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September 14, 2005

Roll Call

  • Voting Members:
  • Genevieve Burmeister, Chair (for part of the meeting)
  • Eileen Baker
  • Mary Engel
  • Michelle Larsen, Chair-elect
  • Sheron McIlhattan
  • Matt Blazicevich
  • Steve Burk
  • Dan McGuire
  • Ray Byerly
  • Janae Heap
  • Non-voting Members:
  • Robert Friedrich (for part of the meeting)
  • Mark Reinholz
  • Clarinda Marcoff
  • Susan Alt (for part of the meeting)
  • Kerry Evans
  • Saralyn Sebern
  • Sue Martin
  • Carol Shannon (for part of the meeting)
  • Others Present:
  • Tammy Haas
  • Gail Slingsby
  • Sara France, CEPAC Administrative Associate


Matt Blazicevich moved that the minutes of the August 17, 2005 meeting be approved as written. Michelle Larsen seconded and the minutes were approved.

Apologies for Absence - none received


Genevieve Burmeister led a short orientation bringing members up to date with critical information: "who, what and where is CEPAC", and differetiated between voting CEPAC members (those elected to the Committee by the constituent groups) and nonvoting members (CEPAC-nominated committee representatives and ex-officio members). Genevive also introduced the people present at today's meeting.


  • By Laws - Kerry Evans reported that the CEPAC By Laws, 2005 have been adopted and are incorporated in the Personnel Procedures Manual.
  • Proposed Creation of a Shared Governance Council - Genevieve Burmeister reviewed the gist of the current proposal to create a non-voting forum for policy discussion and information exchange among the partners in Shared Governance, to be known as Shared Governance Council. Genevieve reported that the University Governance Council Steering Committee has recommenced its weekly meetings and progression of the proposed Shared Governance Council is slated for the agenda.
  • Board of Regents Genevieve Burmeister, Michelle Larsen and Sara France reviewed the progress of their research into the staff professional development and training ideas discussed with the Regents in July. Support for the concept of pooling MUS resources to provide for varying levels of need is evident, and the principle of web-based coordination of services appears feasible. Sara read a further letter from the Commissioner of Higher Education supporting CEPAC's, and its equivalent organizations' (the "Senates") work. CEPAC has arranged a conference call among the Senates for later this month.

    Professional Council had informed CEPAC that the latest draft of the Professional Pay Plan and Philosophies will be discussed by the Regents this month.


  1. Concerns Raised via the Comments Box - Sara France reported receiving a request that CEPAC look into the increase in gym pass membership fees, as of October. The inquirer (anonymous) felt that the remodeling costs should not be passed on to staff users. Sheron McIlhattan, the CEPAC member most closely involved in delivering classified input into the Fitness Center Renovations Project recapped the meetings of last semester. A lengthy discussion, posing various viewpoints, ensued. Those present, who were involved in last Spring's deliberations, recalled how CEPAC's decision to support and protect the integrity of a classified staff benefit was made with awareness that classified users of the facility were in the minority, and knowing that an unspecified fee increase would be involved. General surprise was expressed today rearding the amount (about 33%) and timing (during construction when facilities will arguably be reduced) of that increase. CEPAC concluded that the inquirer's concern was valid but that, at this stage of the project's planning, it was more appropriately pursued by the users of the facility than by CEPAC.
  2. Report of the FY06 Goals and Future Agenda Items Subcommittee - The Subcommittee comprised Mary Engel, Genevieve Burmeister, Michelle Larsen and Sara France. The Subcommittee noted that there remain several projects in progress from FY05, and recommended two goals for FY06:
    1. to implement the outcomes of the 360 Review (please see details below)
    2. to participate in refining and publicizing all elements of the MUS Staff Compensation Plan (incorporating the remnants of the former MAP Program)
    Sara France noted that the logistics of Goal #2, although based on previous discussions with Personnel and Payroll Services (PPS), have yet to be fully explored. CEPAC would like to offer PPS any and all assistance in the creation and marketing of new and existing policies, supporting MSU's efforts to capture staff/supervisor interest in the Staff Compensation Plan. At the same time, items resulting from the CEPAC MAP survey report of January 2004 and passed to the MAP Advisory Committee remain pending. Susan Alt, Director of PPS, expressed thanks for CEPAC's interest and her willingness to work with the Committee. She gave a summary of current system reorganizations, requiring completion before work can commence, as they will impact the implementation of the MUS Staff Compensation Plan. These include the disbanding of the MAP Advisory Committee, changes in the make up of the MUS and local Labor Management Committees, and the responsibilities of the Plan's policy makers. Susan referred to previous productive meetings with CEPAC officers regarding classified needs, including supervisor training, and the limited resources available to PPS in this regard. However, Susan felt that training in the Compensation Plan, payroll, and performance evaluation will be provideded by PPS. Sara France referred to CEPAC's work with the Board of Regents (see below) and how CEPAC's understanding of PPS's resource limitations had featured in pursuing the idea of the current professional development and training project.

