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September 13, 2006

Roll Call

  • Voting Members:
  • Michelle Larson, Chair
  • Mary Engel, Chair-elect
  • Rose Cain
  • Diane Helgeson
  • Rich Stafford
  • Sheron McIlhattan
  • Steve Burk
  • Kristine Mashaw
  • Non-voting Members:
  • Kevin Thane
  • Sue Martin
  • Jen Friar
    From 10:00 am (Committee Rep. Reports):
  • Jodie DeLay
  • Carol Shannon
  • Others Present:
  • Colleen Lindner
  • Kristin Gill

Apologies for Absence

None were received.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Mary Engel and Sheron McIlhattan seconded that the minutes of the August 16, 2006 meeting be approved and the motion passed unanimously.

CEPAC Administration, Budget and Accounting

  1. CEPAC's MUSSA activity - CEPAC officers will participate in a MUSSA conference call later today. The Pooled Resources needs assessment tool will be progressed, and MUSSA members will discuss the use of their Board of Regents agenda time on September 27th.
  2. CEPAC's Shared Governance Activity
    • CEPAC continues to participate in weekly Shared Governance meetings. CEPAC is currently leading the discussion on the feasibility of Shared Governance partners hosting a series of debates between Senate and House representatives and candidates.
    • Welcome Back Picnic Update - Supporting Student Success buttons and Shared Governance bookmarks were distributed, from the Shared Governance "booth" at the President's Welcome Back Picnic, on August 30. President Gamble spoke enthusiastically about the button campaign and encouraged campus-wide participation. He also acknowledged CEPAC's leadership in the initiative. Picnic-goers' interest in the booth was fair. CEPAC is currently encouraging the use of buttons in this, the first full week of classes. As a result, seven departments have requested buttons.

      CEPAC's efforts to utilize staff feedback relating to those employees unable to participate in events such as this, were specifically rewarded at the picnic with the advent of a special prize category. Prize winners' names were recorded.

  3. General Updates
    • WIC now offers clinics on the second Wednesday and third Tuesday of the month at 101 Julia Martin drive, Apt B - a convenient location for MSU employees and students. WIC offers free nutrition screening and information and food coupons. Services are intended for children under five, pregnant and post-partum moms, those whose pregnancies ended early, as well as fathers and others caring for young children.
    • University Ombuds annual report is available for review at the CEPAC office.
    • CEPAC's Fall Bulletin, produced for staff not utilizing electronic communications, has been mailed and an electronic version published on the web.
    • Guests. President Gamble has accepted an invitation to attend the November CEPAC meeting.
    • Following last month's CEPAC meeting and the call for follow-up in regards to issues of recruitment and retention, CEPAC members attended a meeting on Monday, September 11 to begin brainstorming. Cathy Conover, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, and Jim Rimpau, Chief Information Officer and Executive Director, joined us. They gave an overview of MUS financial affairs, and described how budgetary and other appropriate processes work. The information will be most useful to CEPAC in its project planning.
  4. Input from Constituents - no new feedback received.
  5. CEPAC Budget - with the purchase of a new computer for the CEPAC office, the old one will be reassigned for other CEPAC uses. CEPAC members were asked to submit appropriate suggestions.
  6. FY07 goals - The Goals and Projects subcommittee met on September 6 and set two goals for FY07:
    1. To broaden the involvement of the CEPAC membership in the achievement of FY07 goals, and the execution of planned projects.
    2. To research how CEPAC might contribute more to the practical resolution of MSU's recruitment and retention situation, and to begin implementing the solutions identified.
    In addition several projects, resulting from last year's work and outreach, await implementation.

    Mary Engel spoke of the goals and projects subcommittee's aims in setting these specific goals, and of the benefits to CEPAC, the maintenance of its integrity and quality of work delivered through enahnced membership involvement. Mary acknowledged the limitations of workload and members' other commitments. Those present identified the areas of special interest to them, and absentees will be encouraged to do so also.


Colleen Lindner gave a brief overview of the Streamline bus service. More details (schedules etc) are available at

ASMSU (Bobcat Transit) has partnered with a number of community organizations to provide a free, public transit system for the Bozeman/Belgrade/Four Corners area. Bobcat Transit has been replaced by Streamline, and the bus fee paid by full time students now goes towards the new Streamline service. The Federal contribution to Streamline was received on July 17 and leased buses (soon to be replaced by new vehicles) began running on August 21 - in time for the start of fall semester. All routes service the SUB, as well as other hubs in Bozeman. Routes and times are being amended as drivers and riders experience traffic flow, construction, and other issues. Hence, mass publication of a bus schedule has been delayed. The current service is limited to week days, and ceases at 7pm. Bus usage has doubled over the couple of weeks of service(to 244 passengers per day, at the last count).

Expanded and improved service is reliant upon further funding. MSU has been approached in this regard, and the request is moving through the proper channels. CEPAC will further discuss Colleen's request that it consider actively supporting a contribution from MSU.

Committee Reports

CEPAC-nominated committee representatives have scheduled agenda time at each meeting to personally report on their committee work. CEPAC believes maximum communication to greatly benefit the staff and campus, and so also maintains on-line reporting as well as personal contact.

A short discussion took place regarding communications and reporting between committee reps and CEPAC.

Below are summaries of reports given at today's meeting, with full information available by clicking on the name of each committee:

  • University Facilities Planning Board - Sheron McIlhattan reported on the MSU Tomorrow project, and presentations scheduled in the SUB for September 18 and October 10. Sheron encourages all employees to attend and give input.
    Timber harvested from the trees felled to make way for the chemistry building yeilded more than was expected, and is potentially available to persons and/or projects connected with MSU. Sheron suggests interested parties contact Bob Lashaway at Facilities Services.
  • Parking Services Advisory Committee - Sue Martin reported that the Parking Services Advisory Committee has had its first meeting, reviewed its charge etc. Agenda items for the next few meetings will likely include a review of parking fees and associated services, and the upgrade software to enhance parking facility coordination. Sue invites any and all parking-related input and suggestions.
  • MSU Benefits Committee - Jodie DeLay reported on the change of MSU Benefits Director, and consultant. She also took this opportunity to check in prior to the upcoming Inter Units Benefits Committee meeting at the end of the month. Jodie will raise two items being pursued by CEPAC, resulting from staff input: the possibility of combined deductibles for employees from the same family; and the consideration of amending eligibility ceilings for the dependent premium waiverin reaction to pay increases. No other pertinent issues were suggested by CEPAC today.
  • Office of Facilities Services Advisory Committee (OFSAC) - Carol Shannon attended the CEPAC meeting today, referring staff to the OFSAC committees page and the link to official minutes.
There being no other business, Mary Engel moved that the meeting be adjourned. Rich Stafford seconded and the meeting closed at 11:05 am.


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