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Staff Senate

November 25, 2008

Roll Call

  • Voting Members:
  • Kevin Thane, Chair
  • Jeannette Radcliffe, Chair-elect
  • Bill Van Horn
  • Diane Helgeson
  • Rose Cain (from 9.30am)
  • Steven Beasley
  • Non-voting Members:
  • Michael Dean
  • Ron Brekke
  • Beth Littlefield
  • Shari Curtis
  • Kristine Mashaw
  • Carol Shannon (from 10:00 am)
  • Others present:
  • Sandy Tetro
  • Sara France

Deb Harrison attempted to participate by conference call, but no dial tone existed in room 168. Sara France afterwards called Deb with Staff Senate 's profuse apologies.

Apologies for Absence

Gale Kinzie.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Bill Van Horn moved and Diane Helgeson seconded, that the Minutes of the October 22, 2008 meeting be approved. The motion passed unanimously.

General Business

  • Staffing Change Kevin Thane opened the meeting with the announcement that Sara France, Staff Senate's Administrative Associate (since 10/2004, and CEPAC Secretary for two years prior to that), has accepted a position elsewhere on campus beginning December 9. Kevin thanked Sara for her service, and acknowledged the loss of her historical knowledge and input - for both Staff Senate, and MUSSA. Kevin and Jeannette Radcliffe will be working with Craig Roloff's office regarding recruitment of Sara's replacement.

  • MUSSA Activity and the November Board of Regents Meeting Before MUSSA meetings convened in Missoula, November 20-21 Staff Senate representatives attended budgetary presentations to the Regents. Later, on November 20, MUSSA members from MSU and UM met over dinner, and MUSSA officially convened at 7am on the 21st. please see MUSSA's meeting notes.

    The MUS faces a biennium of belt-tightening (although MSU is in a better position than some of its peer institutions who are facing budget cuts). MUSSA's themes throughout its time in Missoula were positive and encouraging, and were appreciated by the Regents.

  • Recruitment Outreach Pilot The pilot program is being established, but the current economic situation is suggesting a possible change of tack. Kevin Thane raised the question today: if by spring (when the events are scheduled to take place) there are only a few classified openings at MSU, would it be better to creep the pilot's focus away from recruitment on to retention? The consensus of today's meeting was that Staff Senate should return to President's Executive Council with the idea that the pilot subtly make this shift.

  • Staff Senate By Laws Review Further discussion was deferred to next month's meeting.

Committee Reports

Staff Senate-nominated committee representatives have scheduled agenda time at each meeting to personally report on their committee work. Staff Senate believes that maximum communication greatly benefits the staff and campus, and so maintains on-line reporting as well as personal contact.

Strategic Planning Committee - Kristine Mashaw reported that SPC members have divided up the task of updating the Five Year Vision strategies. They are also working on a document to identify core values. Please contact Kristine ( with ideas and input.

Office of Facilities Services Advisory Committee - Michael Dean reported on that a consultant has been brought in with respect to a steam leak in Linfield which happened earlier this year.

Benefits Committee - Carol Shannon gave an update on the mail-in pharmacy flat rates issue she reported last month. Mail-in pharmacies have confirmed they only charge the retail price when this is lower than the flat rate. Plan literature will be updated accordingly. Shari Curtis outlined the success of the recent Well Check on campus. Ron Brekke spoke to plans for issuing an RFP with respect to the MUS Pharmacy Benefit Administrator (PBA). Ron spoke of savings and efficiency through a plan where the State and MUS would join in using the same PBA. Concern was expressed that generic equivalents should be accommodated in any new formulary. In discussion of benefits issues in general, today's meeting raised two questions: (i) are digital mammograms fully covered by insurance? and (ii) are MSU employees aware that a provider's network status is determined by the location at which service is rendered (a provider might personally be listed as In Network but if the clinic at which s/he practices is Out of Network, out of network policies apply)?

Streamline (UPBAC Subcommittee) - Kevin Thane reported that the subcommittee is examining potential funding sources for a possible continued MSU contribution. Livingston routes are at maximum capacity and the committee wants to continue this service. Various funding suggestions are being made, on both counts, including use of sustainability savings. It was pointed out at today's Staff Senate meeting that establishing sustainability programs involves transitional costs and these may not be covered from savings, let alone financing new projects. It was acknowledged that MSU's Sustainability Committee will be involved in determining programs competing for these funds and what the priorities are. Meanwhile, it was further reported that Streamline would like eventually to form an Urban Transportation District funded by a mill levy. However the logistics of getting this on the ballot are fierce.

UPBAC Sara France offered to attend the December meeting, pending appointment of her replacement as classified representative. Kevin Thane will confirm whether or not this will be necessary.

Provost-Sponsored Classified Luncheon Steering Committee Beth Littlefield reported on this semester's high attendance (175). Hunter Lloyd was very entertaining and spoke of his academic efforts in student recruitment. The spring luncheon is slated for April 9; speakers are being planned.

Space Management Committee Bill Van Horn reported that space management principles have been approved. Other topics discussed at the last meeting included campus signs and space impacts of common course numbering.

Any Other Business

  • The next Staff Senate meeting will be December 10 (due to the winter break).
  • Kevin Thane invited Staff Senate members to review the Administrative Associate's responsibilities, as described in the draft amendments to the Staff Senate bylaws, and give comment. Diane Helgeson and Bill Van Horn offered to be of whatever assistance they could to Kevin and Jeannette in the recruitment.
  • President Gamble is slated to attend Staff Senate's January meeting, with the awareness that the legislature will be in session and this arrangement may be subject to rescheduling.

Public Comment

  • Shana Wold submitted a topic for discussion at the December meeting. It will be added to the agenda.
  • Greg Young requested an announcement regarding the application process for freshman scholarships be sent out on the classified listserv. Those present at today's meeting agreed that this was not an appropriate vehicle for such a message (the listserv being reserved for announcements of use or interest to the classified staff broadly). Greg will be offered the suggestion of using MSU Today.

Bill Van Horn moved, Rose Cain seconded, and the meeting adjourned at 11:00 am.


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