sara would upload committee reports and CEPAC members would access them via the web. The CEPAC-nominated representative on each committee will still be encouraged to attend CEPAC meetings to answer questions about their report, to convey other important information and to generally participate in CEPAC business and communication.

Submitted reports can be accessed below but specific discussion was held in four areas:

  1. MUS Labor Management Committee - Genevieve Burmeister and Sara France reported on the MUS LMC meeting of 11/5/04 (details reported under LMC's listing below). Sara explained that she had unexpectedly been approached to fill, on behalf of CEPAC, the vacant labor co-chair position. Considering the positive implications of this for CEPAC, she had agreed to stand for election but was concerned that the CEPAC membership had not had the opportunity to consider the situation. Her eligibility for the duty does not compromise the Chair, or any other classified employee's, participation in the MUS LMC. CEPAC was encouraging of this event. Ray Byerly motioned that CEPAC concur with Sara France's appointment as labor co-chair to the MUS Labor Management Committee. Bonnie White seconded and the motion passed unanimously.
  2. CRUD - Bob O'Driscoll explained the existence of this unofficial committee (see CRUD's listing below) and explained its position within the realms of shared governance committees. He also reported having attended the University Governance Council Steering Committee meeting, November 10 (see below) at which CEPAC is currently an exofficio member.
  3. Classified Staff Tactical Team - Sara France (member of the team) encouraged CEPAC and its constituents to review the work of the team and to give appropriate feedback. Notes of the teams progress can be found at
  4. Benefits Committee - Jodie DeLay brought the Committee up to date (see Benefits Committee listing below).


    Communications from Constituents Sara France reported having received a response to CEPAC's office announcement from an off campus employee reminding CEPAC of the number of off campus classified employees and suggesting a meeting as/when possible. Sara had replied on behalf of CEPAC, enthusiastically taking up the suggestion of meeting. At this meeting, CEPAC wholeheartedly welcomed this opportunity. Sara will follow up with this, and other similar, employees.

    There being no other business, the meeting adjourned.


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