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June 14, 2006

Roll Call

  • Voting Members:
  • Genevieve Burmeister, Chair
  • Michelle Larsen, Chair-elect
  • Robert Monnin
  • Matt Blazicevich
  • Dan McGuire
  • Mary Engel
  • Steve Burk
  • Sheron McIlhattan
  • Kristine Mashaw
  • Non-voting Members:
  • Clarinda Marcoff
    joining the meeting at 10:00am for committee reports:
  • Paul Burns, Director of Parking
  • Carol Shannon
  • Sue Martin
  • Others Present:
  • Rose Cain (elected to CEPAC as of 7/1/06)
  • Rich Stafford (elected to CEPAC as of 7/1/06)
  • Jamie O'Callaghan (elected to CEPAC as of 7/1/06)
  • Jen Friar
  • Sara France, CEPAC Administrative Associate

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Sheron McIlhattan moved and Michelle Larsen seconded, that the minutes of the May 10, 2006 meeting be approved. The motion passed unanimously.

Apologies for Absence

Eileen Baker sent apologies.

Genevieve Burmeister, CEPAC Chair, acknowledged out-going members, and thanked Matt Blazicevich, Eileen Baker and Ray Byerly for their service.

CEPAC Administration, Budget and Accounting

  1. Pooled Resources Update - Funding for the final component (one-time funding for web development) has been generously donated, and the Montana University System Staff Associations (MUSSA) are in the process of selecting a web developer. MUSSA will guide the implementation of the Pooled Resources facility for staff development and training, beginning with a conference call next week, and planning retreat in July 13.
  2. CEPAC's Shared Governance Activity
    • Supporting Student Success - As previously reported, CEPAC's outreach efforts have identified various staff preferences. Prominent among them - and arising from the extreme diversity of the classified workforce in terms of title, location, and duties - is the desire to feel a stronger sense of belonging to MSU, its mission and goals. Similar sentiments are reflected within the classified tactics for MSU's Five Year Vision. At the same time, CEPAC is endeavoring to increase awareness of both the classified role, and of Shared Governance efforts, at MSU. We have considered how these three mutually-cooperative aims might be simply served and recognized using the obvious measure: student success. Having introduced the concept at the last Shared Governance meeting, and with vital assistance from the Office of Communications and Public Affairs, CEPAC has developed an idea for an employee button. President Gamble and the President's Executive Council(PEC) have approved the design, and are generously supporting its production. CEPAC will coordinate the logistics of button distribution in time for Move In Day, at the picnic, and to off campus staff and other staff unable to participate in these events.
      Possible Future Plans - At the June 12 PEC meeting Genevieve Burmeister, CEPAC Chair, also introduced the concept of staff/employee merchandising as a possible benefit in the fulfilment of MSU's mission and goals, the promotion of employee cooperation, and the consolidation of shared governance efforts. The possibility of the proceeds contributing to a staff emergency fund was mentioned. CEPAC recognizes that any venture along these lines would be a central undertaking and not a CEPAC project.
    • Plans for the Welcome Back Picnic. As mentioned at last month's CEPAC meeting, CEPAC officers have been exploring the possibility of a Shared Governance "presence" at the Welcome Back Picnic in August. With preliminary input from the Office of Communications and Public Affairs, President Gamble, and Shared Governance partners, CEPAC will present draft materials and a plan for the picnic at the June 21 Shared Governance meeting. CEPAC will propose sharing the cost but could cover the entire ($200 for 3000) if necessary.
      Button/Picnic Committee - Further to the suggestion at last month's CEPAC meeting of a committee to coordinate button/picnic/merchandising ideas, CEPAC convened a special meeting of voting members and representatives from Communications and Public Affairs, on June 1. At this meeting, it was agreed that CEPAC officers should proceed with the proposals, as presented to the President on June 6 (and later, at the President's invitation, to PEC). Three button designs have been made available, with no particular preference expressed. Those present at today's CEPAC meeting selected the design to be used. Further, it was agreed today that the formation of a further committee is unnecessary.
  3. CEPAC Budget - CEPAC had intended to fund button production (as described above) sufficient for the staff from within its own FY06 budget. However, the generous switch of this expense to the President's Office leaves CEPAC planning an alternative use for the money. At today's meeting, Sara France described CEPAC's participation in a lifetime replacement program for IT equipment and how a new computer was slated for the CEPAC office, taking the balance from FY07 funds. In light of this last minute change of circumstances, Sara has obtained preliminary approval to roll the money intended for buttons into the replacement program for computer purchase. There were no objections from the CEPAC membership.
  4. CEPAC on the Web - CEPAC's departmental directory listings on-line have been altered to include "CEPAC", rather that just the Committee's less frequently recognized whole name.

Election of Officers

In accordance with CEPAC By Laws, the Nominating Committee compiled a ballot and notified voters prior to today's election. As previously minuted, CEPAC members had granted a variance such that the election could be held today instead of at the May meeting. Genevieve Burmeister, CEPAC Chair, solicited nominations from the floor, but none were forthcoming. After counting the paper ballots, Genevieve announced that Michelle Larsen had been elected Chair, and Mary Engel Chair-Elect. Their one year terms commence on July 1, 2006.

