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January 12, 2005

Roll Call


Sheron McIlhattan moved that the minutes of the Decmeber 8, 2004 meeting be approved. Eileen Baker seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.



CEPAC-nominated representatives' submissions describing campus committee activities are available via our Committees Page.

Committee-related discussion:
Third Party Administrator Task Force. Janae Heap, member of the Third Party Administrator Task Force, has kindly agreed to communicate with CEPAC regarding Task Force activity. Janae attended today's meeting to bring CEPAC up to date.

Allegiance signed the Third Party Administrator contract on 12/20/04 and will assume the administration of the MUS health benefit plan on July 1. The Task Force is meeting bi-weekly and has found Allegiance to be cooperative and forthcoming. Dana Walker, the Allegiance representative for MUS, has provided the Task Force with a detailed implementation plan, preliminary provider lists, a plan for ensuring an adequate provider network serving our research centers across the State, and an undertaking to publish national provider lists in the near future. All this information, plus Frequently Asked Questions, is slated to be published on an Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE) web site by 1/31/05. It is the Task Force's understanding that the web site will be regularly updated with amendments and additions, as appropriate.

The Task Force anticipates the transition to Allegiance will be smooth and efficient. Should MUS employees/retirees be required to re-enroll, and if electronic enrollment is favored for this, CEPAC asked Janae to request that a facility for non-electronic enrollment also be provided.

Janae requested CEPAC's assistance in communicating with the classified staff to ensure the inclusion of the maximum number of providers in Allegiance's network. Janae will work with Sara France in this regard, contacting the staff as soon as the provider lists are published.

The question arose regarding affordability of premiums, and Susan Alt confirmed that the issue is slated for discussion at a benefits meeting in Butte today.

Strategic Planning Committee. Mark Reinholz reported that SPC has received about 200 tactics from the various Five Year Vision tactical teams. SPC is flushing out which tactics should be directed where. Those calling for business management philosophy change, rather than funding, will be directed to implementors other than UPBAC. UPBAC has requested, first, to receive items requiring funding for FY06. Mark stressed that SPC will address all 200 tactics, eliminate none.

Fitness Center Renovations. Sara France reported that Faculty Council had nominated a representative to both the Finance and the Design committee. It is the intention of these committees that these reps be responsible for communicating the needs of all campus employees. Sara has been in touch with them, and they are happy to keep in touch. She will provide them with more information (similar to any other committee rep) next week.

Communications with CEPAC-nominated Committee Representatives. Sara France reported having spoken to each CEPAC nominated committee representative. She recommended the formation of a formal "policy" for communications with reps, and Sheron McIlhattan volunteered to work with Sara on a draft document.

President's Executive Council. Bob O'Driscoll called attention to his report following the December 20th meeting regarding campus input on the "All Are Welcome Here" community resolution prior to signature by the President.

MUS Labor Management Committee. Sara France reported that the January meeting has been postponed, most likely until after the legislative, and bargaining sessions.


Communications via the CEPAC web site comments box. None had been received.


By Laws. Bonnie White circulated a draft document resulting from the work of the By Laws subcommittee. Some amendments were discussed immediately, and Bonnie requested all other input to be e-mailed to her no later than January 19th at 5:00 pm. Kerry Evans reminded CEPAC that, since the By Laws are part of Personnel and Payroll published policies, amendments are required to follow policy change procedures which could take 2-3 months.

Goals for 2004-05. CEPAC agreed that the goals document, circulated by Sara France in December, was comprehensive and accurate and was approved. Sara invited members interested in working with her on specific goals to contact her.

Board of Regents Meeting, March 17, 2005. Sara France reported that she is in the process of arranging a conference call with Staff Senates to formulate a plan for the March presentation. CEPAC discussed possible themes and topics, including salary, cost of living issues, and turnover. Personnel and Payroll Services are already working on providing turnover data, following the Regents' request to CEPAC/Senates in November. CEPAC acknowledged the value of continued presentations to the Regents, and of similar issues being brought to their attention via a variety of sources and means.

At 11:10 am, the meeting's business being concluded, Sheron McIlhattan moved, and Genevieve Burmeister seconded, and the meeting closed.


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