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February 8, 2006

Roll Call

  • Voting Members:
  • Michelle Larsen, Chair-elect
  • Mary Engel
  • Matt Blazicevich
  • Steve Burk
  • Dan McGuire
  • Ray Byerly
  • Kristine Mashaw
  • Non-voting Members:
  • Darcy Halpin (representing Human Resources, Personnel and Payroll
  • Sue Martin
    joining the meeting at 10am for committee reports:
  • Carol Shannon
  • Jodie DeLay
  • Evelyn Boswell
  • Others Present:
  • Ron Ramsfield
  • Beth Littlefield
  • Glen Steinhoff
  • Cindy Tirrell
  • Sara France, CEPAC Administrative Associate

In the absence of Genevieve Burmeister, CEPAC Chair, Michelle Larsen, Chair-elect, conducted the meeting.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Ray Byerly moved, and Michelle Larsen seconded, that the minutes of January 11, 2006 meeting be approved. The motion passed unanimously.

Apologies for Absence

Ricky Holland, Genevieve Burmeister, Sheron McIlhattan sent apologies.

Old Business

  1. Regent Visits - Regent Barrett (Bozeman) and Regent Foster (Billings) accepted CEPAC's invitation to an orientation in Shared Governance at MSU Bozeman, and a chance to get to know our students and employees a little better. A meeting was held on February 1st. A short review, and copies of CEPAC's handouts from the meeting are available here. Mary Engel, who had been heavily involved in putting the meeting together, gave an overview of how things went. Dan McGuire and Ray Byerly both commended Mary on the success of the meeting. Faculty and Professional Councils have also indicated that they found it a very worthwhile exercise. CEPAC hopes to do something similar again in the future.
  2. Shared Governance - formalization of a forum for Shared Governance remains on the University Governance Council Steering Committee agenda. Other recent issues have delayed its progress.
  3. Pooled Resources and Board of Regents Meeting, March 2006 - Genevieve Burmeister and Sara France represented CEPAC at a meeting of CEPAC-equivalent organizations from across the MUS (the "Senates") and MUS Human Resources directors, in Helena on January 27, 2006 to obtain HR input into the Pooled Resources concept. Useful feedback was offered and the Senates met subsequently to consolidate this, and other research gathered since the last Regents' meeting in November. The Senates concluded that the responsibility of the Pooled Resources Implementation Committee (please see Senates' Report of 11/1/05 could be discharged in a meeting with each specialist group. This was arranged for February 6th by video conference and, consequently, the Senates are now working on a further report and proposal for the Regents' meeting on March 2, 2006.

CEPAC Administration, Budget and Accounting

  1. CEPAC Membership Elections - Sara France reported that Darcy Halpin, Kerry Evans and herself will meet on Monday to prepare for membership elections to be held in March. Eileen Baker, Matt Blazicevich and Ray Byerly's terms are ending and so nominations will be solicited from Technical Paraprofessional, Service Maintenance and Skilled Crafts employees, followed by an election from those of the resulting ballots. This year's election will be conducted partly electronically and partly on paper as it has not proved feasible for CEPAC to offer "polling booths" for staff not using electronic communications.
  2. Communications With Constituents - Some staff with highly restrictive morning work schedules, have asked CEPAC to consider the possibility of holding CEPAC monthly meetings after 2 pm. CEPAC members will so consider it, with particular reference to upcoming membership elections (see above).
  3. FY06 Goals Review - January's CEPAC meeting ran out of time before discussion of the January, 2006 update of Projects and progress on Goal 1. These documents were reviewed today. Mary Engel also spoke of her experience with the Shared Governance orientation meeting, February 1, and how this had required her to attend University Governance Council and UGC Steering Committee meetings. Mary related how interesting this had been and suggested other CEPAC members might get involved in individual projects or outreach meetings as both an educational experience and, perhaps, to relieve the officers from a meeting now and then.
  4. Supplementing Staff Salaries - Sara France reported that the 2006 survey studying how staff might supplement their salary has been completed with over 60% response. Staff not randomly selected to participate have requested to complete the survey. Feedback received in this way will be handled separate from the survey results. Sara hopes to have all the survey outcomes compiled by the next CEPAC meeting, but preliminary results indicate that around 86% of full time staff supplement their MSU salaries in some way with about a third doing so by working multiple jobs. Sue Martin suggested providing information to staff about where financial and assistance services and resources can be found.
  5. Budget Status - Sara France reported CEPAC's operations to be on target with no issues of concern. The February 6th video conference for Pooled Resources was split-funded by MSU and UM with a contribution from CEPAC.

Committee Reports

CEPAC-nominated committee representatives have scheduled agenda time, at 10:00 am, to personally report on their committee work. CEPAC believes this enhanced communication will greatly benefit the staff and campus, and looks forward to continuing both on-line reporting and this personal contact. Below are summaries of reports given at today's meeting, with full information available by clicking on the name of each committee:

  • Benefits Committee - Carol Shannon and Jodie DeLay reported on the last meeting of the MSU Bozeman Benefits Committee. Ensuing discussion focused on
    • retirement planning - workshops are offered in SUB 275 at noon on February 22 and at 4 pm on March 8. Panelists include Jerry Coffey, CHOICES Newsletter editor, retirees and HR/Personnel and Payroll representatives. Topics to include strategies for maximizing pension and benefits; social security options; negotiating retirement and postretirement agreements; exploring phased retirement options; paperwork; minimizing tax; staying involved after retirement.
      Some discussion ensued about these and other retirement issues.
    • VEBA - might your sick leave balance upon retirement now be applied to VEBA? Carol reported some developments requiring some retirement groups to re-vote.

  • Inter Units Benefits Committee - Jodie DeLay has been appointed as MPEA representative on IUBC. She is also the union covered CEPAC-nominated representative on the MSU Benefits Committee. Jodie attended her first IUBC meeting last week and will share a formal report with CEPAC when she has formulated this. Meanwhile, she said that there will be campus meetings in February to discuss proposed program changes for July 1, 2006. Dates/times to follow.
  • Parking Task Force - Sue Martin reported that the parking garage project is on hold probably until the long range campus planning project, started last month, is complete. Sue reported having attended several of the stakeholder meetings and a short discussion ensued.

At 11:00 am, the meeting adjourned.


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