Committee Reports

CEPAC-nominated committee representatives have scheduled agenda time at each meeting to personally report on their committee work. CEPAC believes maximum communication to greatly benefit the staff and campus, and so also maintains on-line reporting as well as personal contact. Below are summaries of reports given at today's meeting, with full information available by clicking on the name of each committee:

  • University Facilities Planning Board - Sheron McIlhattan reported the following items covered at the last UFPUB meeting:
    • UFPUB's approval, based on preliminary building designs, for the commencement of fund raising efforts for the Native American Student Center (a privately funded, $8million center to be built on the Hannon green space).
    • discussion of a proposed UFPUB sub-committee: Parking Services Advisory Committee. It is not yet clear whether this advisory committee (if convened) would replace the Parking Task Force.
    • a GPS station, for Land Resources, to be situated near University Police.
    • the NASSA demonstration trailer to be temporarily parked at the Museum of the Rockies later this month.
  • Benefits Committee - Carol Shannon reported on some errors in the overview section of the CHOICES workbook. Carol recommended that staff check service details with their plan administrator.

    Carol was then asked various health benefit questions:

    • Are social security numbers still being used for benefit claims? Yes but you may specify the use of an alternate ID through HR/Personnel and Payroll (
    • Allegiance had announced that its traditional plan providers were also its managed care providers but staff had experienced some providers to be unaware of their provider status under managed care. Carol said that the list of providers on the Allegiance web site should be accurate.
    • Shouldn't the income ceilings used to determine eligibility for, for instance, the health insurance premium waiver for dependent children, be re-examined every year? (It was suggested that salary increases might unreasonably render employees ineligible for the program). Carol will raise the question with the MSU Benefits Committee. Since Carol's term on the committee ends this month, Sara France undertook to alert Jodie DeLay and Gail Weidenaar to the question.
  • TIP Awards Program - Clarinda Marcoff reported that submissions have declined and that the committee is reviewing policy and procedure, and the program's visibility with a view to improving TIP participation. Rich Stafford offered information and suggestions.

Guest: Paul Burns, Director of Parking. Genevieve Burmeister, CEPAC Chair, welcomed Paul to the meeting. Paul stressed that parking policy is intended to work for, rather than against, the university, employees and students. He invited everyone to contact him directly with questions, requests or concerns (994 7747). Paul went on to list the FY07 fees: S and B $141 (an increase of $8), D $84, and F $69. As usual, reserved parking fees vary, but will also increased for FY07. Payment of parking fees though payroll deduction will be over 8 months, rather than 10, in FY07. Too often employees leave MSU, with a hang tag, but without paying for it in full. Suggestions were made about University Police utilizing the terminations checklist and listserv procedure in this regard.

A lengthy discussion of the pros and cons of the hang tag ensued. Some comments were entirely supportive. Questions were asked about the conflict between leaving the hang tag in place while driving, and removing it. Disappointment was expressed over the rigidity of ticketing (the first instance of forgetting to hang the tag is forgiven, but subsequent instances are fined), but others present understood the need for consistency. It was generally accepted that most people leave the tags permanently hanging, even when driving. Hang tag fraud was questioned. Incidents of lost or stolen tags were high at the beginning of the academic year and, surprisingly, are high again currently. Lost or stolen hang tags may be replaced at a fee of $10 and with acknowledgement that anyone found utilizing the original tag will be subject to a fine and tow.

Paul acknowledged that there might be special circumstances around the use of hang tags, and he again offered his direct line 994 7747 to discuss individual cases. Issues of parking lot winter conditions were revisited, and Paul noted the feedback. He pointed out that maintenance, following damage to black top surfaces and painted lines from the gravel used in ice-removal, will be commencing soon.

Other Business

  1. Researching WIC on Campus - CEPAC has been informed that the Gallatin County Health Department is exploring expanding its WIC (woman, infant, child) program and has asked about the feasibility of an office on campus. Those present at today's CEPAC meeting were very much in favor of supporting this suggestion (even if it proved possible for WIC to be on campus for only a few hours, say, twice per month). Other recommendations, such as combining the service with nutrition programs already available to students, were offered. Sara France will follow up.
  2. Carol Shannon gave an update on the public transit system. Routes will be tested soon, and temporary buses will be used pending the completion of fund raising and purchase of new vehicles. Students will still be required to pay the "bus fee" but it appears that, for others, there will be no fare to ride the bus (Carol will follow up on questions regarding student One Card use on the transit system). Belgrade is slated for an express route. Services should be running by Move In Day, in August.
  3. Outreach Outcomes vis a vis Pay Rules. CEPAC has now completed this year's planned outreach, from which we have reaped a vast amount of vital input from staff, supervisors, and our Shared Governance partners. Outcomes are being formulated for discussion with appropriate departments. In the meantime, we are particularly aware of the continued existence of four issues raised by staff in CEPAC's MAP survey in December, 2003: (a) insufficient familiarity (among staff and supervisors) with the flexible pay option application process, resulting in a lack of confidence in strategic pay, lump sum bonus, and progression pay opportunities; (b) a belief that classified professional progress, in terms of duties and responsibilities, seldom involves an increase in pay, and may even be associated with a cut in salary; (c) perceived inconsistencies within the "titles and classification" of some jobs; (d) disappointment in the level of supervisor commitment, particularly to performance evaluation, with expressions of support both for reciprocal evaluation opportunities and supervisor training programs.

    Pending the completion of our outreach reporting, CEPAC has consulted further on the first two issues, and learned of changes in the pay rules in the last year which offer pay increases in the circumstances described. HR/Personnel and Payroll has been eager to provide information and, as an initial response to issues (a) and (b) above, CEPAC has circulated a "Did You Know?" flyer carrying new information, and important reminders, about the MUS Staff Compensation and Performance Development Guidelines and Pay Rules. It has been distributed electronically to the staff and mailed to deans and department heads. A further mailing, to non-email users not working during summer, will go out in August. CEPAC hopes for a thorough disbursement of the information and everyone present at today's meeting was encouraged to help ensure the flyer is being seen.

At 11:00 am Mary Engel moved to close, and Michelle Larsen seconded, and the meeting was adjourned.


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