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Diane Dorgan

Vice Chair:

Bill Van Horn

Program Coordinator:

Joan L. Ford



Staff Senate

Staff Senate Minutes - (Approved 3/16/2011)

A regular meeting of the Staff Senate was held on Wednesday February 16, 2011 in SUB 235 9:00 to 11:00 a.m.  The following, marked with an X, were present.  There were no additions or deletions to the agenda.  Guests, Chantelle Mahan and Melinda Peirce, were present.


Elected Members:                                                                                                                            (Committee Appointment)


Steve Beasley


Jan Bradley


Deb Harrison


Neil Jorgensen


Donna Kelly (Parking Appeals)


Wendy McCarty (Personnel)


Raechell Nielsen (Planning Council)


Kevin Thane (Facilities)


Justin van Almelo


Bill Van Horn (Space)


Deb Wilke



Appointed Members:                                                                                                                       (Committee Appointment)


Molly Anderson (PTAC)


Ron Brekke (Benefits)


Shari Curtis (Benefits)


Irene Decker (Parking Appeals)


Pam Frasier (International)


Mandy Hansen (UFPB)


Beth Littlefield (Provost Lunch)


Sheron McIlhattan (Budget Council)


Merry Paceley (Personnel)


Carol Shannon (Benefits)


Shana Wold (Marketing)



Attendance Code Key:  X = Attended     A = Apologies for Absence                          Staff, Joan Ford, was present.

Apologies received from Neil Jorgensen and Shana Wold.  Deb Harrison was unable to get a telephone line into the meeting room. 


A motion, made by Kevin and seconded by Pam, to approve the January 19, 2011 minutes with corrects was approved. 

Committee Reports:

Association of Shared Governance Leaders – the group met on 2/14 and discussed meeting locations.  Full report available at


Debt Planning and Management – no report from Sheron. 


Facilities Services Advisory – has not met per Kevin.  Minutes of the OFS meetings at


International Program – met and is working on their mission and vision statements per Pam.


MSU Benefits & IUBC – per Ron IUBC (Inter Units Benefits Committee) met Jan. 25, 2011 and the Plan Change Sub-Committee Meeting Jan. 13 and 21, 2011.  They are working on changes to MSU’s benefit plan.   Full report available at   


Parking & Transportation Advisory – Shari attended the meeting for Molly.  Painting of ADA spaces will begin this spring.  The parking fee increase plan was vetoed by the Presidential Advisory Committee; they are working on a new plan.


Personnel Advisory Board – no report from Wendy.


Space Management – met 2/7 to discuss Romney they are considering a study to evaluate power consumption and how to use the building in the future per Bill.


University Facilities Planning – met 2/1 and 2/15 per Mandy.  At the 2/1 meeting they discussed temporary storage at Howard Hall.  Reviewed plans for the end zone stadium remodel including ADA and bus access were discussed at the 2/15 meeting.  Also discussed was the remodel of the ground floor of Renne.  The last item discussed was the 11th and College roundabout signage and landscaping.  Minutes of the UFPB meetings at


University Marketing – no report from Shana.


Budget Council – has not met per Sheron.  Minutes of the Budget Council meetings at


Planning Council – had a retreat at the end of January per Raechell to develop a mission statement.  Minutes of the Planning Council meetings at,


University Council – the Council met 2/2 per Bill and was dominated by a presentation from benefits.  Minutes of the University Council meetings at

Other Committee reports


New Business:
Bi-weekly payroll – Shari noted that as part of the MSU’s Integration Initiative (MSUii, HR is considering changing the frequency of pay days for classified staff.  Joan contacted Payroll who reported that in the effort to bring the four MSU campuses together and find synergies pay frequency is being discussed.  Currently two campuses are paid monthly and two are paid bi-weekly.  After discussion, the Senators requested a survey of all classified staff for their preference and that results be available at the 3/16 Staff Senate meeting.  The Senators suggested a similar survey be conducted with student employees of MSU as well.


Campus Beautification Project – guest speaker Melinda Peirce, an Environmental Studies student, talked about the project which is working closely with NECO, the Sustainability office, and MSU Facilities.  Their mission is to bring education and awareness of “litter and littering” and the effect it has on the cost of cleanup, the environment, the effect on wildlife, and aesthetic impact.


Continuing Business:

Bylaws Task Force – tabled until the March meeting.


Training Task Force – Justin and Neil continue to meet with various groups around campus.  Training efforts appear to be uncoordinated and could benefit from a web source that lists all training, improved HR training metrics, and online training.  The TF is looking at what it and the Staff Senate can do to improve training ideas include helping coordinate efforts, unify groups, and meet with the President.


Public Relations Task Force – the Kudos nomination form is now working.  The next step in the recognition program is rolling it out to the public.  Professional Council is looking into a similar recognition program as tasked by President Cruzado.



New Hire Policy – no update per Kevin.

Donated sick leave – Steve met with Jo Packham, VP HR.  Employees may donate a maximum of 40 hours of sick leave.  The recipient can receive 160 hours of donated sick leave.  Waiving the one week wait period is handled on a case by case basis.  Also discussed was getting time off for meetings and training; as it stands getting paid time off to attend meetings and training is at the Supervisors discretion. 


Other Business:


Wrap Up

A motion to adjourn was made by Donna and seconded by Kevin.


Next meeting:  March 16, 2011, 9-11 a.m. in SUB 235