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November 9, 2005

Roll Call

  • Voting Members:
  • Eileen Baker
  • Genevieve Burmeister, Chair
  • Mary Engel
  • Sheron McIlhattan
  • Matt Blazicevich
  • Steve Burk
  • Dan McGuire
  • Ray Byerly
  • Janae Heap
  • Non-voting Members:
  • Dawn Watkins
  • Darcy Halpin
  • Mark Reinholz
  • Carol Shannon
  • Others Present:
  • Ron Ramsfield
  • Diane Ostermiller
  • Beth Littlefield
  • Sara France, CEPAC Administrative Associate

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Mary Engel moved, and Matt Blazicevich seconded, that the minutes of both the October 12, 2005 meeting, and the extraordinary meeting of October 19, 2005 be approved. The motion passed unanimously.

Apologies for Absence

Michelle Larsen, Chair-elect, had sent apologies.

Committee Reports

All committee updates may be reviewed via our Committees Page. Below are specific discussions held at today's meeting:

  • University Facilities Planning Board - Sheron McIlhattan summarized the two meetings, including the duck pond renovation and the installment of various roof antennae. An item requiring campus input is the future of the large willow tree near the duck pond, parts of which are unsafe.

  • Space Management Committee - Sara France reported receiving apologies from Robert Fredriech that he was unable to attend to report on SMC today. He has a possible departmental meeting conflict every month and Sara will work with Robert over communications arrangements with CEPAC.

  • UPBAC - Sara France reported receiving notification from Jeanne Wagner that she would be unable to attend yesterday's UPBAC meeting due to pressure of work. Although entirely understandable, this was unfortunate in light of CEPAC's initiative recommendation due to be heard at the meeting. Sara reminded members that CEPAC intends to investigate the possibility of increased representation on UPBAC, and other committees, but meanwhile anticipated that Craig Roloff would be able to brief CEPAC on the happenings of yesterday (see below).

  • Parking Task Force - Genevieve Burmeister, Carol Shannon (who has attended the last two meetings in Sue Martin's absence) and Sara France brought CEPAC up to date on the parking garage project. There has apparently been a break down in communication in that the report of classified input dated October 25, 2005 got lost among a wealth of electronic messages and had not been read by all Task Force members. The Task Force Chair meets with University Governance Council this afternoon to answer further questions of the campus constituencies. CEPAC members continue to have concerns, following its meeting with the Task Force on October 31, and is hopeful of further information this afternoon.

  • Benefits Committee - Carol Shannon gave an update on last month's meeting. Dawn Watkins mentioned that Personnel and Payroll Services is preparing to offer a campus survey regarding the transition to Allegiance.

CEPAC Administration, Budget and Accounting

Genevieve Burmeister spoke of the growing responsibilities experienced by CEPAC, and the conflicts they pose upon the membership. She reminded CEPAC that its salary and operations budget remains unfunded (Administration and Finance currently supports the office from one-time funds). She asked again for confirmation of the Committee's support for increasing the FTE of the Administrative Associate position, should funds be available. Sheron McIlhattan moved that a budget amendment for .75FTE be submitted for FY07. Janae Heap seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Guest Speakers: President Gamble and Vice President for Administration and Finance, Craig Roloff

At 10:00 am, CEPAC's guests, President Gamble and Craig Roloff, were welcomed to the meeting. The agenda went as follows:
  1. Shared Governance - Genevieve Burmeister reported that discussion continues between CEPAC, Faculty and Professional Councils and ASMSU regarding the creation of an organization (committee or council) to truly reflect Shared Governance at MSU. President Gamble remarked on how far the protocol has developed in the last three years, and that he reminds all the Partners of the appropriateness of facilitating such a combined organization.
  2. Board of Regents Meeting - CEPAC, and the other classified organizations from across the MUS, have agenda time on Thursday, November 17 from 12.45-1.25 pm in SUB Ballroom A. Genevieve Burmeister invited input from the President and Craig regarding MSU's aims for this month's meeting, with a view to CEPAC's presentation supporting other campus efforts. President Gamble spoke of the format for the three-day agenda ( the various committee meetings which take place as part of the over all meeting. He and Craig highlighted the Budget Committee which, among other things, will receive a report on the impact on campus of research activity, and President Gamble intends to present at some stage on MSU as a research university. They spoke of Administration's continued efforts to deliver cost of living and recruitment data for the Bozeman campus.