    Arrangements are underway to invite the following speakers to CEPAC this Fall:

    • President Gamble
    • Vice President Roloff
    • Vice President Groseth
    • Cathy Conover, Director of Communications and Public Affairs
    • Nancy Dodd, Ombudsman
    and recommendations were made for Spring:
    • President Gamble
    • ASMSU officers
    • Jim Rimpau, Director of Planning and Analysis and Chief Information Officer
    • Henrietta Mann, Special Assistant to the President
    It was noted that the Subcommittee had considered the impact of regular speakers on time for business during meetings. Genevieve Burmeister, CEPAC Chair, and Michelle Larsen, Chair-elect committed to holding aditional executive meetings in order to streamline business items on the agenda for open, monthly CEPAC meetings.
  3. Report of the CEPAC 360 Review Subcommittee - The Subcommittee comprised Mary Engel, Genevieve Burmeister, Michelle Larsen and Sara France. The Subcommittee recommended:
    1. increasing outreach to constituents
    2. researching and assessing the needs of each EEO category, and of remote employees
    3. evaluating the effectiveness of existing communications methods
    4. enhancing relations between CEPAC members (voting and nonvoting)
    5. increasing outreach to Partners in Shared Governance
    6. pursuing requests from CEPAC-equivalent organizations for more contact and collaboration
    7. developing ideas for action at the Montana University System level
  4. Outreach Projects for FY06 - As a result of both subcommittees' work (above) some outreach projects are already underway. Meetings are slated with Extension Support Staff, FSNE and EFNEP staff, and various groups of both Auxiliary Services and Facilities Services staff. Sara France reported the enthusiastic cooperation of supervisors and conference organisers in support of CEPAC's work. Sara also mentioned Subcommittee plans to make informal visits to deaprtmental staff and supervisors.

    As a direct response to requests received via the CEPAC 360 Review, following this meeting Sara France will issue the first electronic "Monthly Bulletin" describing CEPAC's current work, and on-going issues. A quarterly hard copy Bulletin will be mailed to groups of staff presumed not to use electronic communications. Sara circulated mock-ups of the electronic Bulletin.

    The value of last semester's joint venture with President Gamble, writing to the supervisors of Shared Governance participants, was discussed and commended. Sue Martin offered feedback that such efforts were well received and validated supervisors' actions in supporting staff participation.

  5. University Club - Sara France had previously solicited input from CEPAC members regarding CEPAC's sponsorship of the University Club. Recapping, Sara reminded those present that, without prior knowledge, two weeks ago CEPAC found itself listed among the sponsors of the University Club (as a result of a tactic submitted for the Five Year Vision). The Club opened last Friday. Upon this discovery, CEPAC members reviewed the Club By Laws, and fowarded some questions to the Club's Steering Committee. Further information is promised within the next couple of weeks. Meanwhile, CEPAC remains a "sponsor" - defined by the Club as: denoting approval of the University Club being available to all employees over the age of 21. Sheron McIlhattan recommended that, upon receipt and consideration of further information, CEPAC should review its continued "sponsorship" of the Club.


Sara France announced that Nancy Dodd, Ombudsman will be the guest speaker at CEPAC's October meeting. Nancy has been invited to talk about the services she offers and how the Ombudsman system works. Sara invited those present at today's meeting to submit other questions for forwarding to Nancy, and also reported having invited questions from the Research Center (remote) staff who had shown an interest in the Ombudsman program earlier in the year.

Sara also requested questions for President Gamble and Vice President for Admin and Finance, Craig Roloff - guests at the November meeting.

Sara France pointed out that the venue for the October meeting is SUB 271. Sara is making regular announcements about the meetings in MSU Today.


All committee updates may be reviewed via our Committees Page. Below are specific discussions held at today's meeting:

Strategic Planning Committee - Mark Reinholz confirmed that the University Club had been submitted as a tactic in the Five Year Vision. Stragetic Planning Committee (SPC) had priority ranked the tactics. The original concept for a club had received a low ranking, and Mark expressed surprise at it apparently being the first to be implemented and publicly celebrated. Mark asked whether CEPAC supported him pursuing this idea with SPC. Since CEPAC is pursuing the progress of a number of classified tactics, through SPC, there were no objections.

University Planning Board - Sheron McIlhattan reported that her submission of UPB business is available via the CEPAC web site and she urged everyone to review it. The status of various buildings and project dates are included.

At 11:00 am, Mary Engel moved that the meeting be adjourned, Eileen Baker seconded and the motion passed.


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