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March 9, 2005

Roll Call


Sheron McIlhattan moved that the minutes of the February 9, 2005 meeting be approved, with a couple of typographical corrections. Matt Blazicevich seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Apologies for Absence - February - Clara Sprague.



CEPAC-nominated representatives' submissions describing campus committee activities are available via our Committees Page.

Committee-related discussion:
Third Party Administrator Task Force. Janae Heap, member of the Third Party Administrator Task Force, had sent an update, and Dawn Watkins spoke of continued meetings with Allegiance every other week. Hold ups in the selection of hospital network members has delayed the publication of the provider list on the OCHE web site. However, Personnel and Payroll Services will shortly publish the Bozeman provider list via its web site. A discussion took place regarding Allegiance's proposed continued use of SSN rather than GID. The SSN will not appear on the membership card, but will play a role in the claims process. Dawn has repeatedly questioned this practice and will follow up again, asking for a description of the security processes Allegiance has in place, and establishment of the reasons why a GID cannot be substituted.

Dependent Health Insurance Premium Fee Waiver. Janae Heap, member of IUBC, had sent an update and Dawn Watkins reported that IUBC will vote tomorrow on recommending the proposed two year pilot program to the Commissioner. If approved by IUBC and the Commissioner, the issue will progress to the Regents this month. The pilot provides for employees making less than $30,000 annually (MSU income only, and without reference to spousal earnings) to apply for a waiver of the premium to cover dependent children ($60-100 per head). Funding for this pilot comes from the benefits pool.

Health Insurance Premiums. Dawn Watkins reported no premium increase, other than 4% for retirees.

Colonoscopy. Janae Heal, member of IUBC, had sent an update and Dawn Watkins reported that discussion of a plan to cover colonoscopy is under way. Preliminary ideas include the first free colonoscopy at aged 50; the regularity of screening thereafter is still under review.

Common Law Health Coverage. Montana recognises common law partners, and yet the current MUS health insurance policy does not provide coverage to unmarried couples. Dawn Watkins spoke of a proposal, on which IUBC will vote tomorrow, under which employees could cover unrelated adults via their health insurance eligibility. It is possible, if passed, that this plan will be presented to the Regents as soon as this month.

Fitness Center Renovations - review of information/communications. Bob O'Driscoll reported receiving a letter from President Gamble (2/9/05) apologizing for the inadequacy of opportunity for staff input into the Fitness Center project and providing for this to now take place. Sheron McIlhattan represented the classified staff at various subsequent meetings with the Design Committee and reported the details of her findings. Concerns communicated to Sheron focused mainly on changing rooms, showers, locker space, and the proposed use of a cool water swimming pool for the Young at Heart program. CEPAC agreed that our constituents' concerns have been met by the design now being offered. The only exception being the pool, but accommodations appear to be being researched here too. CEPAC has no clear understanding of how the $197,000 associated price tag will be funded, beyond the $100,000 already committed by the Administration. Further, we have no information regarding future employee user fees. CEPAC members stressed they could not support any additional financial burden, associated with this project, being placed upon the student body. Bob will attend University Governance Council this afternoon to give feedback, and to hear faculty and professional opinions. CEPAC's response to the President will be delivered tomorrow. It was agreed that the speedy solution of this problem indicates how well shared governance is working at MSU-Bozeman.

Parking. Differing experiences were reported related to the offering and receiving of input on the proposed parking garage project, but a general feeling of confusion was expressed. Bob O'Driscoll will raise the issue at University Governance Council Steering Committee meeting tomorrow. Although CEPAC is currently an exofficio member, we can obtain input from faculty, professionals and students via this venue.


Board of Regents Meeting, March 17, 2005. Sara France reported on the progress of data production for the meeting. Bob O'Driscoll, Genevieve Burmeister and Sara met with the President (3/3/05) to outline the proposed content of CEPAC's presentation. This will include a collaborative report with the other staff senates across the MUS on turnover, performance development and other MAP program refinements, MUS labor management committee status, and updates from CEPAC/senates on individual work.

President Gamble had shared with CEPAC officers a draft proposal of a professional employee compensation document. This was discussed briefly and any input will be forwarded to the President before the Regents' meeting.

At 11:20 am, having run out of time, the remaining agenda items were deferred until April, or electronic communication, and the meeting closed.


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