    Sara France summarized the Pooled Resources concept, which has already been sent to the Regents. The President and Craig were most enthusiastic, remarking on the crucial importance, and recruitment and retention benefits, of professional development programming. President Gamble remarked that the Administration recognized CEPAC's role in bringing the project to this juncture, and said it would support the Committee in making the proposal happen. Craig recommended that CEPAC participate in Administration and Finance's Training and Development Committee, and Sara France will make arrangements in this regard.

    The conversation then moved to CEPAC's presentation on November 17. In keeping with other MUS classified organizations' presentations, the common theme (in this case the Pooled Resources proposal) will be discussed with the Regents from the perspective of each campus. Sara France summarized CEPAC's intent to describe CEPAC's considerations when formulating its contribution to the overall concept. They were that the Pooled Resources proposal be consistent with the Board of Regents' strategic goals and objectives (and how it is consistent), that it progress MSU Bozeman's Five Year Vision (it incorporates 9 of the 23 classified tactics), and that it serve pre-existing, documented campus needs (improved retention, supervisor training, and versatility for all EEO categories and remote employees). CEPAC also wishes to address its other recruitment and retention efforts including Bozeman's extraordinary market forces. The President and Craig were very supportive of this content, and various cost of living and recruitment problems were discussed. It was noted that MSU operates on only about two-thirds of the funds of comparable regional institutions. Also that, with our specific local recruitment difficulties and increased enrollment, an understaffed workforce is handling more regular operational workload, while still being expected to create new initiatives and to grow. President Gamble invited everyone to send him any ideas they might have in finding a workable solution to these problems, and one or two were raised in this meeting.

  3. Classified Tactics - Sara France briefly described two classified tactics from the Five Year Vision with a view to further discussion with MUS classified organizations who will be on campus next week. CEPAC has already received the following input about the viability of these ideas:

    #108 (smorgasbord of benefits) This could potentially fall within the jurisdiction of the Regents as it's an MUS benefits question. It appears, if significant support were demonstrated (unions, MUS classifieds generally, other employee groups) it might receive serious consideration at IUBC. It would likely be important to pitch the advantage of employees experiencing the value of their benefits as representing a sound return for the investment required to implement the tactic.

    #111 (all leave personal leave) This tactic would require a change in the law. Since it would be expensive, would effecting this change be more likely to come about if traded against a salary increase?

    President Gamble and Craig cautioned that tactic #111 could be very complex, and those present felt its implementation could be to the detriment of the current leave system (depending on cash out policies, etc). However, there was enthusiasm for tactic #108. Craig recommended developing a cost analysis, as far as was possible, and both he and President Gamble supported CEPAC discussing these matters further with their contemporary organizations.

  4. Outreach - Genevieve Burmeister gave a short overview of CEPAC's outreach activities, as a direct response to constituent feedback via the 360 Review. There has made nine departmental visits, several others are being arranged, and more are to be offered. CEPAC is preparing to write to department heads in an effort to increase supervisor awareness of its work and to encourage Shared Governance participation. The Spotlight Program launch was discussed, and commended, and a full program policy will soon be published.
  5. University Planning, Budget and Analysis Committee (UPBAC), and CEPAC's unbudgeted status - Craig updated CEPAC on UPBAC's current directives from the Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education. An unexpected, short-notice call for 2008-09 budgetary information has been issued for next week's Regents' meeting. UPBAC's work on the MSU Global Initiatives has, therefore, had to be adjusted to accommodate this. Consequently, a less refined document will be submitted than UPBAC would have liked, and relevant documentation will be circulated on campus on Monday. In response to UPBAC's campus-wide invitation to submit suggestions by November 4, CEPAC had recommended inclusion of a web based recruitment system into the Global Initiatives, and UPBAC sent word today that they plan to do so. Craig mentioned UPBAC's consideration of some salary adjustments for lower paid employees. He also reported that CEPAC's permanent funding is also to be put forward, with other items, in the first initiative under Goal III. He asked CEPAC to contact his office to ensure the proposed figures were complete and correct.

    Meanwhile, for FY07, there is currently no budget amendment process planned since FY06 and FY07 were budgeted together last year, based on projected enrollment. However, UM over-projected actual enrollment (possibly by a little over 200 students) and MSU under estimated (100 students). Potentially, therefore, there could be a pro-rated reallocation but Craig recommended addressing this as/when funds become available.

The one hour for discussion with our guests expired very quickly, but it was a good and very worthwhile meeting. At 11.05 pm Genevieve Burmeister thanked President Gamble and Craig Roloff for attending, and moved that the meeting be adjourned. Eileen Baker seconded and the motion passed unanimously.


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