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February 9, 2005

Roll Call


Matt Blazicevich moved that the minutes of the January 12, 2005 meeting be approved with the amendment that the section relating to exercise facilities be entitled "Fitness Center Renovations" rather than "Romney Renovations". Sheron McIlhattan seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.



CEPAC-nominated representatives' submissions describing campus committee activities are available via our Committees Page.

Committee-related discussion:
MSU Labor Management Committee. Susan Alt reported that MSU LMC had convened via conference call on February 4 as a result of the MAP Advisory Committee proposing changes to the Performance Development form. The proposed survey of MAP supervisors is about to be conducted and, therefore, input from the supervisory viewpoint has not yet been received. MAP Advisory Committee has drafted a new form but is anxious that, unless general consensus is received that such changes are a significant improvement, adoption of a new form would not be advantageous to anyone. Should a new form be preferred, and MSU Northern has subsequently made suggestions for further improvement to the MAP-AC draft, a proposal for adoption would be subject to bargaining. A discussion followed on the preferred content of such a form.

MAP Advisory Committee is also working on MAP related web site issues and drawing from the central MAP site (the maintenance of the latter being the responsibility of the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education). Susan remarked on these MAP-AC activities as evidence of action upon CEPAC recommendations to, and questions of, MAP-AC. She acknowledged that such "culture" change is slow but things are happening as a result of CEPAC's work. Labor Management Committee meetings will likely be shelved now until conclusion of the bargaining process. LMCs are also re-examining their individual roles. Sara France added that the MUS LMC chairs are scheduling a conference call in anticipation of the usual presentation to the Board of Regents at the March meeting.

Bob O'Driscoll asked if MSU LMC had input to the anticipated questions about MAP from the Regents in March. Susan replied that Bozeman's MAP-AC/CEPAC/MSU LMC relationship is strong, keeping issues and momentum going in the search for improvements to strengthen the program.

Susan reported that Sara France had submitted CEPAC's agenda item relating to the Board of Regents Faculty/Staff Fee Waiver Policy (expansion of the policy to include prorated benefit to half time employees - deferred from MUS LMC to MSU LMC pending MUS LMC's reconvening). Susan reported that data in this regard remains incomplete and little LMC input was received. Consideration of priorities had been requested, however - i.e. would expansion of eligibility for the policy be a priority in preference over other benefits which might be under current consideration?

Third Party Administrator Task Force. Janae Heap, member of the Third Party Administrator Task Force, has confirmed that last month's request for CEPAC's assistance in communicating with the classified staff to ensure the inclusion of the maximum number of providers in Allegiance's network will likely be forthcoming in early March.

Fitness Center Renovations - review of information/communications. Bob O'Driscoll explained that University Governance Steering Committee had asked whether CEPAC would like to be included as an "author" of a memo to President Gamble offering feedback with respect to faculty input about the Fitness Center project. Information in this regard had been circulated to CEPAC members earlier in the week. The history of the situation was discussed, and an overview of the reported faculty, professional and classified feedback considered. Sara France reported that, other than personal and collective views delivered by Sheron McIlhattan, CEPAC had received no direct contact from constituents. As a result of the discussion, it was agreed that CEPAC's response would be that CEPAC is aware that some classified employees have raised issues and concerns, similar to those expressed by faculty, regarding the design for the renovations to the Fitness Center (and the proposed closure of the Romney facility). CEPAC respects these views. However, we have received insufficient feedback on which to base any formal statement, on behalf of our constituents, at this time.

Committee Representation Policy. Eileen Baker moved that the draft policy document be adopted, Genevieve Burmeister seconded and the motion passed unanimously. Sara France thanked Sheron McIlhattan for her assistance in writing the policy.

Classified Representation on Committees. Discussion deferred to March meeting.


Communications via the CEPAC web site comments box. Deferred to March meeting.

Board of Regents Faculty/Staff Fee Waiver Policy - status discussion. Deferred to March meeting (but see mention of topic under "MSU LMC" report, above).


Board of Regents Meeting, March 17, 2005. Bob O'Driscoll and Sara France briefly referred to the CEPAC/Senates conference call of January 26, and that CEPAC officers are slated to meet with President Gamble, March 2. Otherwise, discussion was deferred to the March meeting.

ITC Review. Sara France had circulated an invitation for CEPAC to give input into the extensive review of ITC being conducted later this month. Members undertook to participate in the meeting scheduled for February 28.

Parking Garage. Sheron McIlhattan drew members' attention to recent discussions on campus of the feasibility of constructing a parking garage. She recommended that CEPAC be vigilant about keeping abreast of public information and constituent input in this regard.

At 11:10 am, having run out of time, the meeting closed.


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