Welcome to Staff Senate!

Staff Senate promotes collaborative efforts by classified staff with other constituencies on campus to effectively and efficiently carry out the land-grant mission at Montana State University Bozeman.  Staff Senate participates fully in all aspects of MSU’s shared governance.  It promotes and provides for improved working conditions and professional welfare of the staff, assists in the development of staff training programs and policies, and carries out goals and activities deemed to be consistent with the overall purpose of Staff Senate and MSU Administration.

Additionally, Staff Senate is a member of the Montana University System Staff Association (MUSSA) where Montana University System (MUS) classified staff organizations or representatives work collaboratively.  MUSSA meets with the Board of Regents and Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education twice a year.

Staff Senate meetings are held year-round on the third Wednesday of each month from 9-11 a.m.  Meeting venue will be announced monthly via email, which will also include the prior month’s minutes and the current month’s agenda.  Members may be excused from Staff Senate meetings for the following reasons: sick leave, annual leave, or professional obligations.  The Staff Senate office should be notified in advance of any absences.

The Senate is comprised of elected and appointed members.  Elected members represent each Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) category plus an off-campus representative regardless of EEO.  Elected members serve three year terms beginning August 1.  Appointed members serve on University committees, councils and boards, and are appointed according to the terms established by each group.  In addition to attending committee meetings, appointed members also attend Staff Senate meetings to deliver committee reports and discuss potential effects on classified staff.

As representatives of the classified staff, Senators should be mindful of the impact of their communications.  When speaking for Staff Senate, Senators should represent the view of the Senate. Individual views should be should clearly identified as personal opinions.

Information about Staff Senate can be found at www.montana.edu/staffsenate.  The Staff Senate office is located in Montana Hall Room 106, if you require additional assistance; contact the Staff Senate Program Coordinator, Joan Ford, at 994-6895 or by email at joan.ford@montana.edu.

Staff Senate looks forward to working with you.