Salary Data

In February, 2004 CEPAC contacted the classified staff, by email listserv and by mail (to those employees identified as not using email services):

CEPAC is acutely aware of the low salaries paid to most classified staff. The Committee would like to demonstrate the scope of the problem to the Board of Regents, in a presentation at the next Regents' meeting, in March. Among other things, we would like to report the number of classified employees on the Bozeman campus who cannot live on their MSU salary alone.

If you are such an employee, please use our comments box, or campus mail, to reply to these questions:
Are you currently employed in more than one paying job?
Is one of your jobs that of a classified employee at MSU-Bozeman?
Is it essential for you to maintain employment in addition to your MSU job in order to meet your family's basic financial needs?

Please watch these pages, or call any member of the Committee, for updates in this process.