X Andrew Board, Skilled Craft A Ron Brekke, IUBC A Deb Chiolero, Class Prof, O&E
X Dave Clark, CSAC X Keely Holmes, Planning, Pub Art X Milana Lazetich, Tech/Para, Space
X Peggy Lehmann, Tobacco X Kasia Maison, Class Professional X Kerri Marx, MSU Benefits
A Candace Mastel, PTAC X Wendy McCarty, Personnel X Dagny Mest, Secr/Clerical
A Wendy Minster, Off Campus X Jennifer Nesbitt, RecSports X Ramie Pederson, MSU Benefits
X David Reese, Budget Council X Sarah Rieger, MSU Benefits X Joe Robbins, Skilled Craft
A Dorie Seymour, Secr/Clerical X Sylvia Sparkman, PCoSUW, Park Appl X Glen Steinhoff, UFPB
X Raine Terrill, Service Maintenance X Lyle Williams, Tech/Para    
Attendance Code Key: X=Attended, A=Apologies for Absence Staff, Joan Ford, was present


  1. The Staff Senate meeting was called to order.  Newly selected representative to the Budget Council, David Reese, was introduced.  Guests Jackson Rossmith, John How, and Tami Eitle were present.
  2. Minutes from the August 16, 2017 meeting was approved with corrections.
  3. Guest speaker – John How, Space Planning Manager, presented updates to the Space Policy (http://www.montana.edu/spm/spacepolicy.html).  New software will track space and show vacancies, define space use such as conference rooms, labs, instructional, offices, etc.  Conference rooms will be made available for use and have priority scheduling for departments as needed.  Discussion was held.  Senators requested that building supervisors be added to the list for each building.
  4. New Business
    1. Newly selected Budget Council representative, David Reese introduced himself.
  5. Guest speaker – Tami Eitle, Interim Associate Provost, discussed the upcoming visit from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), for the accreditation visit on October 16th – 18th.   Learn more at http://www.montana.edu/accreditation/.
  6. Committee Reports
    1. ASGL Association of Shared Governance Leaders (academic year) – Staff Senate chair – ASMSU is scheduling
    2. Budget Council – Vacant – met 8/22 and discussed Legislative funding reductions and how it would affect the MSU budget.  After this meeting date a new lower state revenue projection emerged that would require the Council to reevaluate MSU’s budget.  For the most current budget information link to:   http://www.mus.edu/data/operating_budgets/FY18/FY18-OperatingBudgets.asp.  As it stands University employee raises are in question.
    3. CSAC Campus Sustainability Advisory Council – Dave Clark – met and awarded two-$2000 grants.  Western Transportation Institute is working with software to match transportation needs with carpooling, ride share, trip planning, and commuting in and around Bozeman.
    4. IUBC and MSU Benefits Committee – Ron Brekke, Kerri Marx, Ramie Pederson, and Sarah Rieger – Ron is in Helena at the IUBC meeting.  The WellCheck blood draws for swing shift employees continues to be a challenge. 
    5. O&E Outreach & Engagement Council – Deb Chiolero – no update.
    6. PTAC Parking & Transportation Advisory Committee – Candace Mastel – no update.
    7. Planning Council – Keely Holmes – met and discusses the new strategic plan.  President Cruzado approved the FY18 prior objectives.  The Council will work with a Consultant to develop the new strategic plan.
    8. President’s Commission on the State of University Women – Sylvia Sparkman – did not meet
    9. Recreational Sports and Fitness Advisory Board (academic year) – Jennifer Nesbitt – did not meet.
    10. Space Management Committee – Milana Lazetich – met, John covered what happened in the meeting.  Property management is having a sale check their web page.
    11. Tobacco Free Task Force – Peggy Lehmann – did not meet.  Senators noted that signs regarding “no smoking” or “tobacco free campus” are not posted.
    12. UFPB University Facilities Planning Board – Glen Steinhoff – met and discussed installation of a fighting eagles sculpture near the Library, culinary arts signs will be window statics at Hannon Hall, the English Department made upgrades without going through the Board, two-million will be spent to update research lab space, reviewed the 20-year masterplan for Athletics, and some Health Service programs have been moved to South 6th.
    13. UFPB Public Art Committee – Keely Holmes – see UFPB report.
    14. University Council – Staff Senate chair – met 9/6 had the first reading of the updated Enterprise Data Stewardship Policy and had a presentation of the 2018-2019 Strategic Plan priority objectives.
  7. Other Committee reports:
    1. HR Policy Task Force – Sylvia Sparkman – met.  Leslie Taylor, Legal Counsel, is leading the TF to review and update the Policy with the goal of a first reading April 2018 and approval May 2018 by the University Council.
  8. MUSSA Montana University Systems Staff Association – Sylvia Sparkman, Ramie Pederson, Kasia Maison, and Candace Mastel – discussion was tabled until the October meeting.
  9. Informational Items
    1. October 16-18 – Accreditation visit from NWCCU.
    2. MSU’s 125th anniversary begins on Feb. 16, 2018, celebrating the 2/16 1893 establishment of the Agricultural College of the State of Montana, now MSU.
    3. Professional Council meetings athttp://www.montana.edu/professionalcouncil/
  10. Updates and other business
  11. Public Comment – none.
  12. The meeting adjourned at 11:00 am.

Next Meeting:  Wednesday, October 18, 9-11 am in SUB 168