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Staff Senate

Staff Senate Minutes (approved 11/17/10)

A regular meeting of the Staff Senate was held on Wednesday October 20, 2010 in SUB 236 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.  The following, marked with an X, were present. 

Elected Members:

X Steve Beasley X Jan Bradley A Deb Harrison X Neil Jorgensen
X Donna Kelly X Wendy McCarty X Raechell Nielsen A Kevin Thane
X Justin van Almelo X Bill Van Horn X Deb Wilke    

Attendance Code Key:  X = Attended     A=Apologies for Absence       Staff, Joan Ford, was present.

Appointed Committee Members:  Shana Wold, Beth Littlefield, Ron Brekke, Kristine Mashaw, Sheron McIlhattan, Molly Anderson, and Mandy Hansen

Apologies received from Shari Curtis, Deb Harrison, and Kevin Thane.

Joan noted that there was one deletion to the agenda, under the Wrap Up section, to remove “Recap inauguration”.

A motion, made by Jan and seconded by Donna, to approve the September 15, 2010 minutes was unanimously approved. 

Committee Reports:
Association of Shared Governance Leaders – has been meeting Monday mornings since September 27 per Bill.  Professional Council is seeking agenda time with the Board of Regents.  Faculty Senate is dealing with the start up of a union and trying to understand the ramifications of performance based funding.   ASMSU is working on the stadium expansion and gearing up the tobacco free campus committee.

Debt Planning and Management – has not met per Sheron.

Facilities Services Advisory – met September 23.  We are seeking a representative.  Jan expressed interest in this committee and requested the office email her information.  Meeting agenda and minutes are available at

International Program – has not met per Pam.

MSU Benefits & IUBC – IUBC met September 30 and October 1.  Topics of discussion included the 7/1/10 to 9/15/10 plan change savings, the effect of the Health Care Reform Bill, etc.  Full report at   Also a reminder to everyone November 9 and 10 is Well Check at MSU Bozeman. 

Parking & Transportation Advisory – met September 14 per Molly.  Topics included FY12 Business Plan, parking permits, online payroll deduction for parking, and snow removal.  Full report at

Space Management – met October 1 per Bill.  Item 1: A proposal put forward on behalf of President Cruzado to create a Business Service Center for certain departments on campus in space available in AJMJ was approved by the committee.  Item 2: The Association of Retired Faculty was allocated temporary off-campus space and removed from current consideration for on-campus space.  Item 3: The ACE Institute made another presentation regarding their need for space in light of increasing program demand. After some discussion it was decided that this was an institutional-level question in terms of priorities and beyond the purview of the Space Management Committee. It was moved that the question be brought to that level.  Item 4: It was reported to the Committee that the Creative Arts Library in Cheever Hall would be relocated into the main Renne Library collection in the coming months. The resulting space in Cheever would be used for studio space, freeing up space in Romney Hall. The Romney space would then revert to Space Management control.  Item 5: The Committee was invited to review a change to the Building Supervisor Handbook that clarified the role of building supervisors in space management.  Full report at

University Facilities Planning – met October 12 per Mandy.  Jim Dolan donated a sculpture that will be located near Gaines Hall.  Full report at

University Marketing – did not meet per Shana.

Budget Council – will have its first meeting next week per Sheron.

Planning Council – met October 14 per Raechell.  President Cruzado came to the first meeting to outline her vision for the council:  terms, bylaws, and a 5 to 8 year plan that includes MSU and MUS and integrates the budget into the plan.

University Council – met October 7 per Bill.  The main focus of the meeting was policy review of the Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Policy, Alcohol Facilities Use Policy, Telecommunications Antenna Apparatus Siting Policy, IT Resource Management Policy, and an Update of Forest Service Permit Requirement.  Craig Roloff and Allen Yarnell outlined the Student Housing Enhancements proposal.  Full report at

Other Committee reports – none.

New Business:
No new business was raised at the meeting.

Old Business:
Prescription Benefits Task Force – Bill, Raechell, and Ron reported that the URx plan change survey is closed and the team will review the results and present findings at the next Staff Senate meeting.

Training Task Force –Justin reported that the Training Council has been handed over to HR according to Sharon Stoneberger.  The HR group will meet in the near future regarding training.   Senator noted training is also being offer by the Library, Banner training, and Micro Soft products with Jenna Henley and may be worth follow up by the Task Force.

Public Relations Task Force – Bill, Deb Wilke, Shana, Shari, Molly, and Rebecca with the help of Carol Shannon now have the Pedestrian Safety information cycling on student lab computers.  The team is developing a Kudos web page.

Dependent Tuition Waiver – a few meetings ago this issue was raised and Bill received an email from Craig Roloff outlining the cost to MSU if the benefit was offered to employees with .5 FTE verses the current policy of .75 FTE.  Using March 2010 data there would be a usage increase of 27 employees, the cost to the institution would increase by $66,656 and total cost to the institution would increase from $342,500 to $451,348.  Since Dependent Tuition Waiver is a MUS union negotiated item this kind of change would have to include the entire university system and would greatly increase expenses in a shrinking budget years.  It was noted that Professional Council is also pursuing this issue.

New Hire Policy – no update per Deb Harrison.

Leave without Pay – per Jeannette, they will be meeting with HR later this month.

Pedestrian Safety – Senators agreed to rotate this item off the agenda.

VEBA – no update.

2009 MSU within the Community Context – no update.

University Budget – item has been rolled in to the Budget Council and this item should be removed from agenda.

Temporary Chemistry Labs – per email to Kevin from Paula Lutz, Dean of Letters and Sciences read by Joan.  “The grant proposal to renovate the Chemistry Modular’s into a Core Facility was not funded.  The Modular’s are not currently in use as Chemistry Labs.  They are in use as “swing space” for Microbiology during the Cooley remodel (until summer 2012).  Part of the agreement with the Governor about the Cooley remodel (appropriate permissions from him and state agencies) included a stipulation that we would use these Modular’s as swing space until summer 2012.”  Senators agreed to rotate this item off the agenda.

Other Business:

A motion to adjourn was made by Jan and seconded by Molly at 10:45 a.m.

Next meeting:  Wednesday November 17, 2010 from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. in SUB #236.

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